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"Give of yourself as the Angels do and wonderful things will come to you."        - Ramadan  

Mickaboo currently has approximately 300 birds in foster care. Our first commitment is to these birds and their ongoing care. For this reason, we need to use our regular donations to maintain a cash reserve for them. Thanks to Mickaboo's generous supporters, the Angel program has been a huge success. Our Angels have enabled us to take in over 650 birds since April 2009. These are birds we would not have been able to help without your generous donations. 

Why Become an Angel to a Mickaboo Bird?
Many of the birds that come into Mickaboo's care have been injured, abused, neglected or are very ill and so need medical attention and/or behavioral training before we can place them in adoptive homes. These birds are often not considered adoptable at shelters and by society in general. We believe that every bird deserves a second chance. We allow each and every one of our birds as much time as they need to find that special adopter who is willing to care for them. Mickaboo had grown and as we take in more birds our monthly vet bills have increased significantly, averaging $20,000 per month.
We understand that not everyone can foster or adopt a Mickaboo bird, but would still like to help. Becoming an Angel to a bird in need is the perfect way to do that! You can help us take in birds from shelters or from private surrenderers who are in a financial crisis. Your donations to Mickaboo can be directed to care for a particular bird or birds, to help defray the cost of their sometimes astronomical vet bills while they wait for forever homes.

Angel Species
When you become a Mickaboo Angel, you are helping us fulfill our commitment to keeping our doors open to ill, injured, abused, neglected and unwanted companion birds in Northern California and beyond. We invite you to become the species of Mickaboo Angel that suits you best!

  • Angel:   Our goal is to have an "endowment" of at least $200 before taking in a new bird. This will help us ensure that we always have sufficient funds to provide basic medical care for the birds already in our care, as well as for new birds we take in. As an Angel you will receive recognition on our website. If a bird is adopted without using your Angel money for vet bills we will shift the money to the next needy bird and let you know which additional bird you have helped us bring in.
  • Archangel:  Archangels commit to covering the full vet costs required for a new bird to be healthy enough to adopt. As an Archangel you will receive recognition on our website and regular email updates on his/her progress.  

How to Become a Mickaboo Angel

 Links are provided for your convenience as well as directions to the donation page from our home page should the links fail. From the Mickaboo home page select How to Help and then select Donate. Choose from Network for Good or Paypal (hyperlink not available). If you prefer to mail a check or money order, you can mail it to: P.O. Box 697, San Jose, CA 95106-0697. Please specify that you want your donation to be an Angel donation and which bird you would like to sponsor and how you would like to be acknowledged on the website:  full name, first name only, first name and last initial etc.., If you do not want to specify a particular bird to support, you can also request that your angel donation be used for the bird most in need--we'll let you know which bird we chose. You can email if you have further questions and you will receive a response from our Angel volunteer as soon as possible.

 Every Bird Gets An Equal Chance

That's the underlying principle of Mickaboo. Once a bird is in our care, we provide all the medical care s/he requires. We do not "triage" birds or spend more money on large species than small. We only euthanize a bird when s/he is suffering without the possibility of recovery. We provide hospice care for terminally ill birds who are not suffering. Since we do not have paid employees, you can be sure that your donation goes directly to the birds. Donations are 100% tax deductible. A receipt will be mailed to all donors.

Birds Waiting to be Matched with an Angel



Name of Bird

Current Situation


3/21/14African GreyCongoCongo is a Timneh African Grey who lived in difficult circumstances before coming to Mickaboo. He is settling in nicely and is very slowly coming out of his shell. Congo has a mass on his left eye. It’s a large mass that is attached to both the inside and outside of his eyelid near the medial canthus. The mass is large and growing. Poor Congo has been rubbing his eye so it is most likely causing him discomfort. The vet suspects that the mass is cancerous, but will be able to get a better look once Congo is under anesthesia. The mass needs to be removed and tissue samples sent to the lab to determine if it is cancerous or not. Congo’s inner third eyelid is not affected so the eye itself should be okay after surgery. And Congo will be much happier and more comfortable once the mass is removed and the eye heals.
Won’t you please consider sending an Angel Donation to help with Congo’s medical expenses? Your help would be so very much appreciated.

