A Home for the Holidays: Bird the Severe Macaw

Article from “The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Companion”
Published April, 2024

By Dena Witkes

Severe macaw holding food in his clawShortly before the holiday season, Mickaboo learned of Bird, a Severe Macaw, whose human had moved out of state and left him behind. Bird was temporarily housed in a family member’s apartment, but he was not receiving the care and attention he needed to thrive. The report was that Bird “wasn’t happy” and that if a new home wasn’t found before the holidays, Bird could be left without adequate care for weeks.

Enter Dara Torgerson, our 2023 Volunteer of the Year! The thought of Bird spending the holiday season without consistent companionship was too much to bear. Dara drove from Oakland to Sacramento to relocate Bird to her home so that she could foster him and celebrate the season together. She found a young, sweet, and trusting feathered foster in Bird. 

Green and red parrot in a sink with running waterIn the short time Bird has been with Dara, he has shown beneficial changes. Bird is a great flier, but at first he was circling and unsure where to go. Dara taught him where to land to reduce his confusion. She is teaching him to wait for a signal before flying to her shoulder and acclimatizing him to parrot stands. He was readily converted to pellets from a seed and nut predominant diet, so Bird is well on the road to a long healthy life! He especially loves bath time. The adaptability and capability he has shown will surely lend joy to Bird’s future forever home. 

Volunteer with Mickaboo to help other birds in need! As a 100% volunteer-run organization, there is much to do on many fronts. We are always looking for more people to transport birds and supplies, perform phone screens for potential adopters, and/or foster or adopt a bird like Bird! If you are interested in volunteering with Mickaboo, there is a role for you. Sign up here!

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