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Angel:  Anonymous

 Birds's Name




SimonThank you Diane Pinko and Charlie!

Thank you Barbara Broderick of Seattle, WA!

Hi, my name is Simon! Not too long ago I wound up in a shelter and boy was that ever scary! Luckily, someone from Mickaboo came along and sprung me and now I'm in a nice foster home. Here's a picture of me on my playstand. I'm looking out the window just in case there are other cockatiels out in the yard. So far, no luck. I get lonely when I'm all by myself. And then I don't eat so good and lose weight. I even started plucking my feathers. My foster mom said I was still very cute even with the plucking. And my feathers will probably all grow back when I'm in my happy, forever home. Simon has issues with his crop and requires extra medical care. 

Simon has been adopted!


Thank you Jean Siford!

Greetings, I’m Priscilla the latest special needs bird surrendered to Mickaboo. I was once a loved family member doing well at home. When my human had her non-feathered children I got moved to a relative because she did not have time for me anymore. Needless to say, I was not happy about that even though I made friends with another Cockatoo in the house. After a while my bird buddy flew away leaving me behind. You can only imagine my disappointment! Somewhere along the way things got emotionally out of hand and I decided to start compensating by plucking which eventually lead to opening up my skin, ripping out my own flesh. I was so set on hurting myself that I ended up with this huge hole in my lower chest area. You can see from the close up picture that it looks very ugly. The Vet is trying hard to make me feel better with pain meds and antibiotics as my wound got all infected. I may need surgery to stitch up what is left from my skin but that is too soon to tell. For now I’m on a healthy diet and have a special needs foster home lined up once I get released. 

Update 2/02/13 Priscilla had a big day today. First she got upgraded into a brand new cage and she is also sporting a fashionable bubble collar now. We had to switch as she had figured out how to work her beak around the old one. So far so good. She is quite the bird. Very active and playful. Her wound is tiny compared to what it looked like when she got surrendered. 



Kathleen King

Girru was surrendered to Mickaboo after she injured herself on the 4th of July. She was not surrendered until 18 days later. When the volunteer picked her up, she moved and started bleeding. She was rushed to the vet where it was found that part of her wing was hanging on by a piece of rotting skin. She had effectively amputated part of her wing and most likely been in terrible pain for those 18 days. She must have had a strong will to live.

CassieThank you Susan Schnur!18 year old Cassie has an eye infection and possible liver/kidney disease. She had labored breathing when surrendered and was immediately hospitalized. She will hopefully be released soon to receive special care and TLC.

Cassie has been adopted!

MaggieJean MoshofskyMaggie is a 16 year old yellow nape amazon. Maggie came to us with some medical issues that are being investigated right now. She is a very sweet bird and will be available for adoption once her medical issues are resolved. She has gained weight significantly after being converted to a pellet, veggie, and fruit diet. When she came to us she was also missing a lot of facial feathers which have grown about half way back. She talks some and more now that she is feeling better. She loves to just be with a human friend. She wolf whistles as well as a pretty little tune and an operatic tune when happy. She squeals with delight when you enter the room. She has started showing some interest in playing. She is also getting active at climbing all over the outside and inside of her cage.

Maggie has been adopted!


"Long Family" and J.B.

Santiago was in a home that had 3 bird deaths from undetermined causes in one week. Mickaboo arranged for Santiago to get veterinary care and boarding to protect Santiago from whatever took the other birds' lives. The vet wants to do blood lab work to determine whether there is any sign of a life threatening illness or toxin.

Santiago has been adopted!


Kari Terhark

Paco is an old, gentle blue front who has been sick ever since he came to Mickaboo. He favored his swollen left foot which slowed him down quite a bit because his ankle is shattered. One of his eyes has calcium deposits and it is getting better with the daily application of eye drops. He also had parasites, a fungal infection and a bacterial infection all at the same time. Once that was treated, he started to gain weight. Paco even plays a little. Now it is time to remove his left foot with the shattered ankle. This is an expensive surgery but it will make Paco more comfortable.

Paco has been adopted!


Thank you M Hrovat! Thank you Emily Yu! Thank you Susan Padgett!

My name is Aggie the Senegal parrot. While I am a fun-loving little bird who wants to interact with people, something happened to me in my past that made me very nervous and excitable. As you can see, I have pulled out or chewed up many of my own feathers, including those on my wings and tail. This has hurt my balance and made me very likely to fall. My foster dad is working with me to help me to calm down so I can grow my feathers back and socialize calmly like I should, but this will take a lot of behavioral work and supportive care. Through donating to my angel fund you can help pay for the medicines and treatments I will need to help me leave my past behind.
06/29/11 Update:
Aggie is undergoing minor surgery today to hopefully correct her issues with plucking.


Aggie has been adopted!


Kari Terhark

Sometimes it isn’t easy being green with feathers. It has certainly been a rough time for Astara. We don’t know her age or history. Maybe her life started in the jungle as a wild caught bird. She ended up in a home with other birds suffering from malnutrition. The shelter caring for her called Mickaboo. When the volunteer picked her up she was laying on her back in a seizure. No one knows for sure why she has them. It could be an old head injury. It could be paralyzing fear or metal poisoning. Mickaboo will find a home that will give her the love she needs to recover. No matter what happens, Mickaboo will be there for her.

Astara has been adopted!


Lucy Macmillan in memory of Nick the Cockatiel

Blair Adams

I am a gorgeous girl. I've had a rough time lately. I had an accident and it ended in infection and my leg having to be amputated. I went to the vet for a check up and had to get another surgery because the stump was infected. I am hanging in there and I am in good hands but my medical care is pricey.

Beau has been adopted!


Barbara Broderick in memory of Mira

Ms. Bella came to Mickaboo with her parents and 2 siblings not too long ago. Her previous owner had to surrender the family of 5 for health related issues. Bella was sitting on the bottom of the cage not moving much with her eyes looking dull and blurry. The Vet diagnosed her with cataracts saying she is basically blind on both eyes. No wonder she is having a hard time adjusting. There are also some other medical problems Bella is being medicated for. She will always need extra special care for the remainder of her life. Mickaboo will allow Bella to get all the attention she needs and deserves and would greatly appreciate some financial support from you! Please consider becoming one of Bella's Angels.

Bella has been adopted!


Sean Moriarty

Greetings, I'm Priya a sweet, beautiful Lutino Cockatiel who was found as a stray and brought to a shelter. I did not feel so good back then but after being there for 2 weeks things got really bad for me. I was rushed to the Vet with a very swollen belly and went into surgery the next day. It was a 1 hour procedure to clean out the rotten eggs I had stuck inside not to mention the dead tissue they removed. I can tell you - not much fun at all !
I am in a foster home now specialized in caring for Cockatiels needing meds and lots of tender loving care and am feeling better already. Unfortunately I was told today I have to have a second surgery to remove more stuff from my belly. Please send lots of positive thoughts along my way and if you can afford a donation to Mickaboo who makes all of this possible for me I would really appreciate it.
Thank you in advance from Priya!


Priya has been adopted!



Dana Portnoy

When Mickaboo received a call from the Shelter that they had just gotten an injured cockatiel surrendered, April was picked up right away and rushed to the Vet. She is very skinny, has a badly injured wing and seemed completely run down. After spending a week in supportive care she is now in a loving foster home recovering from whatever got her into this bad situation. We would be very grateful for your financial support to cover April's vet bill.

April has been adopted!

Mai Tai

Michael Choi and Corky the bird

Bernice Morgan

Ann Cardwell

Greetings - My name is Mai Tai. I'm a 15 year old Goffins Cockatoo with a very sad past which caused me to probably qualify for the most sad looking bird of my species ever surrendered to Mickaboo. One of my legs is completely stiff and fused to my body with bone sticking out. My skin is covered with scar tissue from self mutilation. My feathers are dirty and I had some trouble breathing. I'm not sure how I got into such horrible shape but things are starting to look up now that I'm cared for by a great avian vet. I already have a foster home lined up where I will get extra special care and lots of love. But before I can go there I will have to undergo extensive medical treatment possibly even the amputation of my bad leg. Please help me out by making a donation towards my care! I am a little fighter with a great spirit and lots of hope for a bright future after all.
Update 10/01/12:
She is doing very well. Her open wounds on both back and chest are completely healed. Mai Tai is still wearing a bubble collar to protect the tender new skin from getting hurt. She is growing lots of new feathers in, starting to look very white and clean like a brand new Goffins Cockatoo. She is such a love who has been taking all the treatment and countless sweater changes with so much dignity and patience, hardly ever getting upset with the exception when we had to pull her wings through the small holes in the fabric in her sweater.

