MickaBlog Blog from Feb 12, 2014

Mickaboo has raised just shy of $12K (inclusive of matching funds) from 96 of you, our supporters.  THANK YOU so much!  That amount will allow us to help at least 60 birds and their needy surrenderers.

If you're just reading your email after putting in a hard day's work... how would you like a feel-good moment?  Head to http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/rescue-unwanted-and-abandoned-companion-birds/ and join your colleagues in kickstarting our Benevolent Fund, to help needy third-party surrenders with our new (and necessary) surrender fees.

Again, thank you all SO very much.

Thanks to over 60 of you, Mickaboo now has $9,730 in combined donations and matching funds.  Wouldn't it be great to get to $10,000?  That would allow us to help *at least* 50 birds and their surrenderers - about 1/8 to 1/6 of the birds we usually take in annually. 

Help us get there - there's still $35K in matching funds left!  Go to http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/rescue-unwanted-and-abandoned-companion-birds/  today!

The GlobalGiving bonus money is flowing out really slowly (comparatively speaking) today.  There is still about $45K left of the $75K we started with! 

Let's use it up!  If you have some spare change behind the sofa or under your birds' cages, now is an excellent time to help needy surrenderers get their birds into Mickaboo - and have your money go further in the bargain!  Give at


Many THANKS to the 40 supporters who have given so far - won't you consider joining them? 

Send comments or questions to pr@mickaboo.org.

GlobalGiving's Bonus Day has begun!  Please consider donating now (before matching funds run out!) toward this new Benevolent Fund, at Mickaboo's GlobalGiving page.  Matching funds may run out as early as 7 am Pacific (10 am Eastern)! 

Please send questions to pr@mickaboo.org.Thank you for considering helping pet birds and their surrenderers in this way.