Thelma is a 14 year old female that suffered an eye injury. Her eye has a trauma induced cataract and an infected abscess. Thelma is blind in that eye and it will require surgical removal. She has other health issues that have to be resolved a bit more before she can get the surgery. She has severe arthritis and has just been diagnosed with heart disease and possible kidney disease. 


3/13/14CockatielBillie and BentleyBillie and Bentley have recently met in foster care and are now a bonded pair. They were both found outdoors in different locations. It is assumed that Bentley had been hit by a car. Bentley had one eye swollen shut and her air sacs fill up with air. This air has to be released constantly and her skin is starting to scar at that site. She needs to have a tube permanently inserted to release the air. Billie is having a second surgery to remove a growth on his neck. He wears a collar to keep him from picking at the wound.
3/13/14CockatielLady Bird

Lady Bird is a 13 year old female who came to Mickaboo because her owner couldn't afford her veterinary care. She has since been diagnosed with lymphoma. She has a bulging eye that is due to the lymphoma. Her head has been plucked by a former cage mate and all that remains is her crest. We are unsure the feathers will grow back, there may be permanent damage to the follicles.

An Angel for Lady Bird: Thank you Barbara Broderick of Seattle, WA!


Logan is another sweet tiel in need of an Angel. He came to Mickaboo after being surrendered to a shelter. Logan's lack of feathers is from unknown causes. He may have plucked them himself or was plucked by a cage mate. He has started to regrow some feathers, but may remain partially naked due to follicle damage. He has managed to retain his adorable personality and loves to cuddle. Wanna be his angel?

An Angel for Logan: Thank you Barbara Broderick of Seattle, WA!


Sparkle had both legs broken at some point in his past and they were never treated. They have healed in a frozen position which does not allow any movement or use. He moves himself around by dragging himself on his stomach with his beak. Despite all this, he has a will to live and a Sparkle in his eyes. Will you be a sweet angel for this sweet bird?

An Angel for Sparkle: Thank you Barbara Broderick of Seattle, WA!


Sunny or Sunshine is extremely splay legged with her legs going out directly to her sides rather than under her. She must grasp onto things to the sides to propel herself forward on her chest. She doesn't seem to know she is handicapped and it is amazing to watch her navigate around her cage.  She will need to see a veterinarian more often to check her chest and keel for scrapes and sores since this area is what she moves around on. She also has a nare (nostril) which is prone to being impacted with food which will need to be cleaned out periodically. Will you be this sweet little angel's angel?


Nora has been with Mickaboo for 10 years but a few years ago she started showing signs of having something wrong with her beak and throat. She was given antibiotics and pain medication but still didn't get better. She had yellow stuff building up almost daily caused by a growth near her tongue. The growth was removed and found by pathology to be squamous cell carcinoma. This is a cancerous tumor which is difficult to remove but the good news is that it is growing slowly. Nora's last surgery was March 2013 and she will probably need another one really soon. This is a pricy procedure and any donations to Mickaboo on her behalf would be a great help.

An Angel for Nora:  Thank you Barbara Broderick of Seattle, WA!


Trixie's pancreas stopped working and her adopter can't afford vet care. She is living on lots of love and some medicine from Mickaboo. If you would like to help with her vet bills, please send a check to Mickaboo and be her angel!

An Angel for Trixie:   Thank you Marilyn Martinyak!


Tot came to Mickaboo with injuries to his head, tail and foot. He requires antibiotics, pain medication and two different ointments to help heal his wounds. He will be going back to the vet at least twice more to monitor his condition.

UPDATE 1/6/2014: Tot had a partial toe amputation a week ago. He is healing nicely but trying to take the wrap off his toe even with a collar around his neck. He will make a full recovery from all the wounds he was found with in time.

An Angel for Tot:       Thank you Ginny Becchine!


Mananita had plucking and would pick at her skin. She was all healed up after wearing a collar. A few weeks after the collar came off, she couldn't wrap her toes around her perch. She was taken to an emergency vet and was found to have a stroke that affected her feet and right side. She is on meds and has been recovering well. She is able to stand and play with toys. She will be on meds for the rest of her life.

Update Dec 2013: Mananita has started self mutilating again and we are trying to get her healed once more.