Mai Tai has been adopted!



Charlie was surrendered because his owner thought he had respiratory problems, but he has more than that.  He is extremely sensitive to most medications and keeps vomiting them up.  He lost weight until he was down to 23 grams.  We're hoping that careful nursing will bring him back to health. 
Update from Charlie's Foster Mom:
While Charlie continues to slowly gain weight, he has not been able to remain free of the avian gastric yeast once he stops taking the medication.  He also needs to be  kept in a warm environment (an incubator most of the time) or he starts to lose energy and begins vomiting again.  We hope that in time his immune system will become strong enough to cope with whatever is causing his recurrent illness.
Charlie has been doing better, although he had another relapse of the Avian Gastric Yeast that has been a problem for him.  We moved his incubator into a part of the house that houses other budgies, because he was so lonely upstairs. He became so excited about the other birds that he escaped from the incubator when we opened the door to feed him, and was flitting from cage to cage trying to avoid being recaptured.He caught his leg on one of the cages, and broke it. Sooo, he is back at the vet with his leg in a splint.He is a wonderful budgie.  He has been medicated so often that when I usually try to catch him, he dives into my open hand nose-first, trying to hide his face so I cannot medicate him!
Happy End for Charlie - she got adopted and is doing very well !


Charlie has his first Angel !
Thank you Lisa Bobulinski "in memory of Tom" for your kind ongoing support.
Another Angel for Charlie !
Thank you Joan Williams-Near for your generous donation.
Charlie has his third Angel !
Thank you Pamela Lee (big grin)
A new Angel for Charlie:
Thank you Pat Gideon
Another Angel for Charlie:
Thank you Sara F. in loving memory of Magic


Lottie Lu

Kiala and Tiki
Robin Sharp
Chloe Redon

Lottie Lou was a lost bird who started plucking 7 months after being found, possibly from the trauma of losing her original family.  She was then surrendered to Mickaboo where she was given a healthy diet and, after several diagnostic visits to the vet, put on three different medications to
treat her plucking, both physically and psychologically.  She gets these twice a day, along with eye medication for a congenitally defective left inner eye lid.
Despite her trauma, Lottie Lou is the sweetest bird, who loves everyone and cannot get enough snuggles and cuddles from her  foster mom and dad.
Update: 1/12/13
She's doing eally well, still plucks but she's healthy and her eye is better (and she gets nightly drops) and her foot is completely better and she has a boyfriend in her adoptive home. He's a blue crown ;)
1/25/11 an Angel for Lottie Lou:
Thank you Kiala,Tiki and Robin Sharp and also Chloe Redon

Lottie Lu has been adopted!


Susan Schnur and Linda Levey in loving memory of LuLu, Captain and Babe

I am an older girl who used to live in an outdoor aviary. What can I say? Some birds are just not meant to live outside. I got really frightened with everything going on around me. I bashed my wings, had a raw inflamed patch of skin on my chest and even fractured my jaw so my beak is not aligned properly anymore. My previous owner decided my time had come and was just simply going to let me die. Imagine that! I lucked out when Mickaboo stepped in to take me and my buddy to an avian vet where I spent 2 weeks in intensive care. I am now feeling better, gaining weight, and enjoying my new foster home with lots of other cockatiels and my special friend of course. I love to eat veggies and am becoming a bit less fearful every day.
Morgan has her first Angel:
Thank you Susan Schnur and Linda Levey in loving memory of LuLu, Captain and Babe!

Morgan has been adopted!


Thank you Robbie Rhodes and Barbara Broderick from Seattle

I am named after the brightest star in the galaxy - Sirius - amazing, isn't it ? Right now I don't shine so bright though with all the various health problems from feather lice to more serious stuff my Vet says I have to take meds for. I must have had a rough life which caused calluses on my feet and legs. I'm skinny and have been on a lousy diet in the past. All of this will change now that I am in Mickaboo's care. I will have a long road of recovery ahead of me.
11/04/10 Update:
Hello again from Sirius - I am still waiting for my special Angel but can tell you that I am getting better every day. I have moved on to a different home where I will most likely stay forever. The people there are wonderful and I like one of their tiel boys in particular ! I will keep you posted....

Sirius has been adopted !


Thank you Donna Cresswell, Aron Walker and Rosemary Chengson and Scruffy

Chico is a young bird who is plucked and bleeding due to self mutilation. He had to come to Mickaboo to get medical help and  is still scared, lonely and calling out to the other cockatiels down the hall in foster care. We think that he is going to enjoy the company of the other cockatiels very much as soon as quarantine is over.
11/04/10 Update:
I am doing great !  I found a wonderful new friend named Cary (you can meet him by just scrolling down the page a bit) He is living in the same foster home and the two of us are very happy together.

Chica has been adopted !


in memory of beloved Isabella, with a special thank you to Maggie Rufo and Anonymous in memory of Alex

Hi there I'm Tweedy a friendly beautiful 10 year young cockatiel girl who has unfortunately laid way too many eggs in the past. You can only imagine how stressful this must be on a little girl like me. So, now that I'm with Mickaboo I get all the necessary veterinary care I need to fully recover and live a long happy life.

Tweedy has been adopted !


Thank you Karen L. Brown, Barbara Broderick, and L.S.

Greetings - I'm Toby the Cockatiel who was found in a drop off box in front of a Vet Hospital in Davis, CA. Can you imagine how awful I felt that night just simply being left outside in the dark cold ?! Well, that is all in the past now. I live in a cozy foster home being well cared for. You are looking at my "good" side in this picture. My right eye has a pretty large cataract possibly affecting my vision and definitely causing me some discomfort. I have had an exam with an Eye Specialist and am on medication for now. We are cautiously optimistic my eye can be saved but time will tell for sure. 


Toby has been adopted !


Thank you Roberta Browne, Seattle WA

King is a scarlet macaw who was confiscated by Animal Control from a hoarder. He had been living in horrid conditions in a tiny cage. He was malnourished, plucked and very unsocial. Since he was released to Mickaboo in February 2009 he has come a long way. He has an incredible appetite, likes to chatter and play peek-a-boo. He really loves the ladies and likes to flirt. He even steps up on a stick like an expert. He will step on your hand, but that is not advisable. Despite all the positive work his foster family has devoted to him, he still plucks and likes to bite. King is not a bird for everyone. He must go to a home that has experience with macaws and understands he will probably never be a bird you can snuggle with.
You can probably imagine how many vet visits King has had since he came to Mickaboo.

King has moved to a Sanctuary in WA!


Thank you Pamela Ketzel and Corky the Bird also Alina Huo

Sally is one of the latest special needs birds Mickaboo took in. She and her partner used to live a good life until their owner got homeless and the two birds ended up in a garage with no appropriate care. Needless to say Sally is very sick. Her liver and kidneys are not functioning which led to a very overgrown beak. She also has a severe head tilt she is hiding from us in this picture. Both she and Harry are in extensive vet care. We are hopeful to be able to turn around what has been damaged and give Sally a good, happy, reasonably healthy life.

Sally got adopted by her foster mom!


