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Howard the Eclectus 

Howard's family's lifestyles changed so much that he no longer fit in.  His friend, the family dog, had died and been replaced by a dog who was not at all interested in friendship; the kids grew up and moved away.  Rather than neglect him, the family surrendered Howard, an Eclectus, to Mickaboo to be sure that he got a good, new home---somewhere where people had the time and ability to give him the right kind of attention.

Howard struggled a bit as his situation changed to a foster home.  Not having known any other family than his original one, he was undoubtedly distressed and scared.  He even got a bit nippy for a while, which did not endear him to prospective adopters.

But a qualified adopter (who already has a male Eclectus named Sanger) saw Howard's adorable photo and stepped up to ask for him, hoping that he would be a good buddy for her current parrot.

Once ensconced in his new home, Howard is once again displaying his adorable nature!  He devours all kinds of food; he says "Mama" to get his mistress' attention, and he watches the wild bluejays through the window.  Though he & Sanger have not yet been formally introduced (as I write, Howard still has to be in quarantine for a bit longer), they are seeing each other through a window when Howard's mom is out working in the garden.

As for Sanger, he's used to being an "only" bird, but his curiosity has definitely been piqued by the interesting noises coming from Howard's room.  Their Mom actually spotted Sanger peeping under the door of Howard's room, trying to get a look-see at who this stranger was!

Now, Howard & Sanger talk to each other room to room.  Sanger is even learning from Howard that talking in front of people is O.K.  Their Mom describes one exceedingly funny exchange:

"Two nights ago, I was sitting at dinner and heard them down the hallway having a talking war:  'Tickle Tickle' got countered with 'Peekaboo,' promptly checked with 'Quack Quack Quack,' foiled by 'Hey There, Pretty Baby,' followed by 'WooWooWoo,' which was immediately parried with a loud 'OW! Don't Bite!'  I laughed so hard, I nearly choked on my dinner!"

Howard has definitely found a place to call Home.  We can't wait for more updates from his new Mom, once Sanger and Howard get to know each other!

8-10-08 Update:  Howard is off of quarantine and is rapidly adjusting to our family routine.  He and Sanger are getting along well and have taken to cage-swapping after meals to see if the "other guy" left something yummy in his bowl.  Howard was a perfect gentleman for his Wellness Checkup and his Vet said we are all going to be surprised by this wonderful little guy!  Howard is a little on the chubby side which is causing some balance issues, so he is on a diet and a daily exercise program. 

Howard and Ricky, our Estrella Mountain Dog (also a rescue), are slowly becoming friends.  Howard likes to sit on the perch in the dining room and bark at Ricky, eliciting one tail thump per bark.  At one point, he ordered the dog "Outside!", followed by an evil chuckle.  Ricky doesn't mind.  He likes the attention!

I am so in love with this little green guy and every day brings a new insight into his shy and loving personality.  Any doubts I had about whether this was the right choice are totally gone, replaced instead with a deep thankfulness that Howard has come into my life.

Howard's Forever Mom 

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