An Angel for Mananita:  Thank you Emily Yu!


Hello, I'm Paco and I was surrendered because no one could work with me after I was separated from my person. He was very forgetful and I didn't get fed and watered very often. A life long diet of sunflower seeds has taken its toll on my heart. I'm starting heart medicine now. That will give me more energy and then I'll let you know more about me.

Update 09/22/2013: I'm feeling very happy in my foster home. I love to cuddle my head into someone's chest and let them scratch my head. When I want that special person's attention, I whistle and sing the most beautiful songs. Foster mom says I warble like a canary. When I get picked up, one has to be very careful so I don't lose my balance. I'm blind in one eye and have an arthritic knee so every thing needs to move slower around me, If I feel like I'm starting to lose my balance, I panic. Otherwise, I'm a very mellow bird. No yelling, no need for exercise, just healthy food and a little medicine in my applesauce.


Rita is estimated to be a 40+ year old female Eclectus. Her foster family noticed that she had an odd breath smell and decided she should be checked at the vet anyway for a check up. Further testing, procedures, and a stay at the veterinarian's office revealed sinus bleeding and infection. She was released to her foster home with medications. Vet bills are costly and every bit helps. Will you be Rita's sweet angel?

An Angel for Rita:  Thank you Mango!


Jackie is a special needs sulphur crested cockatoo recovering from a prolapse.  She lived in an old dirty cage sitting on a concrete perch at a fruit stand. She has spent some time undergoing veterinarian treatment. She is very sweet. Will you be her angel?

Nov 15, 2013 update: Jackie had yet another surgery for her prolapse issues and is doing well.

An Angel for Jackie: Anonymous in memory of their beloved cockatiels, Sydney and Clydie.


This poor little one was found abandoned on the side of the road. He is underweight and missing feathers. He has been tested and found to be positive for psittacine beak and feather disease, commonly referred to as PBFD. PBFD is a highly contagious disease and so Lovie has to be in a PBFD only home or facility. Will you be this sweethearts angel?

An Angel for Lovie:
Thank you Loreli Coleman!
Thank you Heidi Glogowski!


Fuzzy is special needs, he has seizures and only has one eye. He is bonded to Misha who he met in foster care.

An Angel for Fuzzy: Thank you Barbara Broderick of Seattle, WA!


Misha was found outdoors, nearly starving. A vet visit found high uric acid levels (66 when 10 is normal) indicating liver and kidney damage. Misha also has severe arthritis and is under special care requiring at least two medications daily. He met his best friend and bonded mate, Fuzzy, while in foster care.  Now the two of them go and do everything together. They throw a fit if separated. 

Misha's Angel:
Mike Stone

Thank you Barbara Broderick of Seattle, WA!





Duckie was shot with a pellet gun a few months ago. He probably fell to the ground after being shot and damaged his wing, eye, spine, and feathers. He kept trying to fly and broke feathers and so they are pretty short for now. He is friendly in spite of this rough treatment. He has seizures but can still walk and do everything other birds do except fly.

Update July 2013: The vet found a skull fracture and fluid on the brain and believes this to be the cause of the seizures. More medicines...Please consider being an angel for this older yellow-collared Amazon. His bills alone now total more than $4,000 - and he's still hospitalized.

An Angel for Duckie:
Thank you Heidi Glogowski!


Pudgie came into SFACC with a hernia-like injury. Her belly was big and sticking out, and this is how she got her name. We don't know where she came from or what happened to her except that she must have had some physical trauma. We don't know if she was surrendered or found as a stray. She miraculously survived the surgery, but during the course of treatment they discovered cancerous liver cells. Based on her condition at the time, she was given one month to live. This was over two years ago and she is still doing great, as of July 2006. She very much enjoys being part of a flock of half a dozen budgies. For some unknown reason she is unable to fly, and due to her big belly she is a little clumsy at times. But she has no problem climbing and running and hopping around the large cage she shares with the other budgies. Sometimes, when she's in a hurry, she'll grab one of the vertical bars and slide down to the food dishes. She has a boyfriend, PeeWee, another Mickaboo budgie who, against all odds, survived a horrible head injury. They are very affectionate towards each other and very cute when they preen each other. She's chirpy and cheerful and loves to play and hang out with the other guys. She is probably our loudest budgie! She loves spray baths and always comes running when she sees the spray bottle. She loves broccoli, corn, carrots, greens, wheat toast, and a germinated grains & seeds mixture which she gets almost every day. In addition she eats a seed mix and tiny, finch-size pellets. It will be very sad when her illness takes over and we lose her, but at least we'll know that the last few years of her life were very happy ones. 

