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Happy New Year to our Flock!!

 By Michelle Yesney, CEO

Happy New Year to all of you - our volunteers, supporters, and lovers of birds. To all of you that work to rescue, succor and provide forever homes to the birds of Mickaboo! View PDF in new window

Working with Traumatized Birds: Building a Foundation

 By Louisa M Jaskulski, RVT

Members of the general public are often surprised to learn that birds can have PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). But we know that if our birds do not feel safe, are neglected, deprived of enrichment, are made fun of or abused, lose a beloved human or avian companion, or do not have a stable home - they are deeply affected. View PDF in a new window

Featured Volunteer: Pamela Lee

 By Shauna Hill

In this newsletter we are featuring one of our volunteers who does a huge amount of work to keep our organization financially fit - our CFO, Pamela Lee. Being a nonprofit organization means we rely on donations to help us keep doing what we do...helping birds in need. It’s a challenge when donations are low and requires creative fundraising and sharing about our organization as widely as possible. Please take a few moments to hear more about this and get to know Pam a little better. View PDF in a new window

Art Sale Helps Mickaboo’s Birds

 By Pamela A. Lee

Patty Blau is an artist who has supported Mickaboo’s mission for several years. She and her friends collaborated recently on an art sale, focused on her works, to benefit Mickaboo’s birds. It was a huge success – over 100 works of art, almost all of it sold by the end of the event, raising just under $5000. View PDF in a new window

Mick & the Founding of Mickaboo

 By Jonathan Harris

In celebration of Mickaboo's 20th Anniversary, we are re-printing this story about why and how Mickaboo was founded. Enjoy the insight into our beginnings! View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Hi! My name is Bernie and I`m one of those cockatiels who is totally sweet on the inside, but I feel like I need to bluff my way through the big, bad world sometimes. My foster mom says "Bernie can step up, but he really doesn`t like to. He bluffs and hisses when I stick my hand in his cage, but he also contact calls incessantly when I walk out of the room. Read More...