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I am sure you've read by now that we were contacted at about 1:25 pm this afternoon about a man who's house had foreclosed and had to be out by 7 pm this evening!  Yes, 5.5 hours notice.  He had an aviary of 16 cockatiels that he was unable to find homes for and he wanted us to take them.  I of course went into panic mode wondering what the heck I am going to do as this man was going to open the door to the aviary right before he left.  He saw no other solution if we could not help.  Long story short.........there ended up being 12 cockatiels and our awesome Mickaboo volunteers came through once again!  In no particular order:

(There were orginally 16 cockatiels to be rescued. Turns out 2 were taken by a neighbor, one was given to the surrenderers brother and one escaped (not sure what happened to this one). So we now have 12 tiels.  Two are severely disabled and were unable to perch -- they were on the bottom of the cage, thing and filthy.)
Judy Baird:  Drove from her home in San Ramon, picked me up in Fremont and drove to the location of the aviary in South San Jose.  Judy brought carriers to help transport all the cockatiels.
Jim & Katie Slider:  Arrived way before the rest of us with food, toys and enough carriers for all 12 beautiful silver whiteface cockatiels.  Katie, all by herself, had already caught all 12 untame, extremely frightened cockatiels and had them ready to go in carriers.
Richard & Michelle Yesney:  Came out to help catch the cockatiels but Katie had beat us to it.  They then went home and picked up two cages that were big enough to house 10 of the cockatiels, perches, dishes and toys.  Two of the cockatiels are either splay-legged or very badly injured as they cannot walk or hardly move.  Michelle & Richard took these two home with them this evening and will get them to For The Birds in San Jose.
Kathleen Reding:  Saved the day by offering to house the cockatiels in her garage/outdoor covered patio short term while we work on placement for all 12 cockatiels.  Kathleen opened her heart and home to these cockatiels who otherwise might be lost among the streets of San Jose right now.  She also ordered pizza for all of us volunteers to enjoy!
Once we loaded up the carriers full of cockatiels, we all met at Kathleen's home to get everyone situated in the cages.  All the cockatiels were very frightened when introduced to the cages but by the time we left they had begun to settle down for the night.  They are now safe and sound in Kathleen's garage.
I hope I am not forgetting anyone; please forgive me if I have, it's been a really long day!  Once again I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful organization.  The above mentioned volunteers sacrificed an evening for the welfare of these 12 helpless, innocent cockatiels and I couldn't be more thankful.

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