Bird Toon of the Day - April 22, 2015

This is the new blog "Bird Toon of the Day". For our first entry, a Mickaboo favorite ... Bizarro from October 6, 2013.  Dan Piraro, who is a supporter of animal rights organizations in general, autographed a print of this cartoon for our Holiday Auction later that same year.

I will (hopefully) be uploading a new toon every day.  I have the library of toons which were part of the humor section of the old site, plus ones I had collected since that area had last been updated a year ago. 

I have tried to get the best copy of each toon so you will see variations in size, sharpness, and color vs. b&w from day to day, depending on what I have found.  (The older a toon is, the more difficult to find color versions or larger sized/higher resolution versions.)