Thank you Tom, Kathy, Peaches and Bryce in memory of Sparky the cockatiel and Jean Contee Rutter-Siford

Despite my bad, sad past I have a very strong spirit and a great will to live. I am a 45 year old greater sulphur crested cockatoo with a need to feel wanted and loved. I’ve had some happy times in my life but they are overshadowed with horrid times. I have been shuffled from home to home for most of my life, even spending a great deal of time in the bottom of an aviary being picked on by other birds. I no longer pluck, but have so much in the past that the feathers on my back and shoulders will not grow back and the feather follicles have been damaged. I am unable to fly or walk because one of my legs was broken and I was not taken to a veterinarian. It is “frozen” and sticks out straight, which causes mobility issues. I can move very slowly and can pull myself along with my beak. An ex-ray shows that I have severe arthritis throughout my body so I am in chronic pain. Supplemental heat helps immensely. I have my very own heat lamp as well as a heating pad. It feels ohhhh so good! My appetite is very poor and so my weight is quite low. I am being tube fed by the vet to put some weight on my bones. I am also on medication for an infection. I have cataracts in both eyes and poor vision. I see only shadows and outlines and I become easily startled and scared as a result. I get chronic sinus infections which has caused me to have enlarged nostrils and debris gets stuck in there which causes me discomfort and breathing issues. They have to be cleared out quite frequently. Even though people have been mostly unkind to me I am a happy-go-lucky guy. I love people, have a sweet disposition and an extremely positive attitude. I love being held and petted and will do anything to be near you and get attention. I will scoot myself as fast as I can to get to you when I see you coming. Things are going well for me now so I don’t want to dwell on the past. I am likely to need lots of veterinary care for the rest of my life- but I am a sweetie pie and well worth it!

Diamond has been happily adopted!


Ginny Becchine

Like so many birds I came to Mickaboo from a shelter. They noticed I was missing feathers on my neck and had a bleeding wound on my left wing. After being rushed to the vet who hospitalized me for a couple days I had to wear one of those collars every bird hates. I have to say that and the meds my foster mom gave me made me feel better. Right now, as you can see on my recent picture, I am healing with new feathers growing in. We will never know what hurt my wing so badly. I'm just glad for Mickaboo's wonderful volunteers taking such great care of me

08/10/11: I have been adopted into a beautiful aviary!


M.A. Samuelson

Greetings, I'm Juliette a cheerful little soul in need of Angel Funding. Considering what I have been through over the past few years it is quite amazing how I am still so friendly and upbeat. Just recently I lost my partner Romeo due to health issues. Now that Mickaboo is taking care of me I receive the medical attention I desperately need.

08/10/11 Juliette has been adopted into a wonderful forever home.


Rhonda Bennon and Samantha Gibson and Emily Yu

Grover was taken out of a stressful and unhealthy environment after she developed a feather plucking habit. So far with Mickaboo she has had basic blood tests and other lab work that has come back negative, yet Grover continues to pluck. Her foster dad is providing her with a safe and enriching environment and helping her get over her fears, but she will need more tests to help determine if she has any medical conditions which may be contributing to her plucking. Grover is a sweet but scared little girl who chirps like a cockatiel when she wants attention. We are optimistic that, with the right care and support, all of her gorgeous green and yellow feathers will grow back in.
An Angel for Grover:
Thank you Emily Yu


05/15/11 I have been adopted!

Tim and Tina

Alina Huo from Hong Kong and Barbara Broderick from Seattle

Tim and Tina here. That's Tim on the left, the slightly less rumpled one. OK, we look like we just woke up with hangovers after a bar fight. Don't think that we don't know that! We've been through some tough times and we still have a ways to go. We were found outside together in the Sacramento area, and our veterinarian thinks that we probably escaped from a breeder's aviary. We've been receiving supportive care and a broad-spectrum antibiotic, and, believe it or not, we are starting to look better. Besides having our Mickaboo foster home, we have each other, and that's a start. We will need a lot of medical care for a while which is why we are asking you to please support us financially !

We have been adopted and our health is improving every day!

Julia and Rose

Barbara Broderick from Seattle and also Jim and Scruffy

Greetings from Julia and Rose !
We got surrendered in a flock of 14 Cockatiels to a shelter in San Francisco. Almost all of our flock mates have been adopted out except for the two of us. We think it is because we are missing lots of feathers which does not bother us or our foster mom at all but some people don't like to look at those minor beauty flaws. Anyhow, we are VERY sweet and gentle even though we both have liver and kidney problems, are underweight and will need lots of tender loving care and a good diet to get back to where we should be.
We would very much appreciate a financial contribution from you to help paying for our vet bills.


We are very happy to report that we have been adopted and are doing well!

Katrina and Molly

Barbara Broderick and Samantha Gibson

We are two beautiful female cockatiels who got purchased from a chain pet store by an elderly lady. Little did she know that I, Katrina (in the background), have a bacterial infection and my friend Molly is having trouble with laying way too many eggs. We both need medical attention and lots of tender loving care to get all healthy again.


We have both been adopted into wonderful forever homes

Mary Jane

Alina Huo from Hong Kong

Like so many stray birds I came to Mickaboo from a shelter. I was in very poor condition. The Vet said I had feather lice, worms and a sky high white blood count which is a sure sign for an infection. So far I have been treated for all of this but my main problem are my feet. I can not bend my toes on one foot and am not able to stand up straight on both legs. I will see another Vet soon to determine what the cause is and if there is anything that can be done to help my limited mobility. I have a great foster home with lots of cockatiel friends, now all I need is for you to help me financially so Mickaboo will be able to pay for my treatment. Thank you in advance from Mary Jane !


I have been adopted by my foster mom!


Aron Walker

I'm Ricky, a pretty sad Umbrella Cockatoo. I was brought to a shelter when my owner passed away rather sudden. The people there noticed I am in bad shape so they rushed me to the Vet who diagnosed a prolapse which had to get surgically corrected. I'm a friendly bird trying to cope with lots of changes in my life. Will you please help me?

I have been adopted!

Max and Rico

Janet B.

Guardian Angels: Kari Terhark, Santa Clara, CA
Bill Kruspe, Dorene's Dad
The companions of Buddy, Wookie, and Jinge,
Colleen Hindson

These boys have a very special story and their own web page:  A Special Partnership.
Update from Max's Foster Mom:
Max had a bad flare up of his Papilloma tissue due to stress.  I brought him in thinking "oh, God, he's going to need surgery".  Fortunately, his Papilloma tissue is recovering from his episode, but the vet was concerned about his breathing. He had to get hospitalized and is in need of more Angels to help him out financially.

Sadly, Max and Rico both recently passed away. Rest in Peace sweet birds.


Zora M.
Surprise, AZ, & Donna Cresswell

Rico came to us from a shelter and has an overgrown beak.  He will need to see an avian vet as this can signal underlying health issues.
Update from Rico's Foster Mom:
Rico has been in for three foot x-rays and since I moved him to a tub to spend the day in this seems to have resolved those problems.  He had a broken foot at one time and the beak had become aggravated and he was in pain.There had also been fear of bone cancer but the Vet does not think that is the case.



Prince was at a local shelter in need of medical care.  He is missing a toe and his right wing hangs most likely due to a previous injury.  Prince needs surgery on his foot and radiographs of his wing to determine the extent of the injury.


For J.V. Hrovat: Happy Father's Day

Bebe is a sweet and gentle 42 year-old bird who had nowhere else to go when her previous owner didn't have the time for her. Bebe is being treated by one of Mickaboo's avian vets and her foster dad for medical problems related to being overweight.


Susan Schnur and Anonymous

Prince was found outdoors, terrified after having been attacked by a cat, with a bite wound on his chest and missing a lot of feathers. Prince was just released from the hospital and is getting used to being in a great Mickaboo foster home.


Elise Acosta

This very sweet Amazon has been surrendered to us because he has severe medical issues. One of them being inflamed air sacs. He will need ongoing treatments and possible x-rays. We would greatly appreciate any financial support to help this wonderful bird.


Colleen Hindson and Anonymous

Buddy has been returned to Mickaboo due to medical problems.  He has been diagnosed with aspergillosis - a hard to treat fungal infection- as well as picking at his blood feathers regularly which has lead to excessive blood loss on a couple occasions. A bird with medical issues such as Buddy can use an Angel & many Guardian Angels as his vet bills have been very high!


