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Featured Volunteer: Dara Torgerson

By Dara Torgerson

[Editor's Note: Dara was selected as Mickaboo's Featured Volunteer due to her participation on several volunteer teams and initiatives. Let's learn more about Dara in her own words below, lightly edited for length, and her involvement with Mickaboo.] View in a new window

Giving THANKS to our 2023 Summer Auction Donors

By The Editor

Mickaboo's volunteers, and our hundreds of foster birds, thank you for your in-kind support of our 2023 Summer Auction! Your generosity helps to ensure our rescue birds receive the care they need before they go to their "forever" homes. Your commitment to Mickaboo's birds is much appreciated. View in a new window

In Memoriam: Louisa Jaskulski

By Giselle Stancic

Mickaboo mourns the loss of one of our most dedicated volunteers, Louisa Jaskulski, who passed away in early September. Louisa was a true friend and advocate for birds in need, giving of her time, love, and knowledge to the bird rescue community. View in a new window

Pia, a Finch's Rescue Story

By Delayna Jane Myers

Pia the zebra finch came from a large rescue of 177 finches in 2022. The birds were found in horrible filth and neglect, with an ailing owner who was unable to maintain their care. (A photo of some of the 177 finches in their aviary is at right.) It was heartbreaking, and Mickaboo had to act fast. Many of the birds were deformed, sick, or injured and some of them were already dead. The birds were sorted and administered veterinary care. Thankfully, Pia survived and was adopted into a sweet home. But that wasn't the end of her story... View in a new window

Acorn the Angry

By Dara Torgerson, Mickaboo volunteer

[Editor's note: the following is one of many rescue missions our volunteers have undertaken recently to assist birds needing our help.]

It was a Tuesday, the day I go into the office and trade my feathered office mates for that of the human kind. Glancing nervously at my watch, I thought about traffic on the bridge and if I’d make it back in time to pick up the kids from school. Traffic is looking good! View in a new window

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Hi everyone, I`m Mayling. I came into Mickaboo in late 2022 in pretty sad circumstances. My dad got sick, and he wasn`t capable of taking care of me anymore. He made the choice to reach out to Mickaboo for help finding me a good forever home. Before I came in, I would pluck myself out of boredom, and plucked myself almost bare. I`m plucking a lot less now, and I`m getting a lot more attention too!   Read More...