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Welcome to the index page for The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Companion, our quarterly newsletter.  Here you will find links to past issues filled with useful information and news about the birds and events you help support.
You will find articles on home safety, yummy recipes for both you and your birds, stories with happy endings, as well as some beautiful pictures of some very special birds.
Happy Reading!

Past Issues:

October 2008:

Feature Story:         Howard, the Handsome Hawaiian
Angel Program:      Intake Suspension Lifted
Another Miracle:    The Jetsons
Tips and Tricks:     Seed Moths and Grain Beetles
Bird Recipes:          Nutri-Nuggets
Hazards:                   In the Kitchen

January 2009:

Feature Story:         Ellie, The Priceless
Angel Program:      Waiting For An Angel
Another Miracle:    The Rogue's Gallery
Tips and Tricks:     Protect Your Floors - Food Flinger Prevention
Bird Recipes:          Birdie Super Bread
Family Recipes:      Apple Crisp
Hazards:                   Lead and Zinc - In The Home

April 2009:

Feature Story:         Calloway, and All That Jazz
Angel Program:      Waiting For An Angel
Another Miracle:    The Rogue's Gallery - A Complete Success!
Tips and Tricks:     Help! My bird has escaped and is in the trees!
Bird Recipes:          Claudia's Birdie Breakfast Frittata
Family Recipes:      Tortellini Salad
The Medicine Cabinet:      Exercise and The Perch Potato
Hazards:                   Windows, Doors and Skylights
Avian Humor:          Love At First Bite - a poem of love
Toys for Enrichment:      Foraging Cages for a Busy Beak

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