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If you have lost a bird, read our tips for Finding an Escaped Bird.
If you have found a wild bird, read our tips for Wild animals in distress.
If you see someone's lost pet bird, read our tips for Recovering Someone's Lost Bird.

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Lost/Found Date




7/27/09 Dear friends, The Mickaboo Lost & Found section is currently under construction.  If you would like an update to current information, past history or need to list a lost or found bird please contact for assistance, Thank you

7/23 SEBASTOPOL Lost yellow Tiel, aprox 2 years old, very light in color with rosy cheeks, very sweet. Reward.

7/22 SACRAMENTO LOST GOFFIN UPDATE: Sighting of Rosie, a woman had coaxed him down a bit to a lower branch closer to her before a dog spooked him. They had a small bird thinking that might lure him down. The husband thinks he saw him head south in the direction of Engle. The woman thought she saw him heading back towards the park area and Cypress Avenue. Since Woody was last seen in that area last night, I posted more flyers today at Mission Park, at various spots along Mission and Engle towards Eastern until I ran out of flyers, more tomorrow along Engle from Mission to Walnut. He may be venturing further from home and neighborhood. I'm hoping he headed back towards Gibbon Park/Gibbons Drive area or even Cypress and Stillmeadow. I have his stand outside with a couple toys, food and water in the backyard. Additional information: Banded, about 11 or 12 years old. One of his rear talon is short and white like a defect. Says hi, loves to play, chew on wood and small untreated rawhide bones. Plays tug of war with the bone so he might recognize as his toy. He also knows bottled water. I sometimes pour water into the small cap, hold it up and tip it slightly and he'll drink out of it. So he knows the water bottle holds water.   Annette 916-488-7773
Update: 8/7 Caught and reunited with family (big grin)

7/20 SAN RAMON found Tiel, currently being kept at the neighbors who will keep if owner is not found. Please contact with description if you think this is your lost bird.

7/22 EMERYVILLE lost Tiel at the Home Depo, she's very young. Light yellow to white in color with big orange cheeks, not banded. Please call or e-mail of sighted or found. 415-215-2847

7/21 SAN JOSE found Tiel on Greenpark Way, Vista Park & Branham Ln. Please contact

7/22 EL DORADO HILLS/SACRAMENTO Lost Conure named Birdy Bird from 7/6 has been reunited with his family. Owner had seen the found signs in her vet office :-)

7/21 OAKLAND/PIEDMONT Lost Parakeet named Frankie. 1 year old, blue in color. She got out and flew off. Please reply to

7/22 WALNUT CREEK found Parakeet, green in color, about 9 months old, wings not clipped, not banded. Friendly. Please reply to

7/22 CAMPBELL Lost Tiel, Pollard Rd. area close to Rolling Hills Middle Schoo. Responds to Spot, Yellow & grey with orange spots on her cheeks. She may have flown to the other side of Hwy 85 near Westmont area.  Thank you, Kevin 761-4548

7/22 SEBASTOPOL lost Rose Breasted Cockatoo around 2pm on Blucher Valley Rd in between Bloomfeild & Kenedy Roads. Reward upon collection of bird, this is a family bird who is quite friendly, comes to the name Pinky. We are devastated.  707-829-1763

7/22 SACRAMENTO found Tiel (Engle and Eastern) friendly. Please reply to

6/25 SACRAMENTO Still lost (sad)
Senegal flew from Robertson Ave at Eastern (Arden Arcade) named Pay. We thought his wings were clipped but he caught a draft, says hey baby.  Please call Wendy 916-996-4855

7/21 CITRUS HEIGHTS Lost Peacock, got scared off Saturday night over by Highlands Ave and Sunrise. If you see him please call 916-949-9781

7/20 SAN JOSE Shelter found African Grey ID#  A644748 SJACS 408-578-PAWS

7/20 SAN FRANCISCO Shelter found Peach Faced Lovebird ID# A269408 SFACS 415-554-6364 (update s of 7/22) This bird was not at location when volunteers went to check on several occasions.

