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Although we do everything we can for birds we take in, some of them are too ill or too injured to recover.   We like to think that even those who are with us a short time, leave this world knowing they were loved and cared for.

The following birds have become real Angels.





Mickaboo Angels


Giorgio is a younger bird with an injured foot. A vet determined that he has gout likely caused by kidney failure. He receives subcutaneous fluids 3 times a day to flush out his kidneys and goes in for vet treatments each week. Another vet has found a  mass near his kidneys. Giorgio will require extensive medical treatment for the remainder of his life. Hopefully we will be able to get him to a stage where he can live comfortably and enjoy being a bird without too much handling.

Giorgio passed away during the 2013 holidays due to kidney faliure.

Ginny Becchine

Cloud has ongoing problems that most likely started with reproductive issues. She has fluid that builds up in her belly that needs to be drained frequently. She has also started having seizures and has some foreign matter in her belly that may be egg shell.

Cloud passed away during the 2013 holidays due to kidney failure in spite of daily fluid injections and meds. She will be missed.

Mike Stone Barbara Broderick of Seattle, WA!

Lucky is a Maxmillian Pionus that was surrendered to Mickaboo because his owners could not afford vet care. He has been in intensive care since his arrival. He is very thin, weak, cannot perch on his own, and X-rays also show broken tail bone likely the result of repeated falls. He also has a severe fungal infection call Aspergillosis. Because the infection was not properly treated, Lucky developed cysts on his air sacs (birdie lungs.) He was sick for several months before coming to Mickaboo and has been brave since he arrived.




Tad is a blue front amazon that flew into someone’s yard. They considered keeping him because he was a nice bird. However, they surrendered him to an animal shelter when they realized he had health problems. Mickaboo has paid for his veterinary care. He has a prolapse and papilloma. The papilloma is a contagious and incurable virus. However birds can live for years with papilloma. They are not considered adoptable as they require expensive surgery during their lifetime to remove tumors associated with the disease.We are in desperate need of donations towards Tad's vet care.

9/23/2013 Tad passed away today.

Thank you Campbell Soup Foundation and Kathie Taylor
TorieAfrican Grey

Torie was taken in Aug 2013 and was very very sick with Aspergillosus. Her veterinarian and foster parent did everything they could to regain her health and she had some good moments. She was young and very sweet and her story is very sad. She will be missed.

9/17/2013 Torie went to the rainbow bridge today after battling Aspergillosus for an unknown length of time.

Torie was with us for so short of a time that she has no angels but donations in her memory can be made at, how to help, donate.

Posey is a very tame, very young, sweet budgie hen who was dropped off at an animal shelter with multiple fractures to her leg. As you can see, it was amputated and she is now on the mend.

Heidi Glogowski In memory of Taffy, Cookie and Joey.

Perci the patagonian conure is an old man with heart disease, arthritis, obvious plucking issues, past mutilation issues. He was kept in a small round cage with no toys and a single perch for 30 years. He is almost completely blind and very underweight. He was loved but improper diet and care led to mutilating and screaming behaviors. He was surrendered to Mickaboo after his person passed away and so he was depressed as well as medically ill. He came in very untrusting and was too weak to do more than dent skin when biting his foster parent for simply giving him food or water. He had to be put on medications and it was an ordeal. He has made a lot of progress and now enjoys his foster parent's company and seeks attention, steps up, no longer bites and now only requires meds once a day. He has gained weight and adapted a better diet but is still underweight. He requires special perches due to his blindness. He does still have screaming episodes but they have DRASTICALLY reduced.

7/17/2013 - Perci passed away in his foster parent's arms today. He came to Mickaboo a year ago and received excellent care and tremendous amounts of love. He will be missed very much.

Heidi Glogowski  In memory of Taffy, Cookie and Joey.



