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How to Win a Bird's Trust

By Louisa Jaskulski

You have been reading about the birds on the website, and a particular story touches you. You have a kind heart. You want to help. You meet the bird and you see a possibility of connection. But maybe this particular bird has had a tough time. Maybe this bird has good reason to be cautious about people. You know that Mickaboo folks have been working with this bird, but you wonder – Can I get this bird to trust me? (Yes, you can.) And if so, HOW?     View PDF in new window...

Featured Volunteer: Pamela Ketzel


While enjoying a walk in the park on a sunny day, have you ever stopped to gaze at those chirping friends soaring high up in the sky? Our featured volunteer for Mickaboo did more than just notice those winged pals. Despite her medical responsibilities inside a hospital, she had enjoyed nurturing birds since childhood. Our avian enthusiast for this month is Pamela Ketzel, a retired Registered Nurse from the Management Section of the San Francisco Health Department. View PDF in new window

Vegetable and Grain Mix Recipe for Birds

By John Graziano and Chloe Redon

It is often challenging to get birds to eat vegetables and, especially, to eat a wide variety of vegetables. One method is to toss large chunks of veggies into a bird’s food bowl and hope for the best. This often results in frustrated humans, hungry birds, and wasted food... View PDF in new window

Save the Dates - GlobalGiving Matching Donation Event, Mickaboo Holiday Party

By Pamela Lee

Two exciting events are coming soon!  GlobalGiving is hosting a donation matching event in mid-October, and Mickaboo’s Holiday Party comes in early December!  Mark your calendars to participate in these events and help Mickaboo’s foster birds. Read More .....

Oh Nicky You're So Fine

By Lucy Macmillan


Nick. Nicky.Nicholas the ridiculous!!!  These are given and nick-names (no pun intended) for Nick the 20-year old normal grey cockatiel who was one of the fortunate companion birds to find a foster home with Mickaboo in 2012. This story is about his coming to Mickaboo and his progression in foster care  Read More .....

Welcome to “The Dove Sanctuary”, a.k.a. ‘Birdland’

By Jo-Anne Dao, guest author and MickaCoo Adopter


I feel GREAT! Just got back from a wonderful 20-minute break in ‘Birdland’ (it’s the name of my Dove Sanctuary and I’ll explain that one later). Birdland is a peaceful outdoor aviary filled with the beautiful sounds of cooing doves, planter boxes full of delicious greens, a busy birdbath and all the drama and comedy one needs to take the edge off an otherwise hectic day.   Read More ....

Your (Grant Writing and Public Relations) Skills Wanted!

By Pamela Lee

 Mickaboo needs YOU! If you are a grant writer or have ties to the TV, newspaper, or radio industries, Mickaboo’s foster birds could use a bit of your volunteer time and expertise.   Read More ....

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Edie here. The yellow scallops on my wings and head mean that I'm a pearled cockatiel, which in turn means that I'm a female. Male cockatiels may have a pearling, or opaline, gene, but something about the sex-linked recessive nature of this gene prevents the pearl pattern from lasting past the first few molts in males. (I would not have know this but the guy who came and took my picture the other day explained it to me.) Read More ....