Bird ID: 4171
Species: Macaw
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Severe
Adopted on 2023-09-02
You can watch a video of Chico from one of our online adoption fairs.

Hi! My name is Chico and I`m a 25 year old male Severe macaw. Being a Severe macaw means that I`m a mini-macaw: I might be small but I`ve got a full-sized personality! So if you`re looking for a macaw who doesn`t take up much room and has a smaller, but respectable beak, I just might be your guy!

Although small, Chico is very intelligent and has a good vocabulary of human words. He says many things and they are always situationally appropriate. He likes to sit on shoulders watching TV and says "I love you!" He is full of energy and enjoys attention.

Chico does experience significant anxiety around children, other pets, and guests; for example, he tends to get anxious around loud children and he can be uncomfortable with other birds. We continue to work with Chico on this, but he will likely do best in a lower-key home without other pets or children. He has very good manners and is potty trained. He is very sweet and has an extraordinary amount of love to share with someone special. Chico also tends to prefer masculine energy these days.