Chloe Redon and Anonymous

Buddy the orange-winged Amazon is being surrendered to Mickaboo with a history of medical problems like a crippled foot, athlerosclerosis and a history of sinusitis. He will need ongoing vet care we would appreciate your Angel support for.
Update 02/02/10 from Buddy's new Foster Mom:
He's settling in pretty well although he is not eating very much. Mainly fresh veggies and a rice/bean mixture that I cooked. He has had a few of his pellets but not very many. He seems very confident, not territorial or cage aggressive, and will usually step up for me. He wants to spend most of his time on top of his cage and seems completely uninterested in any of his toys.


Bernice Morgan

Hi, I'm Sammy short for Samantha. I have been with the same loving couple, who handraised me when I was 3 weeks old, for the last 13 years. They both became really ill and had to surrender me. It was difficult for everyone but I'm coping and am trying to adjust in my new foster home. I am a cute, fluffy girl who is preening a bit too excessive. Today I went to see one of Mickaboo's best avian vets to get a check up.



Hello, I'm Luke, a very handsome cockatiel with a pretty bad wing injury. Something out there in the wild attacked me after I accidentally left my previous home. I ended up in a shelter who kept me for 5 days - they call it "Stray Hold". This was not exactly beneficial for the wound on my wing which got all infected and iffy. I have been hospitalized for a few days and am now in my foster home where I receive ongoing medical treatment. I am not in much pain but am hoping the infection has not spread to my bone so I can make a full recovery.


Luke is in the process of being adopted



On Easter Sunday morning maxed-out MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue got the call it was dreading- a wounded pigeon at a Shelter needed to be rescued. Mickaboo put out the word, a volunteer came forward and the pigeon was picked up from the shelter and transported to an avian vet the next day. The bird, named Jasper, had been shot and had wounds to its foot, leg, wing and a piece of buckshot still lodged in his shoulder (which has since been removed).  Described as a "pigeon trying to be fancy", Jasper is an Indian Fantail cross with feathery feet and a lush but not fanned tail. His wounds are now healing and his sky-high white blood count is slowly coming down but, as an inpatient for over two weeks, his vet bill is expensive. Jasper is expected to make a full recovery.


May 2010: I have been adopted


Lawrence Henson and Lizz Doptis

Hello- My name is Pablo and I'm a feral pigeon that had a terrible encounter (probably with a power line) that resulted in the unwelcome amputation of my right wing! I found a pretty good hiding spot in between a wall and a house and the family there put out food and water for me. Luckily, MickaCoo was contacted and, while they were established to help domestic pigeons, they knew that wildlife rescues euthanize birds that can't be released to the wild but pigeons, unlike most wild creatures, adjust very well to being pets.I had surgery to close the wound and am healing up great. I'm even growing new feathers in already.


May 2010: I have been adopted

Cindy and Jetspeed

Justin Woolley and Tiffany Chin

Hi, I'm Cindy. This is my second time with Mickaboo already. When I came in first I got adopted quickly. Back then I was exhausted from laying too many eggs not having received the right food and attention. My Mom fell very ill and had to return me to Mickaboo. This time I am in bad shape with multiple fractures to my wings and leg. I am sitting in a hospital tank all comfy and warm with a bandage on one wing and really brittle bones.


03/16/10 Cindy and Jetspeed have been adopted

Flora and Precious

Denise Cedar in Memory of Sweet Pea,

Flora and Precious were surrendered to Mickaboo with medcal problems resulting from poor care. Flora has a systemic infection which is being treated with antibiotics and Precious has poor kidney function. Mickaboo is cautiously optimistic that these two beautiful and distinctive looking birds can have a good quality of life but that will require ongoing veterinary care. Please help us give Flora and Precious the good lives that they deserve.


02/21/10 Flora and Precious have been adopted (smile)


Sonia Cleary Godwin  "For Yardley"

Austin crash-landed in somebody's back yard after being carried away by a hawk and fighting his way free! He is recovering from serious injuries that probably would have killed him if he didn't get prompt veterinary care. Austin is a fighter and his prognosis is good thanks to Mickaboo.


02/09/10 Austin has been adopted !
He has grown to like people, loves other cockatiels, and can sing for minutes at a time without stopping to breathe.


Donna C., Patricia G., Susan S.

Verdi has a self-mutilation habit which resulted in a large wound on his back, between his wings. Thus far in foster care, Verdi has responded well to behavioral redirection, socialization and dietary changes. He is a friendly bird who wants a lot of human companionship.


02/09/10 Update from Verdi's Foster Dad:
He is mellow, content, and his injury from chronic plucking has totally healed.


Susan Schnur

I was found outdoors, alone and injured a few weeks ago by a neighbor of Mickaboo's CEO. I had probably been attacked by a predator but nobody knows for sure. Mickaboo got me into an avian hospital where I was poked, prodded, stitched, then given a few days to heal and get my strength back. Now that's all behind me and I'm in a wonderful foster home.


Sunitha has been adopted by her Foster Mom (smile)



Sunny fell very ill suddenly and is under the care of an avian vet.  Please check back for updates.


We are happy to report Sunny is healthy and patiently waiting for his forever home while being fostered by wonderful people taking excellent care.


Angel:  "In honor of my Military Macaw, Lillie, who was adopted from Mickaboo
and is a cancer survivor".

Update from Pancho's Foster Dad:
Pancho is doing well




Buddy has been returned to Mickaboo and needs to see an avian vet.


Buddy has been diagnosed with a rare viral infection and is happy living in a very special foster home with other birds who are having the same problem. It looks like his current foster mom will be adopting this cute guy !


Max K.

Sabrina is dealing with hormonal issues that require regular Lupron injections which can be quite costly!


Sabrina has overcome her medical issues and doing great. She is still looking for the perfect forever home.


Rachel C.

Update from Alice's Foster Parents:
Alice is still hanging in there.  She still has cancer under her wing but we are trying to make her as comfortable as possible.  The vet said there is no telling how long she will survive.




Angels: Elizabeth Chien-Hale

Petey's mom was moving to a new apartment and she was concerned that Petey's loud and happy voice would cause problems there. She was going to take Petey to a shelter but Mickaboo stepped up and took him instead. Petey is sad about the changes in his life and this has affected his diet.


01/03/10 Petey has been adopted in a great home


Angels:   Candace Kubczak,
Milwaukee, WI and B. Broderick, Bear, Rohan & Tristan

Stephen is overweight and he has what is called a xanthoma on his wing. Because of this most of the flight feathers are gone from the wing. Whether they will grow back or not and whether or not his wing will heal without surgery are unknown at this point.


Brave little Stephen has found his perfect forever home after several losses and setbacks - congratulations and all the best for your future !


Angel: Susan Schnur

We were contacted by a shelter about a cockatiel with a droopy wing.  We picked him up and took him directly to an avian vet.  Deacon had an open compound fracture but our expert avian vets were able to re-set it without amputating any of his wing! Deacon will never be fully flighted again but otherwise he has fully recovered and is doing very well in foster care. We have a wonderful adopter lined up for him so he will be going to his forever home soon!


Deacon has been adopted by a wonderful couple as a companion for their cockatiel.


Angel:  Alina Huo, Hong Kong

Benjamin came into a local shelter.  He is terrified of hands; possibly an aviary bird who escaped.  The likelihood of him being adopted from the shelter is slim so they asked Mickaboo to take this little guy.


Benji has been adopted and joins Sydney, Clara & Caruso (below)!


Angel:  Anonymous

Sydney was rescued from a local shelter.  He has a wing that droops a bit and dried blood between his nares.  He will see an avian vet tomorrow.


Sydney has been adopted and joins the same flock as Clara & Caruso (below)!

Clara & Caruso

Angel:  Anonymous

Clara is 25 years old.  She and her companion Caruso were in a shelter and they asked it we'd take them.  Of course we will...a shelter is no place for a bird!  Or any animal for that matter.

Clara & Caruso

This lovely pair has been adopted by their foster mom!


