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PNG File pikanandy2.PNG 8.23 MB Pamela Lee Sep 29, 2009 23:09
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3)Andi, a cinnamon cockatiel (on the left) and Pika, a pied cockatiel, flew into our yard the summer of 2007. We kept Pika, and surrendered Andi to Mickaboo as she was very young and I wasn't sure of how to care for her. They're reunited now!  
JPEG File Nadine_Bath.jpg 3.70 MB Pamela Lee Sep 29, 2009 23:07
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2)I am Nadine, a beautiful normal grey cockatiel adopted from Mickaboo three years ago. I am a special needs cockatiel but you'd never know it. I have rickets in my feet and a beak malocclusion but neither keep me from being a happy bird. LUV bath time!  
JPEG File Jubilee and Berlioz.jpg 2.27 MB Pamela Lee Sep 29, 2009 23:06
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1)My name is Jubilee, and my buddy here is Berlioz. I am a pied male cockatiel, he's a normal grey. We were both adopted from Mickaboo, but not at the same time - we met here in our permanent home and now we are inseparable (or should I say HE follows ME)  
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