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Welcome to MickaCoo!  We are a Community Initiatives project dedicated to the rescue of doves and pigeons, a sadly overlooked segment of the avian companion population.


Don't breed, don't buy... adopt a rescued bird!

Adopters Are URGENTLY Needed! 

Please visit us at our new & improved website

Foster/Adoption Application

Available Pigeons & Doves


(In addition to all the pigeons and doves fostered within MickaCoo, there are many more in shelters that need homes!)

Don't feel that YOU can help out right now? You can by spreading the word. Find someone you think would be a good bird guardian and tell them about MickaCoo!

How can I support MickaCoo?

You can make a tax-deductible online donation through Community Initiatives

Or if you prefer to mail us a check (made out to CI: MickaCoo), you can send it to:
   Community Initiatives: MickaCoo
   345 Pine Street #700, San Francisco, CA 94104

For questions about donating to MickaCoo, please email

Thank you!


Doves and pigeons, rescued from local animal shelters, make great pets. They're sweet, smart, calm & full of personality. But, because people aren't aware of them, they often can't find good homes.  These domesticated birds can't survive in the wild and are relatively easy to care for (quiet, non-biting, non-chewing, non-plucking). 

Doves and pigeons need:
       Safe place (indoors or outdoors, protected from weather and predators)
       Room to move (4' high x 3' deep x 6' long is good for 4 to 6 small doves or 1 to 2 large pigeons)
       Fresh food (dove or pigeon feed), water, grit, and greens daily
       Company (either yours or another bird's)
       Family planning (if you have a mated pair, you need to replace real eggs with fake ones)
       Avian Vet Care if they become sick or injured

Click HERE to visit The Rescue Report- a blog about rescuing pigeons and other animals

Click HERE to visit Pigeon Talk- an excellent webgroup about pigeons & doves

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