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We know birds play with toys, but does anyone notice that birds will play games?  Here is one story from a foster parent: 

Rico (green wing macaw) LOVES to play footsie.  Every night when he goes to bed he climbs onto the cage door where I will tell him "I'm going to get your toes!" Rico will then climb up and down the cage trying to catch me with his foot or beak. Now at first I wasn't sure if this was playing or if I was making him mad, but the game has taken on a new direction.  When Rico is sitting on his play stand, he will hold on with one foot and his beak and hold his other foot out trying to "get me".  He actually opens and closes his foot trying to catch my finger! He loves this game!  I am now positive that he enjoys this interaction because I play with him then hold my arm up and he will immediately stop "playing" and come up for a kiss. 

My other macaw, Mackie (Blue & Gold) will sit on my chest and watch television (really I am watching while he is being scritched).  Sometimes he will make this funny hissing sound, squeal, and then try to pinch the skin under my chin.  If I move my hand for protection, he will move to another area to pinch me.  Of course if he gets me we both end up saying "owwww!"  He gets really worked up and excited. Mackie also obsesses over his beloved Babble Balls.  When he is bugging my son, my son will say "Mackie, I'm going to get your balls!" Mackie will run as fast as his legs will carry him to protect those blue babies and squeals like a girl the whole way.  I swear I'm going to have someone videotape this because I know we would win America's Funniest Home Videos!

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