Francisco is a sweet moluccan cockatoo that came to Mickaboo when the owner could not afford the vet care needed to find out why he no longer had use of his legs. About six months prior to Francisco coming to Mickaboo he was starting to have balancing issues. The owner could not afford the tests at that time so they took him home hoping for improvement. By the time they brought Francisco back to the vet, he no longer had use of his legs and was resting on his keel (breast) bone 24/7. To help take some pressure off of Francisco's chest the vet made him a hammock with holes for his feet helping him to breathe better. After weeks of testing it has been determined that most likely Francisco has PDD due to the fact that he has tested positive for avian Borna Virus and no other tests have determined the cause for his lack of mobility. PDD is a terminal disease.




Greetings, Sabrina here. I came to Mickaboo from a shelter. I am another special needs girl who has no use of her legs. I can't perch or walk and my wings are damaged due to an old injury. My foster mom says I am a snuggle bug. She also thinks I am very bright and content with my living situation on a soft cushioned towel with lots of yummy food. I did not eat at the shelter for a few days, guess I just did not like being there. The Vet took blood and ran some other tests. He told me I am skinny and will need lots of TLC. I guess I lucked out after all.

Thank you Dr. Nguyen. Also Melanie and Hootie and Alina Huo



Hello, I'm Belle a sweet, beautiful girl who had to get hospitalized after an injury in my left leg gave me some major trouble. I kept falling off my perches and that made it even worse. Right now I'm not able to move around much. The Vet is trying to find out the cause of my problems which seem to be rather complex. Please help me by making an Angel donation mentioning my name ! I will keep you posted on my recovery.
Belle passed away peacefully today. She had several seizure like episodes and forgotten how to eat and drink on her own. Even several tube feedings and fluid injections every day over the past week could not save her. You will always go on in our hearts sweet girl !

Susan Schnur and Scruffy and Rhonda Bennon



Today is my 30th day of survival. I  don’t even know how I managed to live in this world the few weeks that I did without proper care. Each day is a struggle. Something went wrong with my little body when I hatched. There was no room inside me to eat and I couldn’t even release my droppings. My foster mom held me every night and massaged my legs to make me more comfortable. I just closed my eyes and cried. I not only have a deformed spine but my right knee is dislocated and the leg is bent backwards. Mom had to use towel wrapping to stop my leg from swinging toward my face and keep my body upright so that I don’t roll over. Just before the New Year my whole body was shaking, I panicked and nearly passed out. My foster mom thought I was dying but I made it through the night using my sweet little voice and eyes to tell her that I really wanted to live as I am a survivor. She called Mickaboo that night and took me to an emergency avian vet. Since then, under my doctor’s care, I am feeling much better with each new day. My G-I tract is moving and I am even gaining some weight! Every day I show my vet how I want to stand on my feet and that I want to walk. The doctor feels he can fix my leg as he has helped other birds like me.
with great sadness we had to let Muriel fly over the Rainbow Bridge last night. She was a brave little baby cockatiel who tried so hard to live and get better but sometimes it is just not meant to be. Muriel will go on in our hearts.

Susan Schnur and Linda Levey in loving memory of LuLu, Captain and Babe



Greetings - I'm brand new to MickaCoo, in fact, I just arrived at the Vet today after being at a shelter for several days unable to stand up and walk. Even though I look pretty content in my picture I feel rather awful. I got invaded by feather lice and most likely have a serious back injury. X-rays will show more and after a good clean up, medication and supportive care I'm hoping to recover eventually.
Calista passed away today. She had a severe case of metabolic bone disease causing her blood to get very thick and hemoconcentrated. She will always be cherished by the people who cared for her and love her.




Cary was rescued from a household that couldn't afford his veterinary bills. He's a handsome and alert bird but he has a few obvious signs of illness. Most notably, his very loose droppings could be from megabacteria, some other infection or kidney problems. Cary is young and strong and we are optimistic for a complete recovery, but he may require a lot of treatment to get there. Obviously we want to get him started on that as soon as possible, so he's going to the Vet first thing tomorrow for an exam and blood work.So far in foster care, Cary is eager to be around people and enjoys trying new food. In just over 24 hours he has gone from a seed-only diet to eating Harrison's pellets, Nutri-an cakes, and greens. This guy wants to take good care of himself!
After a long, brave fight Cary passed away today. He will be sadly missed and never forgotten !

