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Something to Crow About

By Martha Kudlacik


Free Copyright Picture of Red Rooster BirdWith the recent green movement, there has been a surge in backyard farming.  And it’s not just tomatoes and green beans – many people are opening their homesteads to hens of all types and enjoying fresh-laid eggs at a cost that’s, well, chicken feed.

However, there is an undisclosed cost for this bucolic scene.  People routinely purchase chicks from suppliers who may or may not accurately sex the birds, leading to a real surprise about six months later when “Henrietta” starts crowing!  Now what??

Most cities do not allow roosters for obvious reasons.  Roosters don’t just crow at 4 am – they do it all day long as the mood strikes them. 

This is why Mickaboo has found itself expanding its service once again.  What started as a cockatiel rescue has grown to include all parrots and non-parrot companion birds.  Now Mickaboo is re-defining “companion bird”.  For the last several years, a small contingent of volunteers has been springing roosters (as well as quail, ducks, geese, pheasants and other game fowl) from local shelters and finding suitable rural homes where they can live out their lives.  One such special place is an organic orchard – it has become home to a rooster flock who keep the trees bug-free year ‘round.

Some lucky ducks (and chickens!) are living out their days in the comfort of some very accommodating living rooms, thanks to diapers made especially for the larger birds.

We are grateful for the local rural homes and farms that take in these misplaced birds and are always looking for new places for these novel pets to call home.  If you know someone who could provide a good forever home for these less-likely companion birds, please email us at

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