The following cages have been offered for donation - if you can use one, please contact equipment @ to discuss it. 


-Redwood City24x20x52 and 3/4” Bar spacing.Offered June 12.

"It’s approximately 5’ tall 18,
width and depth. With a play area on top.  It is high quality, no lead, super easy to
clean and has not been occupied in many years. "

Note: this cage doesn't meet Mickaboo's cage dimension guidelines for most species. Suitable as second cage / sleep cage / special needs set up only.

Checking on location.

1 large Bird Cage, still in box needs to be assembled.  

1 large bird carrier cage.

a few other bird cages cockatiel & budgie sized 

No photos yet. 
Santa Cruz Area

Cage was used for a senegal. The cage is white, but otherwise like the one in the screenshot provided.

Have requested bar spacing info & dimensions.

"high end phoenix cage"

?Large Light Gray HQ Macaw/Large Cockatoo CageNo photo yet. 

Cage dimensions 66in H x 30in W x 24in D 

Cage described as 'excellent condition', but appears well-used in the photos.

Estimated 1" bar spacing.


1 Light gray (not SS) very large double width cage suitable for CAG or up.

Excellent condition.

1 Large white cage suitable for smaller birds