Martha Kudlacik and Susan Schnur



Aubrey is an older Amazon. She is the sweetest, most cuddly bird her foster mom has ever met. Aubrey was taken in from a local shelter and immediately needed medication for sinus and eye infections. For a few weeks, Aubrey was in the clear, then suddenly she crashed. She was having seizure or stroke like symptoms and had trouble breathing. She spent the night at the emergency on oxygen and was transferred to her avian vet in the morning. Aubrey is still not stable enough for many diagnostic testing but the doctors are thinking she is suffering from heart disease. Aubrey has a long road ahead of her hopefully and is need of Angel Funding. Can you please help this sweet older gal out?
sadly Aubrey lost her fight for life. We will miss her....




This poor baby pi
geon arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley only 4 weeks old but very ill. Shelter staff contacted MickaCoo and volunteers sprung into action to help her. She was picked up the very next day and transported for avian vet care. Another volunteer made a special trip to bring in a mirror so that the baby would have the comfort of a familiar face. Erika seemed to respond to the treatment and TLC and was brighter. Unfortunately all this care came too late and she died.Tragically, this is not an isolated incident. Baby king pigeons, raised in factory farm conditions, are often sick when they are taken from the nest at the age of only 28 days to be sold for meat. If they aren't butchered and are instead released into the wild, they suffer terrible fates, and even the "lucky" few that make it to a shelter or rescue often die this way. If this pigeon had been treated with compassion, she could have grown up to be a smart, unique bird and lived a happy life. Instead her body is being sent to UC Davis for a necropsy in the hopes we can learn more about how to help the next sick baby king pigeon that needs our help. To learn more about king pigeons or to donate towards Erika's expenses, please visit




Katy was surrendered to Mickaboo from a loving home that just no longer had the time for her. She was spending a lot of time in her cage and not getting the exercise and interaction she once had.  Since she arrived as a foster she's been an absolute pleasure to have around. She's always up for spending a little time with the family watching TV, watching me work or cuddling. We started getting a little concerned that maybe Katy wasn't quite right. She was very inactive, maybe too easy for a cockatoo weak in the legs, but we were very concerned when she was wheezing one morning, so off to the Vet she went. Katy hasn't been able to return home yet. She's still sick in the hospital for treatment and more testing.
Please consider this sweet girl for a donation to pay part of her substantial medical bill.
02/05/11 Update:
The ultrasound was done today and Baby has in infection around her heart.It's been building for some time now and was probably the result of another infection that went untreated.The vet is very guarded on her full recovery. Part of the infection could break off and cause a stroke and it's going to be a long recovery in the best circumstance.
We are very sorry to report that Katy was too sick to hang in there. She received the best possible medical care but it was too late. Rest in peace sweet girl !

Carolyn Debuse and Candace Ruelas



Peanut had been acquired by a pet store in November. Shortly after, the staff noticed he was making strange wheezing noises while breathing. He was taken to a vet but medicating a canary is an issue for busy employees. So, Peanut got surrendered to Mickaboo where he will get extensive vet care and will most likely be on meds for quite some time for his raspiratory problems.
Peanut was too sick to survive. We lost this little guy today despite all our efforts to save him.




Sepa has been in the care of a woman who inherited her 10 years ago.  In the last couple of months she's started having head shakes which the vet wasn't able to identify.  After many tests, which came back negative, her owner no longer could afford to get her care - but was unwilling to have Sepa put down.  She feels that until the cause is identified, there's a chance that the problem can be cured or at least controlled so that Sepa can continue to live. So she surrendered Sepa to Mickaboo to give her that chance.
We are very sorry to report Sepa passed away today. She put up a brave fight but was too sick to stay. You will be missed sweet girl !

