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Another Heartbreaking Rescue: Canary Update

 By Michelle Yesney

This is a status report on our most recent big rescue, which was especially tragic because the owner had died unexpectedly and many of the birds turned out to be very ill. View PDF in new window

Featured Volunteer: Sarah Lemarie

 By Shauna Hill

This month we are highlighting a volunteer who recently went to extraordinary lengths on short notice to help rescue a large flock of birds from an unhealthy and life-threatening situation. Sarah Lemarié has answered the call for volunteer help without hesitation on many occasions, and Mickaboo would not be able to improve the lives of nearly as many birds without the involvement of people like her. Mickaboo volunteer Shauna Hill interviewed Sarah so we can learn more about what she does and why she does it. View PDF in a new window

The Art of Patricia Blau

 By Kim Bromley

Patricia Blau, known to her friends and acquaintances as Patty, is not only a bird rescuer and former film professional, she is also an artist who has worked with both paint and ceramics. View PDF in a new window

City Lights Theater is for the Birds!

 By Rebecca Wallace, Marketing Director, City Lights Theater Company

This fall, Mickaboo is taking center stage in downtown San Jose, thanks to a partnership with City Lights Theater Company. For each show, City Lights chooses a different nonprofit organization to support, and Mickaboo is the partner for the dark comedy Stupid F**king Bird, Aaron Posner's adaptation of Chekhov's The Seagull. View PDF in a new window

A New Home for a "Homer"

 By Michele Nash

Sometimes animals enter our lives in quite unplanned ways, and often they have already endured their own inauspicious and circuitous paths before coming into our care. If someone had told me I’d spend three solid days and $200 renovating a shed to build a large aviary for a pigeon, I’d have said they were crazy. But when Kahuna arrived at the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, he, as they say, had me at "coo." View PDF in a new window

Upcoming Events

 By Pamela A. Lee

Mickaboo has several events intended to involve its supporters in our common cause of helping our beautiful and intelligent feathered friends. Save these dates on your calendar: View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Hello I`m Taima, a sweet and social female Eclectus! I`m not necessarily special needs but, due to my past health history, I will need a home where special attention will be given to my care so I stay healthy and won`t become hormonal and want to lay anymore eggs. I`ve done a little work on my feathers, but am still a beautiful girl inside and out, and would love to have a nice forever family of my own who will spend time with me having fun, or just hanging out and relaxing. If you`re interested in knowing more about me please contact Mickaboo`s Eclectus Coordinator. Read More...