Bird ID: 3503
Species: Eclectus
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Solomon Island
Adopted on 2022-11-28
Hi everyone, I`m Ebby the Eclectus. As you can tell from my red feathers, I`m a gorgeous female eclectus, and while  I`m on a great diet (40% Harrisons, with lots of fruits and veggies like an eclectus should be eating), and I`ve had a long history with Mickaboo. I was originally found more than ten years ago, starving and lost, and was nursed back to health before being adopted the first time. Unfortunately, my owner wasn`t able to keep me, and I had to be returned to Mickaboo in 2020.

I love having people around, but I`ve never been enthusiastic about interacting with people (or other birds!). I will step up on a stick, and enjoy flying around to explore. I do seem to have a strong preference for women, and my current foster is hoping that someone will be the perfect home for me.

If you think I might be a good fit, please reach out to the eclectus coordinator using the link above!