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Sharing a remembrance from one of our volunteers:

I will always remember Mimi (a cockatiel with no feet) who was having her bandages changed.  I was helping the owner this particular time and Mimi was balancing on the table with only one "foot" done.  She grabbed my hand with her beak and held on just hard enough to keep her balance.  It was wonderful to be of service to such a wonderful little girl!  Especially since I am such a big chicken (no offense to our fowl feathered friends!) when it comes to getting bit.  She knew it too and was very careful not to scare me.  Not having hands, she used what she had.


Having a special bird in your life adds its another perspective to one's view of the world.  We have several birds with varying special needs seeking permanent homes.  See them here - maybe you can be that special person they're seeking!

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