5/26 SAN JOSE Still Lost/Stolen :-( Lola a Goffin Cockatoo was taken from the back porch right out of her cage and has been terribly missed since.  White in color, reddish eyes, banded. Has a pal at home who misses her. She is very sweet but shy around small children. She is my sunshine when there isn't any, I would give anything to get her back. Reward for her safe return or information leading to her safe return.

SAN FRANCISCO Outer Mission District, update on white Pigeon that was found on 7/14 in a garbage bag, she became ill and was taken to the shelter where they called Mickaboo for assistance.  She has been safely placed in a Mickaboo foster home where she is being allowed to rest & recover while receiving medical attention. Thank you to the good people who helped. 8/11 update, sadly she did not survive.

7/18 BERKELEY Found Pigeon on Jefferson & Mckinley, Tame, will take to the shelter to scan for micro-chip. Please call 510-499-9488

7/11 PLEASANTON Found Tiel, if not picked up by Tuesday 7/21 it's going to the shelter. Please contact if this is your bird

7/18 FRESNO Found Tiel on my porch. Owner must identify or it goes to Whitie's Pet Shop. Please reply to

7/6 SANTA ROSA Found Tiel in Burbank Gardens Area. Contact

7/16 SAN RAFAEL Lost Tiel, holding out hope that someone will find him. If found please call 415-606-0572 or 415-717-9783 e-mail

7/18 PETALUMA sighting of a Chicken at Luccessi Park. Seems friendly and wanted to come up to me but I had my dog. Grey & white, walking around edge of grass on the front parking lot by the tall metal frame tower. Reply to

7/17 HEALDSBURG/WINDSOR lost Australian Parrot, last seen near Healdsburg Ave & Marsh Ave/Dry Creek Rd on Friday.  About the size of a parakeet, brilliant colors, blue, red & yellow.  Please reply to

7/18 DAVIS Found Fancy Chicken/Rooster on Alice St. near Intersection of "L" street
Saturday night around 8pm.  Please call with description 530-792-1314

1/27 LOOMIS/PLACER COUNTY Still lost (sad)
Rose Breasted Cockatoo went missing from outdoor cage. Missed terribly. Reward for safe return. Very special to owner. Please reply to comm-9thma-

5/26 SAN JOSE Still Lost/Stolen (sad)
Lola a Goffin Cockatoo was taken from the back porch right out of her cage and has been terribly missed since.  White in color, reddish eyes, banded. Has a pal at home who misses her. She is very sweet but shy around small children. She is my sunshine when there isn't any, I would give anything to get her back. Reward for her safe return or information leading to her safe return.

SAN FRANCISCO Outer Mission District, update on white Pigeon that was found on 7/14 in a garbage bag, she became ill and was taken to the shelter where they called Mickaboo for assistance.  She has been safely placed in a Mickaboo foster home where she is being allowed to rest & recover while receiving medical attention. Thank you to the good people who helped. Update 8/11 sadly "Persia" did not survive.

7/24 SAN FRANCISCO area found white bird with orange beak. Possibly a finch? Call to identify and the location lost to claim 415-806-9479  7/25 sadly this little guy didnt make didn't it (sad)

7/25 LOS GATOS lost Tiel, yellow & gray, flew from from the house in the Pollard Rd & More Ave area named Spot 761-4548 Reward

7/25 SACRAMENTO found white Pigeon or Dove that has feathers on it's feet. Please call John 916-813-6257

SEBASTOPOL Rose Breasted Cockatoo named Pinkie reunited (big grin)

7/25 DANVILLE/SAN RAMON found bird, must identify breed & color. Contact Michelle to start correspondance

7/18 ATHERTON Still lost (sad)
Orange Wing Parrot named Bogart. Super shy but will probably fly if you approach her. Reward 650-369-3663

1/3 UNION CITY Still lost (sad)
Double Headed Amazon, last seen at Corning Ct. Union City, missed terribly Peter 510-487-3071

7/27 SOUTH NATOMAS 3 lost Tiels, one grey, 2 yellow. Call if you find
one 916-529-7306

7/30 SOUTH SACRAMENTO found Budgie, blue in color near Center Parkway & Jacinto Ave. Please identify to claim.

