Mom Won’t Take No for an Answer

Article from “The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Companion”
Published April, 2022

By Logan McLaughlin, Mickaboo adopter

[Editor's Note: This adoption success story was written by a Mickaboo adopter to celebrate why they adopted from Mickaboo and their adoption experience. Enjoy! ]

Our story is pretty funny.  Well, depending on how you see it.  If you are anything like my dad, who “swears” he doesn’t like the family pets but is actually their number #1 fan, then you’d be amazed by how my mom was able to convince him to get more family members.  And if you are anything like my mom, who won't take no for an answer and is obsessed with helping animals in need, then you’d understand why our house sounds like the Amazon Rainforest. 

Every few years or so we take a family trip to Florida for vacation.  Our 2021 vacation was exactly that, with a twist.  Deciding to try something new, we went to Busch Gardens.  We eventually made our way to the bird aviaries.  They were absolutely breathtaking.  It felt as if you were in your own fairytale.  I remember so vividly how my mom's face just lit up with excitement as she came up with a scheming idea on how she was going to talk my dad into getting birds.  Of course, I had no problem with hopping on board with the idea.  I mentioned how we could turn our gazebo into an aviary, and that is what probably convinced my mom to go all in with the idea to get birds.

And just like that I was put on research duty.  My mom stands by the saying “don’t shop when you can adopt”, so to make her wishes come true I spent weeks trying to find a bird rescue for birds in need of good homes.  When I thought all hope was lost on finding a nonprofit bird rescue, I stumbled upon Mickaboo.  With time and dedication, our family was able to perform the necessary steps to become qualified adopters for Mickaboo.  With Mickaboo’s help and support, we were able to get some really fun birds that have made themselves at home and act as if they pay the mortgage.  They have really made an impact on our family and do goofy things that make us laugh.  I even believe that they have brought our family a little closer together than before.  With the pandemic we have been absorbed in our electronics and have grown apart in the last year.  These birds completely overlook that and get us completely involved in their drama, and we love it.  Our little diva goofballs were really worth it.   

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