An Angel for Pudgie:
Thank you Jean Siford!




Hi my name is Boomer! I'm an older guy. I am at least 26 years old because that was how long ago my old family rescued me. My mom got sick and wasn't able to properly take care of me for a long time. Thank goodness her kids heard about Mickaboo and contacted them. I have a lot of health issues right now. Many will be fixed by this nasty medication they are making me take, but my legs don't work very well and I'm almost blind. I have a lot trouble with trust right now, but I'm sure someone out there can help me back to my friendly happy self. My foster dad has been posting a lot about me on Facebook. I'm not sure what that is but here is a link to his page: I am definitely not a good macaw for a beginner. I have a long road ahead of me until I am healthy. Could you be my angel to help me get there?
An Angel for Boomer:
Thank you Susan Latham! Thank you Arlene Rinaldo! Thank you Theresa Tomka! Thank you Elisabeth and Bill McKechnie! Thank you Kathleen Kimpel! Thank you Josette Maury!





Hi there it's Lucky. I am a very happy, fun loving Cockatoo. My most recent owner did not purchase me but found me and gave me a home for over 10 years. We are not sure how old I am. I step up and down and will give kisses. I am not a talker, but I do mimic sounds. I like music and will dance too. I know when you are home and will let you know that I know! But I am not noisy overall and do not like loud sounds. I do have a few issues I would like to overcome. I tend to pluck and mutilate a little. No matter how many times I’ve seen my vet, it hasn't gotten any better. For my safety I have had to wear a bird collar for the past few years. I am a bit crafty and clever have become very good at removing the collar or chewing through it in order to get to the area under my arm to continue the damage. Maybe my new home and new surroundings with lots of attention and foraging activities to keep my mind off my plucking will give me the diversion I need in order to heal and get better. Hopefully I will lose interest in pulling out my feathers and mutilating myself. Will you please contribute with a donation so I can continue my medical therapy?

An Angel for Lucky!:
Thank you to an anonymous donor!


African Grey


As you can see from my photo I’m a beautiful young Congo African Grey who found myself at the shelter with my vent (that private part down below) severely damaged after long term prolapse issues with less than stellar care. See I was a sweet cuddly girl who got hormonal at a certain age and people did not understand that all the cuddling and petting made me think I had a mate and not a caregiver. I’ve been through a lot! A very talented avian vet rebuilt the muscle that kept my vent up where it belonged.I spent several weeks in recovery and then went to a home with a practice family. I’m still struggling with developing platonic relationships with my people to avoid those raging hormones that caused all the problems in the first place. I even say things like “Hello my Lovely”, “I love you” or just a sweet “hello”. I’m still in danger of continuing my chronic prolapse issues. If behavior and diet changes are not enough I’ll need continued medical care which might include short term use of hormone antigens. I hear these are expensive but the people at Mickaboo really want me to have a good life.  Everyone is hopeful I’ll leave my old ways behind and learn to occupy myself with toys and engage my mind with cute bird tricks. Will you help Mickaboo keep me on the road to recovery by helping them with those pesky bills I’ve racked up?
Update 9/9/12 I am still struggling with those raging hormones and while I did not damage my surgical repair I managed to get myself worked up enough to prolapse a bit.  My current people recognized the sound I was making and put a stop to it fairly quickly. I am now back in the hospital for a couple of days while they observe me. I hear I’m going to be getting an implant that will deliver for a few months some medication to curb my urges. It can only be used for short period of time. We are hopeful that I can focus more on learning new behavior and it will stick long term even after the medication wears off. I’ll be back soon and let you know how it is going.
Update 10/01/12
I have prolapsed again! This is very uncomfortable and will take me right into yet another surgery. I am still hoping to find Angels helping me pay my vet expenses. Will you please consider?