Rhonda Bennon



Dewey was purchased in Feb. 2010 from the Round Up Pet Store.
Apparently he already had two other homes prior to the loving home he found in February and got returned because he "wasn't active enough".  Although he looked bad his new mom could tell he wasn't receiving good care and attributed his bad feather condition to that.He was housed in a triple stacked parrot cage on the bottom where he got no natural sunlight and was probably stressed to the max by all the people and their pets walking by as they shopped for food and supplies.It was actually very hard to even tell there was a bird in the cage because he was perched up high in the back of the cage. Even with sunlight and a diet of fresh vegetables and fruits along with his pellets he started looking worse. In September she took him to the vet and found he had e-coli for which he was treated. In October he tested positive for Polyoma Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). He will need to be retested to confirm the diagnosis (of course we hope it will come back negative) and then given whatever follow up care is necessary.Dewey is a sweet gentle little guy who certainly doesn't deserve the hand he was dealt.
We had to let Dewey go today. His condition got really bad and he was obviously suffering. He does deserve better than that - Rest in peace sweet boy !

Philippa and Frank from New Jersey



This sweet, handsome girl ended up at the Vet for emergency surgery and is recovering very nicely in her current foster home. Just like medical care for humans it is very expensive to have procedures done especially when there is no health insurance available. Would you please cover some of Casperia's cost by being her Angel ?
sometimes it is just not meant to be and we are so sorry to report that was the case for Casperia. She had to surrender after a brave fight. We will always miss you little girl - fly free !

Eileen Cheung



Hi, I’m Sprocket.   Cool name huh?  Unfortunately, my health is not so cool which is why I’m here on this Angel page. I was surrendered to Mickaboo because this brown gunk started oozing from my eyes and my dad couldn’t afford to take me to the veterinarian to find out what it was. It seems I might also have a case of face mites. Perhaps the eye problem is related to that. Only way to find out is to see the doctor. It’s not really my favorite place to go but it’s gotta beat face mites and oozing eyes right?
Little Sprocket flew over the Rainbow Bridge after putting up a brave fight for a long time. Despite all the expert treatment he could not overcome a serious fungal infection. Fly free Sprocket !

Aron Walker,
Sara F. in Loving Memory of Magic



Coco is an older bird who has had a rough life. He had been on a bad diet causing his kidneys to almost fail with the result of him losing several toes due to gout. Mickaboo stepped in just in time to save his life. He also swallowed some metal pieces which are toxic for him. Coco is on several different medications and we are cautiously optimistic he will recover. He might always have to live on a flat surface since so far he is not able to grip on to a perch anymore. Please help us pay for Coco's vet bill so he can receive all the care and support he needs.
Sweet Coco passed away this morning held and comforted by his foster mom. He had no chance with cancer taking over his entire body. He will be loved and missed forever !

Susan Schnur,
Mary H. and Rhonda Bennon



I was found as a stray outdoors and a kind person brought me to a vet since I did not feel well at all. I don't know who named me "Clamy" but it is kind of cute and suits me. I am still hospitalized for almost a week now. They think I am an older boy that had been neglected in my former home. I am trying hard to get better on medication and hopefully will go to a nice foster home soon. In the meantime I would greatly appreciate some financial help to pay for my vet bill.
After we thought Clamy was getting all well he was able to spent 4 wonderful days in his forever home when his heart gave up on him. He is following Speedy within only a week and will be missed and loved forever.

Andrea from Australia



Speedy is a 6 year old male cockatiel who was loved and cared for by an elderly lady who could not afford to pay for his costly vet bill once he fell ill. Right now Speedy is seriously anemic and is getting monitored in a hospital for possible organ damage.
Mickaboo stepped in to save this precious little guy. Will you please find it in your heart to help us out financially ?
Speedy fought till the very end but his time had come to move on. We will always love you and you are going on in our hearts !

in memory of Scruffy,



Hello there, I'm Yuki a friendly female Umbrella Cockatoo found in an empty apartment. I was brought to the Peninsula Humane Society where I had several prolapses resulting in surgery. The nice people there informed Mickaboo because I'm still not feeling better. In fact - I had another setback just now. I will need a good amount of medical attention from an experienced Avian Vet.
Will you please be one of my Angels helping me overcome those rough times
Yuki passed away peacefully today. She was in a wonderful loving foster home and has been well cared for during her last few weeks. We will all miss her tremendously.

