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The Adventures of Marty: A Tiny Canary Who Got a Second Chance

 By Vincent J. Hrovat

The canaries are just about the smallest, and, some would think, most fragile birds that Mickaboo takes in. The second part of that is not entirely correct. While they are tiny, soft-billed songbirds, canaries are also tough and resilient, though they sometimes need a little help. This is a story about a canary who, with a lot of toughness and a few lucky breaks, got himself out of a very bad situation and is ready for a forever home. View PDF in new window

Addressing Parrot Behavior Problems

 By Barbara Heidenreich

You'll often hear people say parrots make difficult pets. While it is true a parrot is not the right companion for everyone, bad birdie behavior does not have to be inevitable when you share your home with a parrot. Parrots like any other creature learn to present good behaviors and bad behaviors based on the results they produce. In other words they do things to get what they want and to avoid things they don't like. This little tidbit of information can help caregivers make good decisions when undesired behavior appears. For example if your parrot is screaming for your attention, calling back to the bird results in a very good consequence from your bird's perspective. It is in that moment that a parrot learns screaming works to get attention. This is how parrot caregivers accidentally teach parrots to misbehave. Parrots aren't inherently challenging and by being aware of the basic ways we influence their behavior we can avoid parrot behavior problems altogether. Let's take a closer look at some common parrot behavior problems and explore how to prevent them, common mistakes people make that cause them, and solutions for existing problems. View PDF in a new window

Help Spread the Word: "Dove Releases" Kill

By Elizabeth Young, Director, Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions

White doves are symbols of love and peace across the world, so "dove release" businesses breed and use white homing pigeons for weddings, funerals, memorials, graduations and other events, while do-it-yourselfers make the mistake of buying and releasing white Ringneck doves and King pigeons (neither of which have any homing abilities or survival skills). Many birds are lost, injured or killed. Palomacy is full of rescued "dove release" survivors (including homing pigeons). These domestic birds have no survival skills, do not know how to find food and are easy targets for predators because of their white color. Please celebrate your event in a compassionate way. Do not release birds and please - do help spread the word. View PDF in a new window

Upcoming Events

By Pamela A. Lee

Mickaboo has several events intended to involve its supporters in our common cause of helping our beautiful and intelligent feathered friends. Save these dates on your calendar: View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By the Editor

Hello! We are Coco & Jack. We`re cute! Cute! Cute! We`re buddies and love to snuggle together on our swing, but we`ll chirp at you too! We love our foster Dad; we`ll both come out and let you scritch us, although Coco is a bit shyer about it than Jack. Jack loves head scritches on Dad`s shoulder or knee. Coco is the one with white feet, while Jack`s are black. Read More...