An Angel for Lia:
Thank you Campbell Soup Foundation!




Cypress was surrendered to Mickaboo after being left at a shelter by a woman who had to make the difficult choice of helping with her son's life-threatening injuries in an apartment building which disallowed pets, or being evicted. The Vet diagnosed her with a bad heart murmur and cystic ovaries which was causing her hormones to go out of control, made her pluck her feathers and brought on some aggression. She now has received an implant which will help control her hormones. She's in a pretty sorry state but hopefully with some time and TLC she will recover. However, it is hard to say if she will let all of her feathers grow back in. It has happened but it is rare in these type of situations. She may now have a good remainder of her life because of Mickaboo and your donations to help pay for her continuing vet care.
An Angel for Cypress:
Thank you Ginny Bechine!




Karma came to Mickaboo under dire circumstances and with a large sarcoma of the tongue that was impacting her breathing and ability to eat.  Her prognosis was grim and it was determined she probably did not have much time left to enjoy her life. Here we are six months later and Karma is thriving in her foster home. While she still has the cancer, with laser treatments every six weeks or so and a healthy diet she is looking better than ever.  Her skin is no longer flaky and her feathers are bright and shiny and she has complete use of her tongue, although she does prefer to grab things on her non-cancer side. Her hormone fluctuations are being managed with an implant, which has turned her from an overly amorous bird, to a loving calm companion. She is a joy to be around. When she wants something she never screams but uses her words, including many “I love you”, “peek-a-boo”, Meow, “Hey Baby”, “Hiiiiii”, various whistles, kissy sounds and more. Your donations are keeping this wonderful bird healthy and entertaining every one she meets.

An Angel for Karma:
Thank you Marilyn Martinyak!




Greetings, I am Sherby, a sweet Lovebird who used to live with 3 friends at my former residence. I started plucking pretty bad and even mutilating my skin. I don't know exactly what set this in motion. Maybe I was just too stressed out and bullied by my roommates. Mickaboo took all of us in. I am living in a nice foster home where my mom is giving me meds daily after the vet decided I needed them including the lovely neck collar I'm wearing in this picture. I have a long road of recovery ahead and was hoping you would join me by making a donation with my name on it. Please?

6/27/12 Update:
He is much better than before but still has a picking problem and has permanent wounds under his wings.  He continues to be treated and is presently wearing a collar.  Everytime we remove the collar he slowly starts to pick at himself again. He is a sweet, gentle bird who is afraid of us humans but won't bite us either.


An Angel for Sherby:
Thank you Kristen! 




I recently experienced some major life changes that were just too stressful for me to handle. Sadly, I coped by picking at my body and feathers. My mom cared for me very much and was worried about my health and happiness. She surrendered me to Mickaboo hoping that a change combined with extra love and attention, continued veterinary care and a good diet would restore my exterior beauty to match my interior. I am currently receiving veterinary care for mutilation, feather picking and dermatitis.  I also need to gain some weight and strength. Even though I’m feeling a little down and out, I’m still very kind, and I look forward to spending time with my family or sitting quietly on their lap. I get worried sometimes when I’m left alone but my foster mom reassures me that it will all be okay. Because of my medical and behavioral challenges I’ll likely need medical care for the foreseeable future. I’m a lovely girl who would appreciate another friend in this world. Please consider donating for my medical care so I can recover and find my forever family.
Angels for Risa:
Thank you Pamela Ketzel and Carla Grier