Doris Muller



Mango here - I'm a senior Senegal Parrot who developed a benign tumor under one wing. I will have to undergo surgery to have it removed because it keeps getting infected. My owner refused to pay for this procedure and suggested putting me down because I'm old. What a cruel concept ! I am happily enjoying life in my wonderful new foster home now but will need all the Angels I can get to help pay for my surgery and recovery. Will you be one of them, please ?
Update 03/11/10
I had my first surgery today to remove the smaller of the two growth under my wings. It went fine except I lost a lot of blood and need to recover before any more procedures can be done.
Update 04/02/10
Mango survived his second surgery but started declining shortly after. He had lost his will to live and fight. We are certain he is in a better place now without having to struggle and we are grateful for having met him. He touched our lives.

Anonymous donor and Christopher Johnson



Bummer got surrendered with his best friend JJ, a Macaw, when he fell very ill just a few days after moving into his new foster home. Unfortunately it was too late to save this beautiful guy. Fly free sweet Bummer....



Zebra Finch

My friend and I are brand new to Mickaboo. I'm Cruz the one in the back with a health problem - as you can see on the photo my wing is drooping meaning I will need immediate medical care. Would you be so kind to support me please ?
When the time has come not even the most experienced Avian Vet can save lives. We are very sorry to report that Cruz has flown over the Rainbowbridge. His friend Santa will be adopted to a wonderful home with lots of other finches.




Donovan was taken in by a North Bay shelter after his human companion threatened to kill him because she didn't want to pay the surrender or euthanasia fee. Donovan is recently paralyzed from the waist down, possibly due to a pinched nerve. It's not uncommon for cockatiels who've suffered back or nerve injuries to make dramatic if not complete recoveries so we are optimistic that in the skilled hands of our expert avian vets and a great foster mom, Donovan's story can have a happy ending.
Update from Donovan's Foster Mom:
Sadly and very suddenly Donovan passed away today. He was a very proud bird always holding up his head and tail even though he had to lay on his belly. He enjoyed the warmth of his tank, playing with his wood and leather toys and flapping his wings when he was held pretending to fly like a not handicapped cockatiel.
He was a young bird who died too soon. May your spirit fly free.We will always miss you little Donovan!

In Memory of Scruffy,
Catherine V.



On Friday, July 19, 2009 we lost our sweet Vanessa. She had a fast-growing and inoperable tumor, starting in her oviduct, that had metastasized and was approaching her spine. She died peacefully on the operating table, under anesthesia. Vanessa will be fondly remembered as a cheerful and loyal girl with a strong clear voice and two yellow dots on back of her head where she liked to be scritched. Thank you Mickaboo for giving this little girl a chance at life and to her foster Dad for providing such a wondeful home for Vanessa in her final months.

Angels:   Candace Kubczak,
Milwaukee, WI and B. Broderick, Bear, Rohan & Tristan



Jasmin has had a rough two years.  Her previous owner let her lay so many eggs that her body has been depleted of it's calcium stores leaving her unable to stand up for more than a few seconds at a time.  She has advanced respiratory disease that requires daily nebulizing and her avian vet thinks she may have neurological issues as well.  Jasmin has been at the vet for several weeks now and her medical bills are growing....please help this beautiful little girl.




Boudica was found as a stray and taken to a shelter.  She has no upper beak and no feathers on her body, other than a few tail feathers.  She also has feathers on her head and a few long wing feathers.  She is filthy.  There are scabs under her wings as well.  Boudica will need several Angels to help pay her medical bills.  Please help this little girl get the medical care she so desperately needs and deserves.

Catherine V.




Angel:  Jamie Henriksen, San Jose, CA



Shiva was surrendered to Mickaboo because she had wounds under both wings and major feather loss.  We got Shiva to an avian vet immediately but it was too late; she passed away that very night.  She was a sweet little gentle.  We are sorry to have lost this little one; may she rest in peace.

Angel:  Kristen Luttinger



Mini is a 24 year old conure who has an injury to his beak that may be infected and needs surgery for a sinus problem.  Please help us help Mini!

