Bird ID: 3670
Species: African Grey
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Congo
Health Status: Illness
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Muriel is a 28 year old African Grey with a sad story. Once a beloved pet, Muriel`s owner thought he was doing her a favor by turning her over to an outdoor aviary with other birds. Unfortunately, he wasn`t; birds raised by humans as pets often lack wild bird behaviors, and don`t dope well to life with birds that are used to competing for food and space. Muriel became neurotic, plucked, and eventually began to self-harm. Eventually, Muriel`s new owner turned her over to a shelter, who reached out to Mickaboo as a last attempt to save her.

More then ten years later, Muriel`s life is very different. While the damage remains, she has a loving foster who has spent years working with Muriel to improve her quality of life. While she`ll chew at herself if given the chance, requiring Muriel to wear a collar the majority of the time, it has been years since Muriel had any persistent injuries, and she regularly gets time without her collar, both with her people and with other birds.

While Muriel`s situation is precarious, and she will likely never be truly ready for adoption, she`s now able to live a happy life with her foster. If you`re interested, Muriel is in need of a Mickaboo Angel to help cover her veterinary bills.