Angel Sponsorship Update - Elvis

Article from “The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Companion”
Published April, 2022

By Delayna Myers

[Editor’s note: Our most medically needy birds are on a list here, awaiting sponsors for their health costs. Elvis is one of these birds; this article is an update on his health status and quality of life.]

Elvis has been in Mickaboo's care for a few years. He was surrendered to Mickaboo because of an infected eye. He now lives with his foster mom, Susie, receiving excellent care and the love that he needs. He continues to have issues with his eye, but a recent (Nov 2021) visit to an animal eye specialist revealed he was suffering from an old and severe eye trauma best treated with anti-inflammatory drops. He was also determined to have only 30% vision in that eye. 
Since then, he has been improving greatly with less swelling of and discharge from the affected eye. Frequent misting and occasional warm compresses help to keep issues at bay, but he will need to be monitored and likely have flare ups from time to time. His mood has changed from sleepy and grumpy to more curious and feisty. He plays with his toys and stands up for himself more with Oreo, his bonded mate, when territorial issues with food arise. He enjoys walking around on the floor (particularly to beg for treats), shoulder surfing and preening with Oreo (until someone takes it too far, ending the session in a squawk). He is talkative (says “what are you doing Elvis?") and sings when he’s happy, which is more often these days.
A big THANK YOU to Susie for providing Elvis with a safe space to recover with his buddy Oreo!
Both birds are available for adoption; contact Mickaboo's cockatiel team for questions or to express your interest in adopting them. Please visit this page for how to sponsor Elvis or another of Mickaboo's angel birds.

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