Angels:    Jamie Henriksen, San Jose, CA & Chloe Redon



Poppy is 29 years old, middle-aged for an amazon but she can barely walk. She has been hospitalized several times as the vets try to identify what is causing her balance problems and pain. She has dislocated knees, arthritic ankles and an injured wing. Despite everything, there are days when she enjoys looking in mirrors, playing with toys, cuddling with green pillows and eating sweet potatoes with her pellets.
Update 5/15/09:  Poppy went into a
serious and  irreversible decline in the last few weeks.   Her mentation became more and more compromised, in spite of all indicated  medications and physical therapy and lots of love and supportive care.  She lost her understanding of independent eating - even when favorite treats were put directly into her beak, she would chew them a few times then just leave them under her tongue.   She started sleeping more and
more again, and moving around less and less.  Whereas she initially would
flap happily for long periods when I held her, over the last  weeks she was
confused about the whole prospect and simply stopped flapping.  In the
last few days she was unable even to stand on her own.

Angel:  Kari Terhark

Guardian Angel:  Tina G., East Palo Alto



Unfortunately Tasha was not with us long enough to get a picture of her (sad)

We were contacted by a shelter about a "paralyzed cockatiel".  Little Tasha was taken directly to an ER clinic as it was the weekend and all vets were closed.  Tasha was transferred the very next morning to one of our avian vets.  They did all they could for her but it was too late.  Tasha had a fractured spine and was so dehydrated by the time we got her that her little organs just could not handle it.  The vet says she was a happy little girl even with all she was going through.  We hope she felt love and comfort in helping hands during her final days.

Angels:     B. Broderick, Bear & Rohan, Seattle, WA
Note:  Tasha's Angels agreed to become her Angels after she had already crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We at Mickaboo feel so fortunate to have such wonderful, caring donors such as Tasha's Angels.



8/5/08:  From JJ's mom:  My beloved JJ fluffed away to Birdie Heaven tonight.  He was fighting Lymphosarcoma Cancer but had developed a large patch of dead tissue on his neck. He had surgery tonight.  JJ was fighting it till the very last breath but his heart suddenly stopped - he made the "decision" for me which I am grateful for.  JJ was a very loving and sweet bird and I will never forget him and his gentle little voice saying his name. He will live in our hearts forever......
In loving memory of JJ".

Angels:  Kevin in San Jose  and Gabe Hand  



Two Mickaboo volunteers alerted us to the fact that there was a cockatiel at the SPCA whose feet were very swollen making it very uncomfortable for her to perch.  Scottie is now at the vet; we are awaiting an update and diagnosis.  
Update 8/10/08:  Scottie is now in a wonderful foster home.  While her feet are deformed, she can walk on them.  Her feet have a set of calluses and worn spots.  She is still very, very nervous.  She also has heavily battered her wings. 
Update 9/1/08:  This morning Scottie was breathing very heavily, her wings were sagging, and she didn't eat or move very much.  Her foster mom immediately called the vet who drove into work on her day off to care for Scottie.  Unfortunately we lost her late this afternoon.  A necropsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

Angel:  Chloe

Guardian Angel:  In Memory of Dorothy Ann Lewis



No picture available

7/7: Button was in a South Bay shelter and when a Mickaboo volunteer picked her up she was almost unresponsive at the bottom of the cage.  She had vomited numerous times.  One of our wonderful vets was kind enough to take Button home with her over the weekend to continue treatments for a very severe case of avian gastric yeast.  "She said there was no sign of distress, Button just didn't wake up this morning. "

Archangel: Loreli
Note: It takes a very special person to pay a bird's vet bills after they have died.  Loreli is such a person.


Patagonian Conure

RicRic was originally surrendered to Mickaboo when his owner could no longer care for him. This past New Year's his foster mom realized he was unwell, and he has been under medical care since then for Aspergillosis and bacterial infections.  Unfortunately we lost RicRic on July 29, 2008.
Update 8/12/08:  Ric Ric's necropsy showed that he had massive cancer.  Apparently, the infections were complications of his fragile state.  If RicRic's foster dad hadn't been so diligent with medications & follow up appointments, he would have very likely died months sooner and with a lot more pain.

Angels:  Ginny Becchine, Kathleen Reding in memory of Buster the Jenday conure.






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