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The Board of Directors, volunteers, and our over 300 foster birds thank you for your support of our annual holiday fundraiser! Whether you gave a little or a lot, your kindness helps to ensure our rescue birds receive the care they need before they go to their "forever" homes.   Your commitment to the birds at Mickaboo is very much appreciated!

Haven't donated yet?  There's still time!  Email: to arrange for your donation to our holiday party silent auction or raffle!

Individual donors...

  • Rhonda Bennon
  • Patty Blau
  • Michael D’Antonio
  • Maria Gray
  • Pamela Ketzel
  • Annedore Kushner
  • Pamela Lee
  • Valentine Lewis
  • Josette Maury
  • Chris Okon
  • Susie Quilopras
  • Mike Reed
  • Scott Shipley
  • Tania Tengan
  • Doug and Theresa Tomka

Corporate donors...

  • None