If you are interested in a cage/carrier, please contact Robin.Bjelk@gmail.com

The cages/carriers are located in Santa Clara.

 I have two of the WHITE COLLABSIBLE cages.

20h x 17.5w x 23.5h, bar spacing is 1" 







White Cal Cage. 27h x 24w x 14d, bar spacing ½”, does not break down.

Blue Parakeet Carrier. 27h x 24w x 14d, bar spacing ½”. In its original package, all flat. Used for less than a year.



Yellow Budgie Cage 16h x 13w x 10d, barspacing 3/8”

Itty bitty carrier. 8h x 11w x 8d, bar spacing 2/8”

The Black Cube. Has those smooth, long lasting wheels. 23h x 25w x 24d, bar spacing 1”


Black (removable) divided cage. 14h x 23w x 16d, bar spacing 3/8”. Door openings 5w x 4.5h. Came back with the comment that it is difficult to get a sick/hurt Cockatiel in through the opening.

Midwest Model 2100, 1" bar spacing                                     ........and it collapses very nicely!