Mickaboo Rescues 177 Finches

Article from “The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Companion”
Published April, 2022

By the Pleasant Hill Finch Rescue Team

"We rescued HOW many finches?"

That was the reaction when we counted the birds involved in Mickaboo's largest rescue effort ever - 177 finches from an aviary in Pleasant Hill.

This story began when Mickaboo was contacted by an aviary owner who was about to be hospitalized. He expected he would be unable to care for the finches after hospitalization, and needed our help to save the birds.  He estimated he had about 80 finches, the result of breeding over the years from an initial flock of less than ten. 

The logistics of gathering up volunteers and supplies for the rescue meant we had just one day for the actual rescue.The first volunteers on the scene described it as a storm - birds, feathers, seeds, and debris swirling everywhere - plus a bonus cat, who was very interested in the finches and spent most of the afternoon underfoot.

It quickly became apparent there were many more than 80 finches. In a good news/bad news development, there were no nestlings or fertile eggs. Because the aviary was so overcrowded, the birds had mostly stopped breeding. By day's end, 177 finches were caged for safe transport to a vet, for medical evaluation, or to foster homes.

About twenty finches went straight to the vet, even though it was, by this time, 8 pm on a Saturday night. We’re so thankful the vet was willing to accommodate us! Our volunteers and the vet documented a variety of illnesses and injuries including: 

  • Toes/limbs lost due to constricted bands
  • Birth defects, such as splayed legs
  • Egg binding
  • Preening gland infections
  • Possible heart disease or infections

Fifteen of the birds stayed with the vet for ongoing care, and have since been released to Mickaboo for ongoing foster care.

Can you help us with this rescue?  We have ongoing needs in a number of areas:

  • Adopters - if you've always wanted to enjoy the activity and calming music of a flock of finches, this is your time! Adopters must have been previously approved. View the adoptable finches here - the ones from this rescue have "PH Finch Flock" at the start of their names. Contact our finch coordinator to express interest.
  • Foster homes - some of the homes who opened their doors for emergency housing cannot hold their foster birds much longer. Foster parents must have been previously approved, in the same manner as adopters. Contact our finch coordinator with any questions or to offer help. Mickaboo's standard foster arrangements mean we'll supply caging and medical care; fosters are responsible for daily care.
  • Financial support - these finches will need medical support while in our care.  Please consider donating.

Many thanks go to the volunteers who emptied the aviary and who provided or are providing foster homes for these tiny refugees. 


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