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If you are interested in a cage/carrier, please contact

The cages/carriers are located in Santa Clara.



White Cal Cage. 27h x 24w x 14d, bar spacing ½”, does not break down.

Nice Budgie Quarantine cage 
27h x 24w x 14d, bar spacing ½”.
In its original package, all flat. Used for less than a year.



Yellow Budgie Carrier 16h x 13w x 10d, barspacing 3/8”

Itty bitty carrier. 8h x 11w x 8d, bar spacing 2/8”

The Black Cube. Has those smooth, long lasting wheels.
23h x 25w x 24d, bar spacing 1”

Black (removable) divided cage.
14h x 23w x 16d, bar spacing 3/8”.
Door openings 5w x 4.5h.
Came back with the comment that it is difficult to
get a sick/hurt Cockatiel in through the opening.


3 Stack

18H x 30W x 18D bar spacing 3/8"

There are two doors on the front, 4 feeder cup doors on the front, and a feeder cup door on each side (6 total, on each cage)

Two of the cages have dividers (you could have two birds in one cage)  You can 1, 2, or all 3, even the rack is available.


Budgie Carrier

5h x 11w x 7d.....door opening is 3x4 

Another Cal Cage

28h x 24w x 24d, bar spacing 1" 



Carrier for smaller birds

16h x 23w x 16d, bar spacing 3/8".  Overall height is 49"






Carrier named Elmo

8h x 16w x 10d.  The top comes off, the door is 4"x4"



Black Domed cage

34h x 24w x 20d.  Bar spacing is 3/4"

Nice heavy wheels.  Even the cage is heavy!

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