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Adoption Success Story: Cabernet the Crimson Rosella

By Connie Woods and Tanya Renner


Cabernet the Crimson Rosella came into Connie Wood’s life in the passenger-side seat of a little yellow car. He was on his way to Oakley to have a good health check-up at the Medical Center for Birds. The first words out of Cabernet’s beak sounded very much something like “what are you doing?” and in response, Connie said,  “you are so beautiful” and “I love you” using hand and arm gestures. As if saying thank you, Cabernet whistled back using his special vocabulary. Since the first day they met, Cabernet and Connie have developed a wonderful relationship. He spends his out-time wandering the floor like a good ground parrot, visiting his conure friends, stepping up onto Connie’s arm to say "hi!", and has become very comfortable with other human visitors. It has been almost two years since Connie Woods and Malcolm Raff adopted Cabernet; December 30th, 2009, the anniversary of their starling's passing. Like Cabernet, the first words their starling said were "what are you doing?"

Editor’s Note:  Cabaret was adopted by Connie and Mal from Mickaboo.  We enjoy hearing how our birds do after adoption and would like to publish YOUR story!  Send your adopted Mickaboo bird’s story and picture to for consideration for a future newsletter article.