h3. Welcome to Mickaboo's 2011 Calendar Contest\!

This page shows the pictures on which to vote, and the voting ballot.  Scroll down to see the voting ballot, below all of the pictures.

h3. Voting rules:

* One voting ballot submission per email address will be allowed.
* If we see multiple voting ballots submitted for the same email address, we will disqualify all ballots from that email address.
* Any ballot with multiple votes for any single bird type will be disqualified in its entirety.
* All decisions by the judges as to the eligibility of a voting ballot are final.

h3. Please note:

* The captions are *below* the related photo.  The caption and photo are sometimes separated by what may appear to be a lot of white space..
* For some bird types, the photos are *not* shown together, or not in order.  African grey pictures are not in order.  Pictures for amazons and lovebirds are not shown together, for reasons only the creator of this software likely understands.
* The pictures are 4-across on the webpage. If you do not see four pictures on all but the last row, use your browser's scroll bar to see the right-most pictures. 
* After you submit your ballot, you will see a Thank You page.  You may close your browser at that point, or return to Mickaboo's [homepage.|http://mickaboo.org/]


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