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Criteria for Adoption or Fostering

Meeting our criteria before adopting or fostering a bird is important. To learn more, read Why attend our training class?  You may also want to read about common misconceptions about rescue groups before going through our application process.

  • Application: Once you have attended one of our classes, you can submit an application, as described in Application Forms.
  • Phone Screen: Once these criteria are met, a Mickaboo volunteer will call you for a phone screen. Please bear with us during the screening process. Mickaboo is an all-volunteer organization and it may take some time to complete this process.
  • Home Visit: The final step is for Mickaboo to schedule and do a home visit.
  • Approval Once you have had your home visit, you are submitted for approval.
  • Find Your Bird Once approved, you can go and meet the foster birds.
  • Pay Adoption Fee An adoption fee is paid by the new owners. The adoption fee varies by species. Birds adopted from Mickaboo may not be sold, given away, or used as "breeder stock." If a new owner cannot keep an adopted bird, the bird must be returned to Mickaboo.

Foster Parenting

Our foster parents are caring, conscientious volunteers who care for displaced rescue birds until a permanent home can be found. These individuals go through our entire approval process first.They care for the birds and supply food, treats, toys and love. Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue supplies cages and medical care. Foster parents are expected to drive his/her foster bird(s) to the veterinarian if necessary. They might also have to drive to pick up the bird(s) or drop them off to a permanent home. Foster parents may become permanent parents should they wish to do so.

Application Forms

Please read our disclaimer below, which is part of the application that you will be signing.

Taking our free Basic Bird Care class is a prerequisite to submitting an application. Please provide the date and location of the class you have taken on the application form. Once you have taken our bird care class, you can either submit an application either in an online form:

or by downloading a PDF form and scan, fax, or mail it in:

To read the PDF, use the free Adobe Reader to view these documents.

For PDF forms, fill out the application and submit it by either:

The PDF forms cannot be simply 'saved' and emailed to us!


Our primary concern is the well being of these animals. The majority of them have at some time, either been abused, neglected, sick or injured. For these reasons, all prospective foster and /or adoptive parents must fill out an application and attend one of our regularly scheduled bird education classes, please see our scheduled events page for our next scheduled class. You must also participate in our screening process prior to receipt of any bird. We charge an adoption fee for all birds adopted from Mickaboo. The amount of the fee depends on the species of bird adopted. Due to our commitment to place these birds in the best possible environment, we reserve the right to refuse adoption/fostering of any bird to anyone for any reason. For more information, please see rescue myths.

If you are applying to adopt a bird larger than a Cockatiel you must submit a written authorization from your landlord along with a phone number where he/she can be reached, if you are renting.

We also reserve the right to repossess any birds adopted/fostered if we find for any reason their care requirements are not being met. Additionally, applicants must sign a written contract stating that:

No birds adopted/fostered from Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue shall be used for breeding purposes. If for any reason they can no longer keep one of our adopted birds, they agree to arrange for immediate return of the bird to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue. For this reason no birds will be adopted outside the state of California. And, finally, due to the responsibilities involved in pet ownership, and the possibility of incurring significant costs associated with veterinary care, by signing a foster or adoption application, all applicants signify that they are at least 18 years of age.

If you become a Mickaboo Volunteer, or adopt from us, there are a few policies we wish to be up front about to avoid any misunderstandings later on. Our volunteers and foster parents are our most valuable assets, and we'd like to keep it that way.

As a Mickaboo Volunteer or adoptive parent, you may, from time to time be trusted with confidential personal information regarding, but not limited to address, telephone, and other personal information of other Mickaboo volunteers and adoptive parents. It is our policy that this information is not only proprietary, but confidential as well. In the interest of professionalism, no one who volunteers for or adopts from Mickaboo will be authorized to share, or otherwise disseminate this information for any reason, not limited to sales pitches, business opportunities, or any other activities which may present a conflict of interest, or otherwise result in any harm to Mickaboo or any of its agents, foster parents, adoptive parents, or other volunteers. By returning this application, you are certifying that you will abide by each and every one of these terms, as well as the terms of the application itself.

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