Angel:  Alina Huo, Hong Kong

Sam was surrendered to us because his owner entered hospice.  He is missing his tail and is undergoing a diet change.   Update 7/26/09:  Sam doesn't perch well (splayed feet), he cannot fly, and he has no tail, so his balance is way off. He fell on his butt alot in his previous home; sometimes falling on the concrete!! He was treated for a scab on his pygostyle so we don't want that happening again. He is extremely tame and loves head scritches.


Sam has been adopted!  He moved to Southern California where he has a fabulous forever home.


Angels:  B. Broderick, Bear, Rohan &Tristan, Seattle, WA and Alina Huo, Hong Kong

Juno needs surgery for a laceration behind her vent and her owner could not afford.  Mickaboo took her in, she had her surgery and she is doing fabuous!


Juno has been adopted and is doing very well in her new home!


Angel:  Anonymous

Jamie was taken to one of our avian vets because she was thought to have a prolapse due to egg laying.  She is now in a foster home and is still under the care of an avian vet.  Jamie is on meds and will return to her vet for a follow up.


Little Jamie has been adopted!


Angel:  Anonymous

Bob injured a toe in his cage.  He may need surgery to amputate.  We will know more soon as we receive updates from his avian vet.


Bob is doing wonderful in his foster home.  Please click on his link to the left for an update on his progress.


B. Broderick, Bear & Rohan, Seattle, WA

Noah was found in the rain in a gutter.  He was taken to a vet immediately!


5/18/09:  Noah has been adopted by his foster mom & he joins a wonderful flock of cockatiels!

Mambo (formerly May)

Angel:  Anonymous

Owner surrender


4/9/09:  Mambo is in his foster home doing well.  He is learning pellets are a good thing and human hands aren't so scary after all!  He is wearing a collar in this picture but has had it removed and is doing great!


Angel:  V.H.

Stella was another shelter bird lucky enough to be resuced.  She is currently in a temp foster home & will be moving to her new foster home very soon!


4/8/09:  Stella has moved to her new foster home where she is doing well.  She is not too sure about humans but her foster family is working with her.  Stella has cockatiel friends in her foster home and enjoys their company.

Morrissey (formerly Jax)

Angel:  Jamie Henriksen, San Jose, CA

Morrissey was rescued from a pond store.  He was underweight and has an overgrown beak; probably limiting his food intake.


3/29/09:  Morrissey is being treated for some type of parasite.  His vets are still trying to figure out what it is.  He will be available for adoption soon.   Please check back for updates!


Archangel: Anonymous

Cozmo is a plucker and at times self-mutilates as you can see from her picture.  She will be seeing a vet very soon thanks to her Archangel.


2/27/09:  The hole in Cozmo's chest has healed completely and her feathers are starting to grow back!  Cozmo is ready to be adopted!


Guardian Angel: Susan S.

This cockatiel is currently on a stray hold at a shelter.  He seems to have an old wound/injury to one of his nares and is underweight (his keel bone can be felt).  We'd like to pull this little one from the shelter as soon as his stray hold is up.  Update 1/4/09:  Rowan is now in Mickaboo's care and will be seeing an avian vet in the next few days.


3/16/09:  From Rowan's foster dad:  " We just finished the 6 week Cipro treatment and 3 weeks of the nebulizer. He's been more active and friendly over the past few weeks. He's been more curious and playful; he'll now hop off my finger and play around, where before he'd just sit there. He even started whistling, which I hadn't heard before. His appetite is good as ever. Overall he seems much improved after the last round of treatment".


Guardian Angel:  Long Family of Concord

Omar was scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter because he and his buddy, Otto (below), were considered unmanageable by shelter workers; thanks to their Angels, we were able to rescue them!


4/8/09: Omar has blossomed in his foster home.  Click on the link to his story!


Guardian Angel:  Long Family of Concord

Otto was scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter because he and his buddy, Omar (above) were considered unmanageable by shelter workers; thanks to their Angels, we were able to rescue them!


 4/8/09:  Otto is recovering from surgery on his foot.  He is recovering well in his foster home while awaiting his forever home!

Peter Pan & Tinker Bell

Angel:  Ginny Becchine

This lovebird flock's owner is disabled & on a fixed income; therefore unable to care for them anymore.  Surrendered with Frosty & Holly (below).

Peter Pan & Tinker Bell

 3/5/09:  This cute duo has been happily adopted!

Frosty & Holly

Angel:  Ginny Becchine

This lovebird flock's owner is disabled & on a fixed income; therefore unable to care for them anymore.

Frosty & Holly

 4/8/09:  Frosty & Holly are waiting patiently for their forever home!


Angel:  Anonymous

Dali's companion sadly passed away and his owner was too heartbroken to take on another bird so Dali was surrendered to Mickaboo (same situation as Chunmun (below) but from a different family).


4/8/09:  Dali is doing well in his foster home.  He does have a lovie friend there but is still waiting for his forever home.

Crush (as in the orange soda!)

Angels:  Vinny, Jamie Henriksen, San Jose, CA

Guardian Angel:  Katie F. 

Crush was surrendered to a shelter by a man that had stuffed her into a cardboard box made to carry mice home from the pet store.  He was unwilling to pay the drop-off fee, but they waived the fee to save the bird.  They assumed a parakeet was in the box as it was so small.  Out came an orange-winged amazon.  Her feathers were sticking out all over the place with a few bare spots.  Her beak was so overgrown that she couldn't close it properly.  She was shaking terribly.


1/11/09:  From Crush's foster dad:  "After just over a month in foster care I am eating well, playing with all of my toys, climbing around my cage like a gymnast and enjoying the companionship of my foster family. And, day by day, all of my gorgeous, colorful feathers are growing back in and my fear of abandonment is going away. I'm a curious bird, and I love to be near people all the time so that I can watch them. I'm calm and gentle as Amazon parrots go, and will make a great addition to somebody's household -- maybe yours?"


Angel:  Anonymous 
Guardian Angel:  Susan, Yahoo! Meyers Parrot Group



 4/8/09:  From Flynn's foster mom: "She is becoming less "attacking" towards me, but is still not "cuddly" & is still frightened of hands.  She is a joy to watch.  I would love for her to find a home where she can be Flynn." 
Flynn is in a wonderful foster home that has been very patient with her.  She may do best in a home that will admire her from a far....and let her be a bird!


Guardian Angels:  Donna Cresswell, Heather in San Jose

Fletcher was in need of vet care for a bad eye.


1/10/09:  Fletcher is on the mend !


Guardian Angels:  Gerald & Trudy Gressley, San Jose, CA, Holly Wong

Mac was found several weeks ago by a realtor visiting a vacant property and had evidently been abandoned. The realtor has been feeding him in this empty home.  She has been able to determine that the former tenant does not want Mac.


 1/22/09:  Mac has been adopted!

Hancock (formerly Dolores)

Guardian Angel:  Suzanne Weller
Santa Cruz, CA

Injured member of the SF Wild Parrot Flock


4/7/09:  Hancock has been adopted along with Anza (below)!


Angel:  Jamie Henriksen, San Jose, CA

Injured member of the SF Wild Parrot Flock


4/7/09:  Anza has been adopted!


Angels:   Kevin in San Jose & Anonymous

Chunmun's companion sadly passed away and his owner was too heartbroken to take on another bird so Chunmun was surrendered to Mickaboo.


 3/28/09:  Chunmun has been adopted!


Angels:  Kevin in San Jose & Anonymous

Guardian Angels:
 Elizabeth Y.

Cozmo has been sick for the past year and a half that his owner has had him.  He has  discharge coming out his nares, runny droppings, sits fluffed all the time and  his right nare is bright pink and severely inflamed.  Cozmo needs to be seen by an avian vet immediately


 3/26/09:  Cozmo has been adopted by his foster mom!  She has scheduled a visit with her avian vet to find out the best course of action for Cozmo's health issues.


Angel:  Anonymous

Goblin was sitting in a shelter and decided not to eat in protest!  Well it worked; he is now at the vet.  Birds do starve themselves when stressed and we just could not take that chance!


12/9/08:  Goblin has settled into his new foster home just fine.  Now all he needs is a forever home!


