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The Board of Directors, volunteers, and our over 200 foster birds thank you for your support of our annual holiday fundraiser!   Whether you gave a little or a lot, your kindness helps to ensure our rescue birds receive the care they need before they go to their "forever" homes.   Your commitment to the birds at Mickaboo is very much appreciated!

Individual donors...

  Rhonda Bennon
  Rose Chan
  Rosemary Chengson
  Loreli Coleman
  Cheryl Dickinson
  Lizz Doptis
  Kate Edwards
  Margie Gear
  Becci Gindin-Clarke
  Brian Greger
  Barbara Lafaver
  Patty Lanphere
  Pamela Lee
  Barna Mink
  Denise Plonka
  Susie Quilopras
  Kathleen Reding
  Chloe Redon
  Tanya Renner
  Mira Tweti
  Ron Waller
  Elizabeth Young

Corporate donors...

Birdie Buddy provides avian habitat consultation, planning & construction for the San Francisco Bay Area. If you adopt
from, or foster for, Mickaboo, you can get a free consultation for aviaries, bird rooms or large perches & play gyms.

Discount Bird Toys

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.Drs. Foster and Smith Lafeber

Super Pet
Totally Organics

Wildwood Veterinary Hospitals

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