MickaBlog Blog from April, 2010

EVERY little bit counts!

Mickaboo's recent newsletter described the plight of Pierre the dove, and asked our readers to help fund a surgical procedure to help him walk again.  Among the many kind and generous responses we received was a handwritten note from the young sons of a MickaCoo supporter.  It said this:


My brother and I have been collecting plastic bottles and cans to earn money.  This time we raised $22!  My mom said she would double our money if we gave it to someone who needs it.  We would like to give it to you to help pay for the foot surgery on your dove.  We hope you and monkey can come visit us again soon.

Love, Oliver and Elliott


We are moving forward with the surgery and will give you an update on the results when we can!  To learn more about how you can help other birds in our foster flock, see "How to Help" and the MickaCoo site.

Mickaboo inspires

We recently received an email from a woman living in India, and thought we would share it (with just a bit of editorial help) with you as an example of how one person can make a difference:

I live in India and I am really amazed by this organisation's dedication towards birds. A big salute to the volunteers of this organisation..
I made a very good friend through this organisation. Her name is "Virginia". She is the reason I now have adopted five birds: four cockatiels and a budgie here in India who have filled my life with so much love and happiness. It's because of her motivation and guidance that I am able to take care of them. Her extra efforts motivated me thousands of miles away to educate people around me as much as I can. She helped me and a few others through me know that they are not 'just a bird'. They are more than that.

Thank you Mickaboo and Virginia. You sure are touching and saving lives even outside USA. GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU..

Warm and kind regards


See our "how to help" tab to see the many ways you too can make a difference.

'Tis the season for the birds and the bees "to do their thing".  Our friends at Wildcare have shared a quick-reference document which you may use if you should find a wild baby bird seemingly in the wrong place.  Enjoy!

Read about some of Mickaboo's volunteers' exploits, and learn about how birds see, in our just-published newsletter!

If after reading this newsletter, you would like to help us continue our mission, visit our How to Help page.

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Come and see some of our birds up for adoption at this fair celebrating Earth Day!  We will also have pet bird toys available for purchase - all proceeds benefit Mickaboo!