7/27 SACRAMENTO Lost Tumbler Pigeon. Black & white male. Has some tape on one wing. Lost in the north area 916-868-2461

7/28 SACRAMENTO Found deceased Tiel near Hwy 80 & Bradshaw along the
American River Parkway. Please reply to

7/27 ROSEVILLE Found Tiel near Sunrise & Cirby, friendly. Please reply

7/29 SEBASTOPOL Found Tiel, being housed by the Police Department. Call
707-829-4400 for more information

7/27 AMADOR COUNTY Shelter found Parakeet. Yellow & green ID# A014256
ACAC 201-223-6378

7/28 FREMONT Shelter found Parakeet. Blue & white ID# A088928 FAS

7/9 Mid July PITTSBURGH found Tiel near Highway 4 & Hillcrest. Describe to claim. Please reply to

7/28 FREMONT found Parakeet in the dog park. Blue in color, banded.
Found near Lake Elizabeth & Central Park. Please reply to

7/26 WALNUT CREEK lost Meyers Parrot named Peeps. Grey over Tourquoise
with yellow in head & wings. Lost near Venado Camino, 3 year old male,
not banded, doesnt talk. Reward. Tim 925-287-9127

7/27 SARATOGA Still lost Tiel named Spot. Pollard Rd & More Ave.

7/30 OAKLAND sighting of a Cockatiel between 1-3pm on Whitmore Place & Broadway Ave at the  top of Rockridge, edge of Temescal. Gray in color. Bird seemed to be confused and flying in circles over Whitmore Cul-de-sac. Just off of Broadway over the Pet Hospital. No contact info provided.

7/30 ORANGEVALE found Exotic pheasant on Chestnut. Call to identify

7/25 SAN RAMON/DANVILLE lost African Grey. He opened his water door and
was gone. Lost in the homes behind the Alamo Hay & Grain, tame but if
found use caution. Please reply to

7/31 ALAMEDA Cockatiel sighting on Bay Farm Island, Garden Road. Grey with white front. Animal Control came out and took pictures so they are available if needed otherwise contact us to come look in the area. Please reply to

7/31 NORTH SEBASTOPOL lost Tiel. Yellow in color with rosy cheeks. Very sweet, our family misses her very much. Reward. Please call Therese 707-332-6651

7/9 SAN JOSE lost Congo African Grey, aprox 38 years old. Not banded. Lost near Park Ave. If found or seen in the area please contact Barbara Brown.  408-975-9926 Date of loss was not provided.

7/29 SAN FRANCISCO Lower Haight Found Parakeet while riding the 22
Filmore as it flew in the window and landed inside the bus. Please reply
with description

8/1 SAN RAFAEL Sighting of our lost Parakeet near the Marin Academy.
Pizza Pip'n was lost on JUne 4 from the Corner of MIssion & Union.
Yellow with blue back, sort of greenish yellow in color. 1 years old,
not banded.  Most likely wont fly to a stranger so please call if you
wee him. Missed terribly, please call 45-456-6588, 328-1677 or 328-2655 

8/1 HERCULES, PINOLE, SAN PABLO lost Cockatiel named Dos. Grey & white in color. Was last seen flying in Viewpoint (Rodeo) please contact me
with any sightings of our missed bird

8/1 CITRUS HEIGHTS Cockatiel listed as lost has been reunited with it's
family. Thank you to everyone who helped  :-)

7/25 NOVATO Lost Lutino Tiel, yellow & white in color, was lost near the
Diablo Apt Complex in Novato, much loved and very missed. Please call

