Bird ID: 5060
Species: Amazon
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Red Lored
Died on 2024-03-18
Hello, I`m Paco and I was surrendered because my person was very forgetful and I didn`t get fed and watered very often. A life long diet of sunflower seeds has taken its toll on my heart. I take medicine for that now.

I`m feeling very happy in my foster home. I love to nuzzle my head into someone`s chest and let them scratch my head. When I want that special person`s attention, I whistle and sing the most beautiful songs. My foster parent says I warble like a canary. When I get picked up, one has to be very careful so I don`t lose my balance. I`m blind in one eye and have an arthritic knee so everything needs to move slower around me, If I feel like I`m starting to lose my balance, I panic. Otherwise, I`m a very mellow bird. No yelling, no need for exercise, just healthy food and medicine. If you are a gentle, slow moving person who would like to sit me in your lap, please contact my Mickaboo coordinator. Here is the link to the adoption fair with me: