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Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebrate commercialism; #GivingTuesday (today!) celebrates community.  Join us and thousands of nonprofits, companies, and individuals across the nation to support giving back to our communities. 

  • Friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and add your message.  Your message can be as simple as "I support bird rescue because ____", or  "I am giving to Mickaboo on Dec 3rd for #GivingTuesday".  Then share your message with your friends!
  • Donate online today.  Your gift today will be matched 3-1 until $3000 in Challenge Grant funds are gone. (Three dollars of your funds will be matched with one dollar from the Grant.) Many thanks to the generous Mickaboo friends who created this Challenge Grant!

We will share memorable posts and tweets here throughout the day, as well as progress toward using up the Challenge Grant funds.  Email with any questions or comments. THANKS to all of you supporting us today and every day throughout the year!   

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