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JPEG File Socks.JPG 2.74 MB Pamela Lee Sep 29, 2009 23:20
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4)I am Socks, a Nanday conure who was in a rescue aviary which closed. Mickaboo took me and found me a family and a Forever home of my own. I am a friendly, loving Conure who was just confused because my human whom I had cuddled with had abandoned me.  
JPEG File woody1.jpg 435 kB Pamela Lee Sep 29, 2009 23:19
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3)As a Half-Moon Conure, Woody has a tendency to think that he's a lot bigger than he really is. Woody came to Mickaboo from an animal shelter and, while not much is known about his past he seems young and healthy and has responded well to socializing.  
JPEG File Kennedy.jpg 478 kB Pamela Lee Sep 29, 2009 23:19
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2)Kennedy, a Maroon Bellied Conure, is a Mickaboo foster that came with a truckload of conure personality. Kennedy can say "Pretty Bird" in scratchy little conure talk and would love to talk your ear off with a conure conversation. She also LOVES baths!  
JPEG File Bandit_and_Allie.jpg 2.68 MB Pamela Lee Sep 29, 2009 23:18
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1)Allie is a green cheek conure who was given to a shelter. Her surrenderer had found her out in the wild - her wings were unclipped. Allie love human attention and hanging out on top of her cage. She is very bonded to Bandit, another green cheek conure  
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