Calendar Contest for 2011!

by Pamela Lee

The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Companion is having a contest to determine which birds to feature in Mickaboo's 2011 calendar! We need thirteen pictures, all of different bird types. Here is how you can submit your picture for the upcoming calendar.

Pictured bird must be a Mickaboo bird - either a current foster or one adopted from Mickaboo.

Digital picture must be 2300 pixels wide by 1800 tall at 200 dpi. No pictures of birds in dangerous situations (like being outside without a harness or unprotected by a cage-like structure).

Picture must be accompanied by a short story about your bird. The story will be published along with your picture. Your short story of five sentences or less should include your bird's name and its type, such as lutino cockatiel, blue-crowned conure, Timneh african grey, Dusky pionus, or sulphur-crested cockatoo. We reserve the right to edit your story for length and writing style purposes.

Send your story and picture to, and with "2011 Calendar Contest" in the subject line. Stories and pictures must be received by June 30, 2010.

The five best entries in each of the thirteen categories (to be determined after submissions have been received) will be put to a public vote. Public voting instructions will be published in our July 2010 newsletter. All decisions by the judges as to eligibility or other contest decisions will be final.

Questions:Send questions to, and put "Calendar Contest Question" in the subject line.