7/30 SACRAMENTO Shelter found TIel, grey & yellow in color ID #A320483
SCACS 916-808-7387

7/31 SAN JOSE (south) found Senegal in the Safeway parking lot in the
Almaden Area. Please give details in order to claim.
Reply to

8/2 SAN JOSE (west) Lost lutino Ringneck named Jordan. Got out last night after our daughter left the garage door open. Aprox 4 months old, lost near Cropley. Please call 408-476-2415 Thank you

8/2 SAN FRANCISCO Shelter found Congo African Grey ID#A270043 SFACC 415-554-6364 update 8/5 Mickaboo was scheduled to pick up the bird but a staff member called to say the bird had been adopted.

7/30 BERKELEY Shelter Tiel A016895
BACA 510-981-6600 updaet 8/4 entered the Mickaboo foster system :-)

8/2 BERKELEY Shelter Budgie A016891
BACS 510-981-6600 update 8/4 entered the Mickaboo foster system :-)

8/4 MARTINEZ Shelter Finch A579357
CCCAS 925-335-9300

8/4 OAKLAND/Crocker Highlands Found tiny Chicken in neighbors yard. Very
sweet, seems to be somones pet. Reply to

8/4 GRASS VALLEY Found Parrot in the West Main St. area. If it's yours
please -mail with band number. Colors are green, blue & red.  reply to

7/29 REDDING Found Tiel flying from fences & trees on Meander Dr. just
off Placer between Wisconsin & Cumberland. Responded to calling and came
to bird feeder. Was able to catch, please call Bill 530-227-4006

8/1 PARADISE lost Parrot named Pete on Bille Rd & Oliver Rd. Tame &
talks. Please call if seen or heard. Reward. Susan 530-876-0484

8/3 VALLEJO found Cockatiel between Balboa & Oakwood. Please identify.

8/5 ACAMPO lost Congo African Grey, got out of his cage during the night
near Collier and Hwy 99. Banded, not too friendly because he was being
raised more as a mate for breeding. Reward 209-969-7652

8/5 ROCKLIN lost Lovebird on Argonaut Ave. If found it will get on a
stick for you and could be put in a box. Yellow, very friendly might
even land on your shoulder. If seen please call Doug or Mary $100
reward. 916-624-5824 or 916-899-0309

8/2 ANTELOPE found Parakeet.  email if it could be  yours. Reply to

8/4 OAKLAND/LAKE MERRITT/GRAND lost Pigeon. Very small, white with
feathered feet.  Lost in the Adams Point area of Oakland, banded,
greatly missed as he was hand raised from 3 months old. As he flew off
it looked like hawks may have gotten him but I'm holding out hope. Reply to update- REUNITED :-)

8/5 ROCKLIN Lost Congo African Grey named Lucy near Sierra College Blvd & Southside Ranch Road. 2 year old female, says come here, whistles and is a bit hyper. Desperate to find $200 Reward! Please call Abeer if seen or found 916-410-3434 or 916-247-5496

4/09 PARADISE Still lost (sad)
friendly Timneh African Grey named Cowboy. I posted the loss of my parrot last month and he is still missing. I have had no news of anyone seeing or hearing of him. I have had him for 18yrs. and I am so sad to have lost my companion. I am trying a again with hopes someone has seen or knows something. Lost in the area of Kibler rd, east of us is Pentz Rd, West is Sawmill, north is Nunndy, south is Bille Rd. We are heartsick. Please contact or call 530-877-3050

8/6 OAKLAND sighting of a lost Parakeet in the trees between the parking lot and the road on the median near the Trudeau Center. It was following a blue jay around, no way to catch it.  Sighted at the center-Skyline Ave-Oakland Hills/Mills. Yellow & Green.  Trudeau Center 11500 Skyline Blvd.

