Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue Adoption/Foster Application


Home phone:
Cell phone:

Which species would you like to adopt, and why? If unsure, check multiple species and explain each.
African Grey Amazon Budgie/Parakeet Caique Canary
Cockatiel Cockatoo Conure Dove Eclectus
Finch Lorikeet Lovebird Macaw Parrotlet
Pionus Pigeon Poicephalus Ringneck Rosella

Enter explanation and your first/second choices of species preference here:

Spouse/Significant other/Roommate Name:

If the relationship were to change, who do you anticipate keeping the bird?

Do all adults in the household know that you are applying to adopt/foster a bird? Yes No

Who in the family initiated a desire to adopt/foster a pet bird?

Who will be primarily responsible for the birds' care?

Childrens' ages, if any:

How many hours per day will the bird be left alone?

Do you travel a great deal? Yes No

When you are away, who will care for the bird?

Type of dwelling: House Apartment Condo Other            Do you: Rent Own

If you rent, do you have your landlords consent to have a bird? Yes No
Please provide written proof if applying to adopt or foster a bird larger than a cockatiel.)

Landlords' name and phone number:

Do you, or does anyone in your household smoke? Yes No

If yes, would you be able to provide a smoke-free environment for a foster or adopted bird? Yes No

Would you allow an inspection of, and post-placement follow-up visit to your premises by an MCR volunteer? Yes No

Do you currently have any birds? Yes No

If yes, how many and what species?

How long have you had each bird?

Have you taken care of birds in the past that you no longer have? If so, what species?

What other animals do you have? (be specific)

Do you have a separate quarantine area for new birds (a separate room with a door shut)? Yes No

If you have birds, are your birds wings clipped? Yes No

If so, who clips them?

How do you currently discipline your birds? Be specific.

After taking the Mickaboo bird care class, would you change how you discipline your birds? Why or why not?

What do you feed your birds? Be specific.

After taking the Mickaboo bird care class, would you change what you feed your birds? Why or why not?

Do you/would you let your birds out of the cage daily? Yes No

If yes, for how long and where are they out?

What would you do if you came home one day and found your bird on the bottom of the cage, obviously ill?

Are you aware that exotic birds may develop bad habits (Destruction of clothing, furniture, draperies, or anything within reach; biting, screaming, dislike of strangers or your mate, leaving droppings everywhere) and that these habits can be difficult to break; that they require a great deal of attention and maintenance; that they can be expensive to keep fed, healthy, housed, and entertained?

Yes, I knew that. Well, I know now!

If the bird does develop a bad habit, what would you do?

ADOPTION ONLY - All questions in the following section are required

Are you interested in adopting a bird for breeding purposes? Yes No

Are you planning keeping your adopted bird(s) in an aviary situation? Yes No

If yes, indoors or outdoors: Indoors Outdoors

Are you aware that bird medicine can be very expensive should your bird get sick? Yes No

If your bird does become ill, will it be a financial burden for you? Yes No

If yes would you take him/her to the vet anyway? Yes No

Would it be a hardship for you to take your bird to an avian vet for annual check ups? Yes No

Do you know an avian veterinarian? Yes No

If yes, who?

What vet hospital does s/he work for?

In what city?

Would you like us to recommend an avian veterinarian? Yes No

Under what circumstances would you NOT wish to keep the bird?
Moving Divorce/Separation New Baby
New Job Loud/Noisy Biting/Aggressive to pets or humans
Allergies Doesn't get along with other pets New Relationship
Bird develops serious illness Bird prefers one person more than another

How important are these characteristics in a bird?
Rate on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being unimportant and 5 being crucial.



Ease of Care






(FOSTER ONLY): Do you have any bird hand-feeding experience? Yes No

If yes, describe which species, the number of feedings, when you got the bird, and how long ago you last hand-fed a bird.
NOTE:Answering yes or no to any of the above questions will not necessarily result in your disqualification as an adoptive or foster-parent. Our sole interest rests with the birds. All answers to above questions will be used to determine which home is the best for any given situation.