Angel:  Anonymous

Alfie was surrendered to a vet because his owners could not afford the care he needs.  The vet contacted Mickaboo to see if we can take this little guy in. 


12/8/08:  Alfie is in a terrific foster home and has a newly approved adopter interested in him!  Hopefully he will receive the best Christmas gift ever....a forever home!


Angel:  Anonymous

Shani came into a shelter with an eye injury.  She had a procedure where her avian vet sutured the eyelid closed for a period of time in order to allow the eye to heal.  She will be monitored, medicated and re-evaluated after a period of time.  If the procedure works, she could regain use of the eye.  If not, she will have to undergo an enucleation (eye removal) as her current condition is not manageable


12/8/08:  Shani will indeed need to undergo an enucleation.  Her surgery is scheduled for 12/9/08.  Please think positive thoughts for Shani and check back for updates.  She has a loving foster home waiting for her upon release from the vet.


Angel:  CatsChair & The
Camp Chaos 'Tiels

Rowk was attacked by a hawk and taken to a local shelter.  He has two wounds in his head and one in his chest.  Rowk had surgery to clean out and close up the wound in his chest.


12/8/08:  From Rowk's foster dad:  "Rowk has an interesting personality.  He is absolutely adverse to any hands on him, but while in his cage he will engage me by whistling various types and sequences of sounds.  He will then change the sequences depending on how I answer him.  This goes on for up to 30 minutes at a time, along with some head bobbing and clacking sounds.  He also will occasionally use one of his feet to bring food to his mouth".  Rowk is ready for adoption!


Angel:  Kevin in San Jose

Due to stressful changes in his home, Gus has  plucked a hole in his chest


12/8/08:  Gus is doing well in foster care and is ready for adoption.
05/01/11: I have been adopted to a loving home !

Mauro & Cleo

Angel:  Anonymous, Vacaville, CA

Mauro & Cleo's owner moved and could not take them to the new residence.


12/8/08:  Mauro & Cleo are now in foster homes awaiting adoption.


Guardian Angels: Brent E. Palo Alto,
Honoring Mr. Spock & Alex  - Long Family, Concord

Jake is a very and affectionate Congo African Grey who came to Mickaboo for medical reasons.  He was diagnosed with a fungal disease called Aspergillosis, in which a fungus actually grows inside of his air sacs and lungs.  Asper can take a long time to eradicate, and he will be on meds for a minimum of 3 months.


Jake's health is not - and likely will not be cleared for a while.  Last vet checks indicated he needs treatment for 6-9 months and a recheck after that.  Jake's foster mom is planning on adopting him!


Archangel:  Anonymous

We were contacted by a wildlife organization who had taken in a tiel with a broken leg.  This tiel would have been euthanized if we did not take him immediately.  He is currently with a Mickaboo volunteer who will get him to the vet first thing tomorrow.  This is one of those situations where we cannot wait for an Angel!  But this little guy is still in need of one; will you please help him out??


10/29/08:  Casper has been adopted!  He has a long road ahead of him but he is in wonderful hands.


Angel: Gabe Hand
Guardian Angels: Mike Reed; Carol Cummings, in honor of Maeby, Jake, and Leelu
Victoria, BC Canada; Jan Ragan; Meg Richmond;  Tina G., East Palo Alto

Turned into shelter with mangled wing.  This guy is going to need several angels/sponsors!  The bill for setting or amputating a wing is much more than the $200 we require for intake........(sad)
Update 7/24:  Clipper had a compound fracture of her wing (single break, but it was through the skin). It is at least a few days old and the bone is infected.  She had surgery and the vet had to remove part of her elbow - so the joint may fuse as it heals.  She's going to need to be on intensive antibiotics for 5-6 weeks to be sure the bone infection heals totally.


10/29/08:  "Well, it looks like Clipper is able to climb and perch, at least on Comfy perches.  She and Anza are getting along great.  Anza is teaching her what foods to eat and even trying to feed her at times.  So far, she's gobbled up everything we've given her, including Harrison's coarse".


Angel:  Daniel Larsson

This budgie is sitting at a South Bay shelter with an injured wing.  He needs to see a vet asap!
Update 9/3/08:  A vet has confirmed that Hamton has a broken wing.  He will remain at the vet until well enough to go to a foster home.   Update 9/6/08:  Hamton has a compound fracture.  His vet is trying to close it, but he may have to have the wing amputated.


10/29/08:  "Hamton still has a sling on his wing.  The wound from the compound fracture has healed, but the vet said to keep the bandage on as long as possible (it's not covering the wound, just helping to hold up the wing.)  He will not be able to fly again, but he is an energetic little pipsqueak and will do fine.  He's eating a lot and wants OUT of his hospital carrier.  He'll graduate to a cage this weekend, I think".


Angel:  Kevin in San Jose

Annie was surrendered to a shelter by her owner.  The shelter called & asked if we could take Annie in asap.  Update 9/27/08:  Annie's Angel very generously offered to foster her short term so we could get her out of that shelter!


10/29/08:  Annie is now in her permanent foster home.  It has only been a few days so check back for an update on this little girl.


Angels:  Andrea Allen, Australia &   The Freiesleben Family from Germany

We were contacted by a shelter about this cockatiel.  His stray hold is up & they would like us to rescue this little guy.  Update 9/27/08:  A very kind volunteer rescued this little guy from the shelter.  He is now safe & sound!  He has been very quiet & is pretty scared but hopefully he will begin to settle in real soon.   He weighs only 78 grams but is eating so we should see an increase in weight soon.


10/29/08:  From Jeremy's foster mom:  "He is still very wary, but I am trying to eat breakfast and dinner with him and get him used to me.
He eats really well, and enjoys lettuce, rice cakes, and Nutri-an cakes.  He whistles up a storm, mostly when I'm not home to hear him".  Jeremy is ready for adoption.


Archangel:  V.H.

A nice woman found Gogo but could not keep him.   Update 9/28/08 from Gogo's foster dad:  "Gogo is here and already settled in. So far he seems healthy, happy, uber-mellow and ready to make friends. We had a whistling contest all the way home, which he won".


10/29/08:  Gogo was never claimed by his owner so he will make one lucky Mickaboo adopter very happy!  He is cheery, tame and very friendly.  Oh, and ready for adoption!

PB & Jay (formerly Castor & Pollux)

Brooke Moncrieff & Rob Rosensweig
Watertown, MA

Same as Brutus & Fritz (below).


10/29/08:  PB & Jay are now in their foster home.  They are ready for adoption. Please check back for a photo of these cute little budgies.

Brutus & Fritz

Kevin McCarthy & Elizabeth Chien-Hale

These two cockatiels and the two budgies listed above were left in the home of a person who was taken off to jail.  The birds were found by an acquaintance in covered, filthy cages with no food or water.  They are now under the care of an avian vet.


10/29/08:  Brutus & Fritz are still in quarantine but are settling in nicely in their foster home.  Their personalities are begining to shine through as they become more comfortable with their foster mom.  Brutus & Fritz are ready for adoption.


Angels:        B. Broderick, Bear & Rohan, Seattle, WA

Sara and Isaac (below) were abandoned at a pet clinic with a note saying that their owner was going through a divorce and could not keep them.


10/29/08:  Sara is in her new foster home where she has settled in nicely.  She is waiting patiently for her forever home.


Angels:        B. Broderick, Bear & Rohan, Seattle, WA

Same situation as Sara (above).  Isaac is a whiteface, 5 years old


10/29/08:  Isaac's foster mom says he is a big sweetie.  He is ready for adoption.


Angel:  MR

Lily has plucked a hole in her chest and needs immediate medical care.


10/29/08:  Lily has been treated for her medical condition and is in the process of being adopted!


Angel:  Kevin in San Jose

Gomez was found in the mouth of a cat.  The person who found him took him to an avian vet but cannot keep him.  The vet has asked if Mickaboo can take this little guy in.  Update 9/12/08:  Gomez is being released from the vet today!  He will go to his new foster home


10/2/08:  Gomez has settled into his foster home nicely and is ready for adoption.

