Bird ID: 4677
Species: Macaw
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Green Wing
Health Status: Illness
Good with Children: No
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Note: Boomer is an extremely special needs macaw. After many health complications and surgeries, he will need significant ongoing medical care for the rest of his life.

Hi my name is Boomer! I`m an older special needs greenwing macaw with a pretty rough history. I am at least 38 years old: my old family had me for 29 years, and I`ve been with Mickaboo since 2012. Mickaboo could see I wasn`t in great shape, and they got me great veterinary care. I`ve had a surgery and lots of medications. I am doing so much better, but I still have some handicaps that require some special care. My legs don`t move very well, but I can pull myself along pretty good. Also, I can perch and climb, but I have to be careful that I don`t fall. I have a specially customized cage and a mobile play stand so I can hang out with the family. I`m not a cuddly guy but I love attention (especially from the ladies!!) I love to sing and chatter. And I love food! I also enjoy the company of other birds. One of my favorite past times beside eating, is making pieces of wood into splinters.

You can read more about my story here:

You can also see some videos of me that my former foster dad posted on YouTube here:

Unfortunately he passed away, and I miss him. I have been helped by our kind macaw coordinators, and also spent some time at the vet where they worked on my gastrointestinal health again.

I`m may not be the most handsome Greenwing out there but I have lots of personality. I know there is a wonderful home for me out there somewhere. If you think your home might be the one, please email the macaw coordinator.

About the Species: Greenwing Macaws are large birds. They are up to 40 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers. They have a wingspan of over 40 inches.

Average Lifespan: On average, a well cared for pet Greenwing Macaw will live for about 50 years. However, there have been reports of Greenwing Macaws living well into their 80`s.

Temperament: If you want an affectionate bird, then the Greenwing Macaw might be the bird for you. In fact, these gorgeous parrots are known to many as "the Gentle Giants" due to their sweet dispositions. They are highly responsive to training, and must be given adequate attention and bonding time due to their social natures. Those interesting in adopting a Greenwing Macaw should make sure that they have enough time to spend with their new bird.

Colors: Greenwing Macaws are primarily a brilliant, bright red color. Their wings are trimmed in bands of green and blue, and their legs and feet are a deep gray. Their beaks are horn colored with a black lower mandible, and they exhibit the classic bare macaw eye patches on their faces.

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