8/5 ROSEMONT lost Tiel named Bernie, grey & yellow. Lost between Newhall Dr & Nasreen. The cats jumped on his cage and knocked it down. Ive had him for 10 years and I am heartbroken to say the least.  Please call Liz 916-217-2699

8/7 WILLOW GLEN/CAMBRIAN lost Tiel named Shadow. Just flew out the door a few minutes ago-headed towards Doerr Park. Daughter is devastated!
Please call if seen or found 264-1829 or 838-6531 or reply to

8/7 ROCKLIN lost Lovebird, yellow in color. Missed so much I'll do anything to get her back! 916-276-1665

8/7 VALLEJO/BENICIA a Pigeon with a red band has decided to take up residence on our garage roof. Comes when we whistel but still a bir skitish. Seemed tired and hungry when he showed up 2 days ago but eating and drinking well.  Please reply to

8/7 OAKLAND sighting of green Parakeet on Friday evening in my yard near Piedmont Ave. I couldnt catch, is he yours??  Please reply to

8/7 WILLOW GLEN lost Tiel, grey in color. Flew out an open patio door this morning. Girls are devistated (sad)
if you see him or have him please call Jennifer 408-264-1829 or 408-838-6531

7/23 SONOMA still lost Tiel in Bayes Hot Springs. We were out of town and the pet sitter let him out. East Thompson Ave. Reward. Really missed!  707-319-7759

8/7 HAMILTON lost Tiel, 16 year old named Pete escaped it's cage and is now staying in a 30 foot tree across the street at the apartments   I was last seen on Loma Verde Dr. San Jose/Winchester & Hamilton. I am a yellow tiel with bright orange cheeks, a hand-fed bird that got loose before my wings could be clipped. I have never been outside, I can sing & talk. Please call if you see or hear me in a tree.  408-796-7757 or 310-940-2498

8/7 SACRAMENTO found bird, just caught which isnt mine. If you might have lost a parrot please send a picture or desctiption to

8/8 SEBASTOPOL still lost yellow Cockatiel. Light yellow w/rosie cheeks. $200 Reward. Much beloved. Please contact me at 707-332-6651 Thank you Therese

8/8 LOS GATOS sighting of a Tiel, Lexington Reservoir Damn. Landed on my
shoulder, flew away when a car passed by. Dbl banded. I'm happy to show
you exactly where I saw it. Please reply to

8/8 SACRAMENTO Engle/Walnut St. lost Goffin named Woodie finally caught
and returned home :-)

8/9 ROHNERT PARK lost Meyers Parrot named Pepper. Flew out the kitchen
door when I went to empty the garbage. 3 years old, Copeland Creek
Apartments Complex 101, Enterprise Dr. Near Safeway, Longs x from Senior
Center 707-585-7524

8/8 MARTINEZ lost Tiel named Frankie, 2 years old, normal grey, last
seen in Martinez on the corner of Castro & Brown St. He was flying
towards Downtown. Please reply to

8/9 SAN JOSE lost African Grey in the
south area near Oakridge Mall. All grey with red tail. We need each
other badly! Reward for info or return. Lynn 408-202-9921

8/6 SONOMA COUNTY Shelter found green Parrot ID #A237150 707-565-7100

8/5 FAIRFIELD/SOLANO Shelter found Tiel ID #A133100 707-784-1356

8/9 SANTA ROSA lost Sun Conure, flew off from Butler north of and off
Stoney Point. Easy to see, bright hot yellow little parrot. Not tame.

7/25 SACRAMENTO Still found Tiel, Folsom & Bradshaw. Need to find it's
home. Describe to claim

8/11 Update, Earnie the lost African Grey owned by Barbara Brown of San Jose has been found and returned home!

