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These 4 nestlings were found in Ferry Park on 29 July 2009.  Mickaboo was called to care for them.

The first photo (07/30/09) was taken in their 'nest tank' after feeding.   Note that the 4th bird (and the largest one) is in the back
      The reddish top of his head can be seen behind the youngest (eyes closed, on top).
They typically sleep in a pile to share warmth.
Note that there are 2 with red foreheads and 2 with green foreheads, which helps to identify them.
They have been named Noe (youngest), Duboce, Potrero and Taraval (the last 2 probably hatched within a day of each other... they are the oldest).

10Aug09: In the photo you can see a tiny red feather on the tip of Duboce's left wing.   They really are emerald green (although the photo overemphasizes a little)
12Aug09 In the photo you can see a tiny red feather at the wrist of Potrero's right wing.
17Aug09: It is getting increasingly difficult to photograph them together.  They notice the change in lighting and become quite wary and restless,
      and tend to wander around checking everything out!
21Aug09: They have outgrown their original 'nest' and have been provided with a new 'nest' with a front porch so they can get out and wander around.
     It is interesting that in this photograph they appear (front-to-back) in age order. Note they have toys which they do play with from time to time. Like
     all good students they attend their 'classes' every day.
24Aug09: Their ages are becoming more of a factor. Potrero (possibly a day older than Taraval) has begun to climb and has the best grip and balance of all of them.
     Taraval, perhaps a day younger, will be at the same stage in a day or 2. The others are a few days behind, but will catch up in the next week.
28Aug09: Brian hand-feeding sliced warm fig... the 'tail' in the lower right has taken a piece and is working on it off camera.
31Aug09: Temporary day-time cage for out-of-nest time. They all spent lots of time fluffing and preening after being hand-delivered to their perches.
01Sep09: Play and discovery time: Potrero and Duboce sitting on a bowl containing pellets that they have already been 'into'; Taraval 'studying' a dish
     with part of a fig and polenta (Taraval had already munched on both); Noe (back turned) working on a fig that eventually was mostly gone (eaten?)
04Sep09: An aviary was built for them on 03Sep09. This was their first experience in their new daytime home.  They get to go out around 10AM and
     come in before sunset when they are fed and return to their 'nest' for sleep.
18Sep09: They are all doing quite well. They continue to spend their days out in the aviary and have 2 'conure classes' a day. They have learned 'hand'
     and 'perch' for which they get a hand fed reward.  They have also doing well with their target training.  All now appear to be eating some food on their
     own so that their 'parent' feedings can be reduced in amount as well as frequency.  Their flight skills also continue to improve.
21Sep09: They have transitioned from their 'nest' (carrier) to a cage for their night time home and seem very comfortable, sleeping quietly through night.
23Sep09: Morning feedings were discontinued on 21Sep09. Conure "classes" (with feeding rewards) continue to be held twice a day. They continue
     to learn quickly. Evening feedings are being reduced in quantity with the hope they can be discontinued in about a week. They have pellets, fruit
     and veggies available all day.
29Sep09: Evening syringe feedings discontinued. Training feedings continue twice daily with 'conure mash' provided after returning to their evening cage.
Oct-Dec09: Training continues. The birds now (Nov09) get in and out of their carrier (for transport to/from the aviary) with little help but with food reinforcement.
     They have become quite comfortable around people and it is difficult photographing them all together. They are in the aviary every non-rainy day.
31Dec09: They are now becoming young adults. Note the changes in their red heads, particularly that Taraval and Noe are growing the characteristic
     red head feathers and Potrero and Duboce are getting their red cheek feathers.

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  1. Aug 10, 2009

    Those feathers come in fast!

  2. Aug 21, 2009

    Isn't that box the property of the United State Postal Service??

    1. Aug 21, 2009

      Like most things that are airmail-special delivery, the parcels will only occupy the box temporarily...

  3. Aug 22, 2009

    They're so cute!

  4. Aug 23, 2009

    Oh my goodness they are wonderful. What a good mommy bird you are Mal.

  5. Aug 23, 2009

    Wow, they look like real birds already!  Do they say "mama" or "dada" yet?

  6. Sep 05, 2009

    Why are they always smiling?