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Bird Intake Moratorium LIFTED

By The Editor

LovebirdsTwo lovebirds which Mickaboo has recently taken in. Travis has abnormal orange feather coloration. Monkey has a cyst below his left eye.

We are very glad to announce that Mickaboo has lifted its general moratorium on intake. Our financial and human resources continue to be stretched thin, but, thanks to our many supporters around the world and our army of kind-hearted and tireless volunteers, we are once more able to take in companion birds that need our help.

We still have some special challenges with our larger bird population. We have far too many macaws for our current supply of foster homes, for example, and we are having difficulties finding permanent homes for Amazons and Wild Flock cherryhead conures.   All of these big, wonderful birds need special homes with very special families. If you are interested in learning more about the very largest of our big birds, or if you think you know someone that could become a forever home for a big bird, please let us know of your interest. You may contact or the species coordinators for these birds.

To everyone that has donated to help pay the overwhelming costs of treating the many sick and injured birds we have taken in, thank you from all of us that love and foster these birds while we work to find them forever homes. You make it possible for us to continue doing this difficult and wonderful work.

To all of you that made the decision to become a foster home or an adoptive family for Mickaboo's birds:  Thank you and welcome to our family!