8/1 ALBANY found yellow Budgie. Caught by our cats on Albany and Talbot Ave between Marin Ave & Solano Ave. Contact

8/9 SANTA CRUZ lost blue Parakeet on Sunset Ave between Fair & Almar. Reward for capture. Reply to

8/10 SAN FRANCISCO Tiburn/Belvedere lost Cockatiel this morning at 11am. Lutino-almost all white in color. Please reply to

8/6 SAN JOSE lost Rosella. Thought wings were clipped but he flew out of his cage. Red, yellow & blue. 408-926-0649

8/10 SANTA ROSA found Cockatiel in my yard, Southwest Area. Grey with yellow head, orange cheeks. I would like to reunite theis bird with it's owner. Please reply to

8/10 SAN JOSE still lost lost Jenday Conure named Pepper. About 1 year
old, her flight feathers have just grown back so she can fly but not too
far. Lost near Lundy & Trade Zone Blvd. Reward.

8/11 NEWARK found small green & yellow bird on Rockrose. Please call
Gabriel 408-393-2169

8/12 NAPA COUNTY lost Tiel named George in the Big Ranch/Garfield area.
He may answer to his name. He's been a great pet. Reward 415-717-2550

8/12 HAYWARD found Parakeet, very sweet. Found near the top of 2nd
street. Please provide a picture or describe for proper return
925-866-8806 or 415-793-6936

8/12 SAN JOSE east. Lost Tiel named Peanut. Lost while on vacation.
Yellow Pied, banded and can sing LaRaspa. Please reply to

SAN JOSE east. Still lost, grey Tiel named Cheeks. Flew away between
Jan/Feb of this year. Band number NCS0871E28 favorite song is Twinkle
Twinkle on the piano.  Please reply to

6/6 PALO ALTO still lost blue Parakeet. Brilliant blue, black wings,
white face. Reward 650-494-8544

8/13 SAN JOSE South, lost Tiel in the area of Sie-Vil homes on Truckee land near Snell and Capitol Expressway. Extremely tame, wings were clipped but was able to fly. Tail feathers gone due to being in a breeder situation. 408-693-0462

8/13 SAN JOSE/MILPITAS border. Lost Tiel named Cracker near Amberwood Lane and Amberwood Ct. right next to 280 north bound. Just moved to the area a week ago. Grey with yellow head, white stripes down his wings. Lost his long tail feathers, may be injured. 10 years old and may be traumatized.  Tammy 408-886-0710

8/15 SANTA ROSA found blue Parakeet on the Tennis Court near Santa Rosa Junior college on Mendocino Ave. Tame, obviously someone's pet. Banded. Please contact the Wild Bird Rescue Center, 3430 Chante Rd, Santa Rosa 707-523-BIRD

8/15 NOB HILL found Tiel at the corner of Pine & Polk Streets in the lower area of San Francisco. Really well behaved that likes to hang out. Please reply to

8/16 GUERNVILLE/RUSSIAN RIVER found Lovebird, sweet little tame Peachface. Call Earl or Jean 707-869-1229

8/16 SAN FRANCISCO MISSION DISTRICT lost African Grey in the vicinity of 20th & Florida. Whistles "the good the bad and the ugly"  Help needed! Reward! Linda 298-8224 or 699-4304 (no area code listed, might be 415)

8/16 PORTOLA VALLEY found grey Pigeon, it has taken to spending time in our yard for the third day. Yellow banded on each leg. Please reply to

8/16 PALO ALTO Shelter Found Tiel. ID# A091170 PAAS 650-496-5971

8/17 ROHNERT PARK "grey parrot" lost Red Bellied Hen named Daisy. Escaped from my back door Apt at Copeland Creek Apartments, 101 Enterprise Dr. May be by Copeland Creek. If found she will bite as she is fearful and phobic. To capture, throw a towel or jacket over her if you see her and call me 707-206-2475 or 707-585-7524

8/15 MILPITAS Lost Green Cheek Conure, missed dearly. If you found him we want him back. God Bless.

