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MickaCoo & SF SPCA Partner for a Summer of Animal Love

By Elizabeth Young


MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue depends on the support of many people and organizations to save the lives of birds that would otherwise be euthanized in shelters too full to keep them and too under-resourced to place them.

This year, the San Francisco SPCA’s Humane Education Department is partnering with MickaCoo for their Summer Animal Camps to introduce more than 600 children to gentle, intelligent pigeons.


SF SPCA staff and volunteers lovingly care for six of MickaCoo's foster pigeons in their 6' x 12' onsite aviary. Each day Summer Animal Camp students meet pigeons and learn the truth about who they are and are not.

The kids love the birds and I've been blown away by not only how compassionate and understanding they are but how aware these children are about animal welfare issues. Humane Education works. 

As if all of this - the added foster capacity and HUGE boost in community outreach - isn't amazing enough, the SF SPCA Summer Animal Campers are fundraising for MickaCoo.  On my latest visit, I was greeted with literally bags of money (over $500 has been donated so far and the program is just beginning)! 

The benefits of this partnership have been incredible! I will be working hard to connect MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove with other humane education programs at shelters throughout the Bay Area. MickaCoo and pigeons and doves everywhere thank the SF SPCA for their generous and strategic support.