Nakita (translates from the ancient Greek as "unconquerable")

Angel: Kevin in San Jose

Came into a shelter as a severely injured stray.  S/he lost a leg and has had surgery to repair the injury. Update 8/14/08:  Nakita is very very gentle and sweet -- even in horrible pain, s/he never bit hard, and turned to humans for comfort.
Update 8/19/08: Nakita is now able to stand on one leg.


10/2/08:  Nakita is now in her foster home.  She is still extremely scared but she is making progress, slowly!


Guardian Angels: Brian Sanders, Toulumne County 4H Club

Jeppetto came to Mickaboo with a large self-inflicted chest wound.  He is an incredibly sweet bird and has made great strides in his foster home.  He required stitches in his chest to close the wound and multiple additional follow-up vet visits.  His wound is now healed and his chest is feathered!


10/2/08:  Jepetto has been adopted!

Trinidad (formerly "Mario")

Angel:  The Freiesleben Family from Germany

Sick at a South Bay shelter.   Update 9/7/08:  Trinidad has been seen by a vet and is now in his foster home.


9/28/08:  Trinidad is doing great in his foster home.  He loves to look at that handsome bird in the mirror.  Trinidad is ready for adoption.


Angel:  Anonymous

According to the shelter, Garbo did not pass their "tests" and found her to be unfriendly and unadoptable.  For this reason, she was scheduled to be euthanized.  Normally we need an Angel previous to taking a bird in.  But this was an extreme emergency and we had to step in immediately to save this little girl's life. 


9/28/08:  Garbo is doing well in her foster home.  From her foster mom:  "If you talk to her, she chirps and squeaks and carries on a conversation.  You just have to keep your hands to yourself".  Garbo is ready for adoption. 

Romeo & Juliet

Angel:  Susan, Yahoo! Meyers Parrot Group

Guardian Angel:  Martha K.

Same as Moe & Curly (below).

Romeo & Juliet

9/24/08:  Romeo & Juliet are pretty wild & will probably do best in an aviary situation.  Until they find their forever home, they are safe & sound in their foster home.

Moe & Curly

Angel:  In Honor of Ginger, Long Family, Concord

Current owners are moving and cannot take all their birds with them.

Moe & Curly

9/24/08:  Moe & Curly have been seen by a vet and are in their new foster home.  Good husbandry and a diet change are in order for these two but their future looks bright! 


Angels:  For the love of Simmie & in support of Nancy and Maria... for all that they do for 'tiels; Kevin in San Jose

Found as a stray.  This little girl is obviously someone's lost pet...very friendly!  The kind person who found her has posted "Found" fliers around her neighborhood with no response so far. 


9/24/08:  Tess is doing quite well  in her foster home.  From Tess's foster mom:  "She's really just the perfect little birdie---what a great temperament; and she just *loves* to be around people".  Tess is ready for her forever home.


Angel:  Chloe

Diego was at a shelter suffering from scaly face mites.


9/24/08:  Diego was lucky enough to be adopted by one of the vet tech's who cared for him at the hospital.


Archangel: Chloe

Found by the side of the road near Placerville.


9/17/08:  Bogie was given a clean bill of health and is ready for adoption.


Angel:  Kevin in San Jose

DeeDee was found as a stray. She's a skinny 72 grams so she was found just in time!


9/17/08:  DeeDee is now in a permanent foster home.  Her weight is slowly climbing.  Her foster dad is working on socialization by having her step up and hang out on his shoulder.  DeeDee is ready for adoption!


Kathleen Reding

Dizzy came into the shelter with an injured beak and bloody "nose".


9/17/08:  Dizzy was seen by a vet, treated and viral tested.  He is a healthy little guy.  He is still a bit underweight but his foster mom is working on getting him to be a better eater.  Dizzy loves to have his cage positioned in front of a window so he can look out and daydream about his new forever home.  He is ready for adoption!

Agni  (means "fire" in Sanskrit)

Angels:  Anonymous, Ms. Mary

Owner was unhappy with this bird and wanted to set it free, but instead, they went out and bought a hand-raised baby bird, put that bird in Agni's cage and put Agni in a cardboard box without food and water.


9/9/08:  Here's an update from Agni's foster mom~ "He is a very sweet boy. He steps-up well onto my finger when he is out of his cage. He is a little afraid when I put my hands inside his cage for step-up. But, he does not bite (I do not think he even knows how to bite). However, he gently takes peanuts from hand when he is inside or out. He knocks on his cage door/bars when he wants to come out of his cage. It is very cute when he does that. He is a quiet bird, especially for a ringneck".
As you can see, Agni loves his showers!  He is ready for adoption.

Ed & Frieda

Angels: Chloe, Gabe Hand

16 year old brother and sister owned by an elderly person who, even with coaching from animal care and control, was unable to care for them.  No out of cage time, possible metal toxicity issues, poor diet.


9/7/08:  Ed & Frieda have been seen by a vet, rechecked & are ready for adoption!


Angels:  Martha K., Kathleen Reding

Maxi and Joey were in the same predicament. 


9/7/08:  Maxi's foster mom says she is doing extremely well.  She is very comfortable with her foster mom and is very sweet.  She eats well, attempts to talk, and does a great conure screech.  And best of all, Maxi is ready for adoption!


Sarah in honor of
all my Mickaboo Blue Crown Conures that have changed my life for the better.
Thanks Mickaboo!

Joey's elderly caretakers were foreclosure victims.  They are currently living in a motel and couldn't take Joey and their other bird Maxi.


9/7/08:  Joey is in a loving foster home doing very well.  He is ready for adoption & waiting for his forever home!

Lancelot & Guinevere

Guardian Angels:  Arlene R. and Pickle, in honor of Max's return, Seattle, WA.

Three cockatiels were seized in a neglect/abuse situation.  They are all in very poor condition.  Bellina is listed below.

Lance & Guin

9/2/08:  Lance & Guin are ready for adoption.  They are still wary of humans and will need a patient human to work on socialization with them.


Archangels: Joe and Lisa in Fresno

Libby was lucky enough to be found as a stray by a wonderful  couple in Fresno who immediately took her to the vet.  In addition to being Libby's rescuer, they are also her angels!


8/26/08:  Libby is ready for adoption.  She loves being around other cockatiels and will do best in a home where she can have other tiel friends.


Angel: Chloe

Guardian Angels: Greg and Laura Leib, Schenectady, NY

Val was rescued with The Jetson's, a flock of aviary tiels whose owner was being evicted and was planning on leaving the door to the aviary open when he left his home for the last time.  Val was found seriously injured at the bottom of the aviary, unable to walk, perch or fly.


8/26/08:  Val has recovered and can perch!  She will be released from the vet and is ready for a foster, or better yet, adoptive home!   9/7/08:  Valiant has been adopted~ the last of the 12 aviary whitefaces that Mickaboo rescued!


Angel: The companions of Buddy, Wookie, and Jingenstein 

July came into a South Bay shelter with bloody cuts across both wings.  The shelter staff thought she might have flown into a wire.


8/26/08:  July was taken to a vet immediately and has recovered nicely.  We think she may have escaped from an aviary as she is very "wild" and afraid of humans.  July will be joining the same aviary that Kafka is going to!


    G.  Caspersen

Found as a stray with a bite wound on her wing.


8/26/08:   Rilla has recovered well and is in a terrific foster home that is working on socialization with her.  She is ready for adoption!  9/7/08:  Rilla has been adopted (big grin)


Archangel:  Kevin in San Jose

Found as a stray in Vacaville


8/26/08:  Pina has seen a vet, is healthy and ready for adoption.  She is in a wonderful foster home where she enjoys hanging out with other cockatiels.


Archangel:  Josette M., San Francisco

Owner surrender with plucking issues.


8/26/08:  Mojave is in the process of being adopted.  Please check back for an update and new picture!


Archangel:  Kevin in San Jose

Leena has an unusual relationship with a cockatiel.  She and her cockatiel buddy were owner surrendered to a shelter.  Leena has an infected eye that needs treatment.


