Finding an Escaped Companion Bird

Steps to find an escaped bird
  • Start searching as soon as you realize your bird is lost.
  • Place his/her cage outside, with the cage loaded with his/her favorite treats and fresh water; and leave the cage door open.
  • Walk around the neighborhood and call his/her name.
  • If you have a recording of the bird's voice, or at least the voice of its species, walk around the neighborhood and play the call from portable speakers. This may help your bird find its "flock."
  • Let your neighbors know that you lost your bird.
  • Hang up fliers with a detailed description of your bird and a picture if you have one.
  • Offer a reward for the safe return of your lost bird.
  • Place an ad in your local newspapers, some of them place ads about lost and found animals for free.
  • Send your flier to your local avian vet.
  • Call your local animal care and control and humane society and list your bird missing; Go there every day to see if your bird has been surrendered.
  • Seek a bird rescue organization near you and let them know you lost your bird, they often take in stray birds as well.
  • List your bird as missing at other lost and found bird websites: