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Featured Volunteer: Michele Kraemer

By Dena Witkes

As a 100% volunteer-run organization, Mickaboo regularly highlights invaluable members of the team. This month, we feature Michele Kraemer (shown at left with her sun conure Pup Pup), who began volunteering just last year and already wears multiple hats. We gratefully acknowledge Michele as an asset to our team and thank her for all her efforts! View in a new window

Mission: Sedona

By Giselle Stancic

After hearing the sad news about long-time volunteer Louisa Jaskulski’s passing, the Mickaboo community turned its attention to rehoming the Mickaboo alumni birds that Louisa had lovingly cared for. The situation was complicated since Louisa had moved to Sedona, AZ with her dear birds. View in a new window

A Home for the Holidays: Bird the Severe Macaw

By Dena Witkes

Shortly before the holiday season, Mickaboo learned of Bird, a Severe Macaw, whose human had moved out of state and left him behind. Bird was temporarily housed in a family member’s apartment, but he was not receiving the care and attention he needed to thrive. The report was that Bird “wasn’t happy” and that if a new home wasn’t found before the holidays, Bird could be left without adequate care for weeks. View in a new window

Loulou: a Rescue Story

By Giselle Stancic

Loulou’s story with Mickaboo began last September, on the wild and windy trails of Lands End in San Francisco. While hiking on the trail, a woman vacationing in the City spotted the sweet little lovebird. Loulou was flying all alone, far from any houses. View in a new window

Birds of the Month

By The Editor

Hey, I`m Bennington! They call me Bouncy Bennington because I like to bounce up and down excitedly like I`m dancing. I`m buddies with Ellsworth these days - we share a cage and we like it that way, so we`re going to stay together. If you`d like to give me a home that`d be lovely, and you`d be taking Ellsworth too as we are a package item now!   Read More...