8/26/08:  Leena & her buddy Kip have been separated and both are doing very well in their foster homes.  Leena has recovered and is doing better than we ever expected.  She is now available for adoption!


Archangel:  VH

This cockatiel is at the Martinez shelter waiting for an Angel and a foster home.  It is critical that we pull this bird from the shelter asap in order to spare his life!
Update 7/30/08:  We can't stand to leave birds in shelters!  We picked up this little guy yesterday.   "He is alert, curious, scared, has a very pretty face, and is a bit thin based on palpate of keel bone."


8/26/08:  Kafka will be joining an aviary owned by one of our wonderful volunteers!


Angels:  Anonymous, Ameeta - For the love of Simmie  San Mateo, CA  

We were contacted by the humane society because Shelby had been attacked by a cat.


8/26/08:  Shelby has been adopted by one of the vet tech's who cared for her where she was treated.


Angel:  Heather Hohlowski

Guardian Angel:  Alexandra B., San Jose, CA

Tina was part of a large flock of budgies surrendered due to the owner's health problems.  She has laid eggs almost continuously and suffered a prolapse.  It was surgically repaired, and the repair also failed.


8/14/08: Tina has recovered from her surgery and seems to be feeling well.  She is well established in the heirarchy in a cage with 4 other girl budgies.  She is also tame and very friendly -- curious, and calm at the same time.  I hope we find her a home where people can spend time with her.


Angel: Heather Hohlowski

Chip was the cagemate of severely mite-infested Letty/Lex.


8/14/08: Chip is also fully recovered from her bout with scaly mites.  It's funny, we apparently had the gender wrong on both Chip and Letty/Lex.  Chip is in the same cage with Tina, and also seems to be enjoying the company.  The girls are all adjusting their expectations about who gets to sit on the end of which perch, who sits on the swing and who sits on top of the swing, etc.


Angel: Chloe

Gelato was retrieved from an aviary where he was unable to perch.  He is splay legged and probably has fractures as well.


8/5/08:  Gelato has been adopted by a vet tech at the hospital where he and Val were treated.


Archangel: Loreli

Rafe was in a South Bay shelter very thin and obviously ill.


Rafe has a new adoptive home and is fully recovered  (tongue)


Gabe Hand

Found by a Mickaboo volunteer in Merced with two wounds on his head.


Merced is doing fantastic.  Well the back of his head is still bald, but he doesn't know it.  He and Bee have been living together for several days now, and he sings every day, they preen each other every day, and cuddle together every night.  He tried to build a nest for Bee out of the live wheat grass that I give them, but of course I had to stop it because the last thing we need is little Bees and Merceds running around.


J. Baird, Anonymous

Maisie was at a shelter with a severely overgrown beak that was beginning to affect her ability to eat.  Update:  Maisie has multiple health issues


7/6/08:   Maisie has been adopted!  From her new mom:
"Maisie is improving a lot. Her feathers look so much better and I even see some new ones grow in where she had bold spots before. She is on Lactulose Milkthistle to support her liver and also on Biocardio for her heart. Hopefully she will have an Ultrasound done this month. This might give us a better idea on what else could be wrong and we can focus better on how to medicate her accordingly.Maisie is still shy but we are working on that - she even steps up sometimes when she is out for playtime with the flock". 

Letty (now Lex!)

Elizabeth Chien-Hale

The worst case of scaly face mites we've ever seen. 


It appears that Letty is completely cured.  As you can see from the latest picture (below) all of the bare spots have filled back in with feathers.  There are still a lot of quills on her head, but she seems to be feeling fine.

It also appears, from the blue coloring on "her" cere, that Letty will have to be renamed "Lex"!


Heather Hohlowski

Stray who was at a South Bay shelter for a month before we could spring him.  Missing tail and head feathers - possibly from an attack.


Zipper was adopted without using his angel money, so Heather's donation will go to the next needy bird.


Elizabeth Chien-Hale

Freddy was at a South Bay shelter and had a laceration over his eye. 


6/21/08:  Freddy was adopted 6/21/08.  Here's the latest from his adoptive home:
"Freddy loves to sit on shoulders--very quiet except when you aren't visible to him. A very gentle and sweet bird."


 Martha K., Dizzy, Scooter and Gil, In memory of Cinny J. Byrd

Penelope was rescued from a shelter and taken to a vet immediately to be treated for a gash in her head so deep her skull could be seen.


8/28/08:   Penelope has been adopted (smile)


Kathleen Reding, For love of our Pancha Villa -Long Family, Concord, Maria G. 

She was found as a stray and was most likely a breeder.  Mickaboo takes very seriously our goal to place our birds in the environment that suits their best interests.   In Madison's case, she will do best in the company of other birds, not humans!


We are so happy to announce that Madison has been accepted into the Oasis Sanctuary in Arizona!  She will make this move in September after extensive medical testing (big grin)

Merry & Pippen

 T. W. in memory of Peridot, and for Isaac, Pulsipher & Ming-Ming's

Merry and Pippen were surrendered to us because they have scaly face mites -- nasty little critters that burrow into the soft tissue around their beaks.  This makes the beak grow into a distorted shape, and causes the crusty build-up around their faces.  It is painful and eventually the birds cannot use their beaks to eat, and they die.

Merry & Pippen

6/11/08:  Merry & Pippen have fully recovered and have been adopted!  From their foster mom:  "I can see their beaks beginning to take on that rich, deepening color of a healthy beak.  I can see that these girls have come a very long way before they came home to me.  I am continuing their care, these smart little birds who can so easily be disregarded...which is one of the main reason I wanted to offer a home to Merry & Pippen.

Haight & Ashbury

Ellen in Orinda,  Jody & Chris in Lafayette

Haight was a member of the wild parrot flock in San Francisco and was attacked by a hawk.  S/he had a serious injury right where her/his beak attaches.  Thanks to great veterinary intervention, it looks like Haight's beak will be saved!   

Haight & Ashbury

7/5/08:  Hooray!  Haight and Ashbury have been adopted (tongue)


E. & T. in Sausalito

Turkey was found at Petsmart covered in blood as he had mutilated his back and nearly died from blood loss.  We are not sure why he self mutilates but Turkey has been adopted by a wonderful volunteer who is determined to resolve his issues, even if it means surgery to ensure his comfort.


 6/25/08:  Fantastic news!  Turkey has been adopted!


Greg & Laura Leib, Schenectady, NY and
Andrea Allen, Australia

Bellina was seized in an abuse case and taken to an East Bay shelter along with two other cockatiels.  Bellina has a cracked and overgrown lower beak that makes eating very difficult.  She also has anomalies in her feet that make it difficult for her to perch.


7/12/08:  How wonderful!  Bellina has been adopted!


Kevin in San Jose

At shelter; lethargic and extremely underweight.


8/5/08:  Hooray for Nora~ she's been adopted!



Owned by an elderly person who was no longer able to care for him.  No out of cage time, possible metal toxicity issues, poor diet.


8/7/08:  Tom is ready for adoption.


Angels: Patty Blau in honor of Gertie, Nancy Powell in honor of Gertie and Patty

A homeless person in Oakland saw Kramer looking for food in a street gutter.  He knocked on the nearest door and said, "Hey Lady, I think one of your birds got out".  Fortunately, she was able to catch Kramer. 


8/9/08:  Kramer is ready for adoption!

The Jetson's

Angels: Jim Stone, Saratoga; Maggie Rufo

The owner of the birds contacted us on the day (7/29) that he was being evicted from his home.  He intended to open the door of the aviary and let the tiels out before leaving his home. Val and Gelato (pictured on the Angels home page)  were unable to perch and we rushed them to the vet.

The Jetson's

 8/9/08:  Six of the 10 aviary cockatiels have found their forever home with a wonderful Mickaboo volunteer who has an aviary!


Angels: Sheri & Dave Perez, Oakland, CA

In an East Bay shelter and they're unable to continue to keep him.


Thanks to Sheri and Dave, we're going to be able to send this guy to the sanctuary!  We're working on the transport side of things right now.
Update 7/26/08:  Peaches went to his new home at a sanctuary in Washington today!











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