8/18 MOUNTAIN HOUSE Still lost Blue & Gold Macaw named Norte. Wings were clipped but could still fly. Lost on May 5th as he flew away on a windy day. 5 year old male, not banded.  Please do not try to handle yourself, Macaws bite!  Contact or call 209-833-7340

8/18 HAYWARD/CASTRO VALLEY found Parakeet, sweet small parakeet flew into our front door in Hayward/Castro Valley near Trader Joe's. Seems calm & tame around people. If youve lost your pet please call Christina 510-828-9606 to describe and hopefully return.

8/17 FREMONT Shelter found Tiel ID A089419 FAS 510-790-6440

8/16 PALO ALTO Shelter found, white Canary ID A091169 PAAS 650-496-5971

8/18 PALO ALTO Shelter found Indian Ringneck ID A091222 PAAS 650-496-5971

8/19 SAN MATEO found Lovebird, flew on to my birds cage while taking them outside, tried to get to their food. Fortunately I was able to catch. does it belong to you?  Please reply to

8/18 PALO ALTO (east) sighting of a Cockatiel on the telephone wire near Pulgas & Sage Street near our home yesterday evening. Unable to get close enough. 650-464-5309

8/17 WALNUT CREEK still lost(sad)
Tiel about a month ago in the Downtown area near Lincoln & Boardway. If youve seen Waliver please call Laura 925-979-9005 $500 Reward for his return.

8/15 MILPITAS still lost Green Cheek Conure from Dempsey Rd. We really need him back. God Bless

8/19 ROSEVILLE/ANTELOPE found Tiel. Flew on to my shoulder as I was doing yard work. Please reply to

8/19 SANTA ROSA shelter found Greenwing Macaw 6/19 ID# A234833. Several attempts were made to claim this bird but was finally reunited with it's rightful owner (smile)

8/19 BERKELEY lost African Grey named Cappi. Got away from owner at MLK & Addison yesterday afternoon. Owner has contacted the Berkeley Animal Shelter staff for assistance. Cappi is large, healthy and very friendly.  If sighted or found please contact Berkeley Animal Shelter manager Kate at 510-981-6601 or leave message with Mickaboo lost & found.

8/13 CONCORD found Tiel. Seems semi-tame but scared. Please describe by contacting

8/18 SAN FRANCISCO shelter found yellow Lovebird ID# A270716 SFACC 415-554-6364

8/20 SANTA CLARA shelter found Tiel ID# A031941 found on Jeanie Lane in Gilroy SCACC 408-686-3900

8/19 ROHNERT PARK found Parakeet in the "L" section.  Please reply to

8/21 LOS GATOS found Yellow Lovebird in the area of Vasona Park.    Approximately 5" long. Please call Youth Science Institute at 408-356-4945 and leave a message at x11.

8/20 SAN MATEO found Parakeet, found in my backyard. Please describe to claim.

8/22 SAN DIEGO I captured a lost healthy green female parakeet about 1 year old per vet visit in San Diego, North County on 8-19-09. I am holding it for a week to find the owner. It is not finger trained.  Denise (858) 271-9971

8/22 ALAMEDA found Budgie on Oak St. wandering in our back yard. Please reply to

8/22 LAFAYETTE/ORINDA/MORAGA found Parakeet on Springhill Rd. Please describe to claim 925-787-5027 or 925-299-8811

8/25 SANTA CRUZ lost Conure, 4 1/2 month old green, yellow & red. Was
taken from his flight cage at 1st Street in Santa Cruz between hours of
1 and 4pm. Raised to give therapy to kids with special needs and all
other kids as well. Please, he is still a baby and needs lots of care.

