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Thanks to our Holiday Party Donors

By Walt Boeninger

The Board of Directors, volunteers, and our over 300 foster birds thank you for your support of our annual holiday fundraiser!   Whether you gave a little or a lot, your kindness helps to ensure our rescue birds receive the care they need before they go to their "forever" homes.   Your commitment to the birds at Mickaboo is very much appreciated! If you donated and do not see a mention, please contact us and accept our apologies!

Individual donors...

  • Jerry Ballew
  • Rhonda Bennon
  • Patty Blau
  • D. Pierre Butler
  • Troy Ferrar
  • Margie Gear
  • Patricia Gideon
  • Tina Gujer
  • Sherry Helms
  • Alicia Merritt
  • Chris Okon
  • Larry Ortiz
  • Susan Quilopras
  • Priya Tuvell
  • Usha Tuvell
  • Scott Shipley - Blue Feather Studio - "Blue Feather Bottle"
  • Karen Tomcala
  • Frances Waller
  • Ron Waller

Corporate Sponsors Supporting MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue...

Corporate Donors Supporting Mickaboo…