MickaBlog Blog from October, 2013

YOU Did It!


THANKS to the dozens of you who gave during GlobalGiving's October 23 Bonus Day, we earned a total of $24K toward our foster flock's vet bills.  Your collective funding will go far toward our being able to lift the moratorium and help more birds like those featured on our Angel page.

Read more about our rescue activities YOU enable in our Fall Newsletter.  Our birds and our volunteers appreciate your spirit and generosity.



Matching gift funds (a little over $3000) are still available!  Go to this page if you meant to give and haven't yet, thinking it was too late.  It's NOT! 

As of right now, 112 of you have donated to us through GlobalGiving's donation page.  That astounding number puts us in the running to win an ADDITIONAL $1000 bonus for having the most donors today.  Would you help us win that bonus money?  It only takes $10, GlobalGiving's minimum donation amount.

Every bit counts, and every bit will get us closer to being able to lift the moratorium.  THANK YOU all for your support - our birds and volunteers really, really appreciate it.



GlobalGiving's BONUS Day begins at 6 am Pacific on Wednesday, Oct 23!  Please give NOW to use this 30% matching gift opportunity before matching funds run out, using this GlobalGiving donation page.  (We recommend you donate in the 6am-7am Pacific timeframe for the best chance of having your donation matched.)

Ultimately, Mickaboo's mission is to enhance the quality of life for birds who come through our doors.  Mickaboo directly serves over 1000 birds annually, and many more indirectly through the dozens of bird care classes and other public events in which we participate throughout the year.

Would you help us help more birds, like the one shown here, and like the ones in our Angel program due to their extensive medical needs?

Important Note

If the GlobalGiving donation page shows that matching funds have run out, please help us minimize our donation transaction processing costs and donate in these ways instead:

  • Send a check to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, PO Box 697, San Jose, CA  95106
  • Donate online via Network for Good

Our birds and our volunteers will appreciate your generosity at this time.  Please send any questions to donations@mickaboo.org