6/5 LOS GATOS Still lost Cockatiel named Bobby. Flew from his home
around Bicknell Rd, Montclair and More Ave. Pale grey, white feathers on
back and wings. Yellow head with orange cheeks. Might respond to his
name if called. $1000 reward 408-354-7749 or 408-858-8467

7/22 LINCOLN Still lost Blue Front Amazon named Snoopy. Green body,
yellow & red shoulder wing tips, blue & yellow head. Had been hand fed
and tame but shy.. Lost near Lincoln Wise & Wally Ave/Wise & Mt. Vernon

8/25 SAN JOSE WEST lost Red Hen has flown the coop, left the yard near
the Camden Ave/Union/New Jersey area of Cambrian Park 408-595-2032

8/25 WALNUT CREEK found Tiel flying by the pool near Heather Farm homes
in Walnut Creek.  I am keeping it safe in my house. Please reply to

8/25 MENLO PARK blue parakeet "Blueberry" near Sharon Heights on Sharon Road has been reunited with family after a week onthe loose and 15 blocks of travel(big grin)

8/16 ELK GROVE still lost Eclectus Parrot named Ruby.  Burgundy color
with some blue on chest & belly. Very shy, makes loud squawk sounds,
very missed $500 reward. Please call Ken 510-734-1967

8/23 HAYWARD found Ringneck Dove, vicinity of 1800 Block of D Street.
Took to Sulpher Creek Nature Center where it was determined the dove is
not a wild but domestic bird.  Please reply to

8/2 EUREKA found Tiel in our chicken coop. Dark grey chest, white & grey
wings, bright orange cheeks, yellow face and chest with grey tips.

8/1 SAN FRANCISCO still lost African Grey named LaLa, likes to make telephone sounds, 3 rings and says hello.  We miss her very much and would like her safely back home. Reward for her return.  Danny 415-828-8561 

8/24 LAKESIDE lost African Grey named Babs in teh Johnson Lake Rd. area near HWY 67 of Lakeside.  Flew out of her cage into the woods on Monday Aug 24th. Extremely timid, may growl in fear if approached.  Call anytime 619-328-9916 or 619-520-1253

8/24 PINOLE Lost Our pet Bird "Buddy" Pure White Cockatiel
Flew out an open door Monday, August 24th late afternoon
in Pinole, California.  McDonald Dr. & Marlesta Rd. area.  It was a very windy
day and he could be anywhere by now.  Buddy is only 1 1/2 years old and has
never been outside.  We are brokenhearted and have been frantically searching
for him.  We have put up fliers in the neighborhood, but no calls yet. 
Reward for safe return.  We miss him terribly.  Please call if found or sighted.
Contact Kristina & Ken Sutton (510) 724-1318

8/25 BENICIA/VALLEJO Shelter found Parakeet ID# A007772 Benicia Vallejo Humane Society 707-645-7905

8/24 PETALUMA found bird in the bushes of our east Petaluma home. Very sweet, missing his owner. Seems to like females.

8/26 NOVATO lost grey Tiel, answers to the name Sabby, 380 Sunset Parkway, 4 year old male, very tame beloved family member who likes to sit on heads. Reward 415-408-3464

8/26 ALAMEDA shelter found Tiel ID# A013348 Alameda Police Dept-Animal
Care Services 510-337-8565

8/26 SAN FRANCISCO shelter found Tiel ID# A271100 SFACC 415-554-6364

8/27 CONCORD sighting of a blue parakeet eating outside with the finches
this morning. Unable to catch on Pepper Drive in Concord

8/26 SANTA ROSA sighting of a small yellow bird that has made his home
behind my shop near Corby Ave. Robert 707-543-8081

8/27 BERKELEY sighting of a grey Cockatiel on a power pole outside 1419
Berkeley Way. Tried to catch using millet spray but was too scared.

8/28 FREMONT found small bird in the Irvington Area call 510-651-2816

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  1. Oct 03, 2007


    Please check the database @  there are many found birds listed from CA in there.

  2. May 23, 2008


    Lost Blue headed Pionus "Thetty" on 3/28/08 from our home in San Anselmo.9-11' long, blue head, green body, red feathers under her tail. Spotted in a Redwood by Wade Thomas school, but we couldn't get there in time on 3/29. Possibly spotted in the Gerstle Park neighboorhood of San Rafael, but, again, she blew away before we could get there. She is not banded.