Travis and Monkey
Sophie and Benji

Travis has all orange feathers. He is a lutino peach faced lovebird and used to be yellow with peach face.  The vet is not sure what is causing the abnormal feather color. The color change usually happens to female lovebirds and ones on a primary diet of seeds. Travis's blood work is not indicating fatty liver disease. He is also underweight, with his keel showing prominently.
Monkey has a cyst-like growth just below her left eye. Fortunately it isn't inside her eye. We are hoping to have this removed surgically. It has been drained twice but fills right back up.The fluid inside was tested and no cancerous cells were found.
Both birds will have to go through frequent vet visits and expensive treatment. Please consider a donation to help cover their bills.
We have our first Angel:
Thank you J&L in loving memory of Ms. Pickles
06/27/12 Update:
After Sophie had her operation last fall to remove the cyst under her eye she has been what I would consider a healthy Lovebird. The Vet told me that it was the deepest Cyst she had ever seen in one of these little birds.  Benji (the orange one) continues to be much more weak unfortunately. We have had a lot of tests done on Benji and there is no clear reason why she is weaker and needs the additional heat that is provided to them day and night. Daytime is a heat lamp and night is a heat pad. She sits near the heat nearly all of the time and stays puffed up unless it is really hot in the room. It could very well be a genetic deficiency which is causing her problems - both the strange but beautiful coloration and the need for heat. One thing we have discovered during the testing is that Benji is a female. Even though both are females they are very closely bonded.




You just can't keep a good budgie down. And Bluebelle is one good budgie. She's also a very lucky budgie. In fact, according to her veterinarian, Bluebell has raised the bar with respect to the amount of trauma a budgie can survive. Bluebelle had a run-in with something, most likely a car but no one really knows for sure. Thanks to the quick actions of the shelter, Mickaboo volunteers and one fantastic avian veterinarian, she might live to tell us what happened. When she was first brought in her prognosis was not good. No one thought she would survive. She had multiple head injuries, a fractured leg and was completely unresponsive. Since then she has made a remarkable recovery but will need continued extensive care. Will you be her Angel and help guide her back to being the energetic budgie she shows every sign of wanting to be?
08/08/11 Update:
Bluebelle has had a very rough recovery.Although the head wounds are healing well, the fracture in her leg is not setting properly.  Additionally, she developed an abscess in her leg which required another lengthy stay at the vet. She is finally back with her foster family who has missed her dearly and is very happy to have her home.  Bluebelle is on oral antibiotics twice a day and it is unclear at this time whether her leg will heal. However, she hasn't lost her spirit or her will to live. She is an amazing little bird.
08/17/11 Bluebelle has an Angel:
Thank you Patricia and Christopher Gideon in loving memory of Hemingway the poet budgie and "real deal"




The name’s Pancho and am I one lucky bird! I was playing around in my cage when I got some string from a toy wrapped around some of my toes. It was on there for quite a while and cut the circulation off. The pain was INCREDIBLE as you might imagine. Ouch-is all I can say. No one is certain what happened after that as I was home alone at the time, but the vet thinks I might have actually bitten my toes off myself after that. Like I mentioned the pain was so terrible I just wanted it to go away asap! When my family found me they rushed me off to an avian vet right away. That was a good thing. The bad part is that they could not afford to pay for treatment.They called Mickaboo and asked for help. I am now in a foster home getting the medical care I need. Would you kindly help me out to pay for my vet bill – please?
Pancho has his first Angel:
Thank you Campbell Soup Foundation




Jade was found by a kind person who noticed a little Budgie being chased by a cat in her driveway. She called a friend who rushed over to help catching sweet Jade. Mickaboo offered to pay for vet bills to bandage Jade's injured leg and to treat her for a serious feather lice infestation. She must have been out in the wild for a long time given how overgrown her nails and beak were and we are glad to have been able to save this brave little girl and give her a new lease on life in a secure loving environment. Will you please help Jade pay for her vet expenses?
An Angel for Jade:
Thank you to The Jenkins Family





I was rescued by a Good Samaritan when I was being attacked by crows in a parking lot - CROWS! Can you imagine? She took me to a clinic and then brought me home where I got to meet my buddy Bishop who looks out for me.  My nice owner had to give us up, so we're looking for a good home together. Unfortunately one of my eyes is scarred from the attack and will need a rather complicated medical procedure to hopefully save my eyesight and enable a painless life. As you can imagine those things are pretty pricey which is why I'm looking for financial support from a nice Angel or two...
Angels for Tommy:
thank you Denise Cedar in honor of Paquito Leonardo Barkley Coeus the Great, a cockatiel with the world's biggest heart and Barbara Broderick
07/05/12 Update:
Tommy still has trouble with his injured eye despite all the eye drops and other treatments that he has received so far. He might have it removed at some point in the near future




Koa is a 13 year old female umbrella cockatoo. She was discovered in filthy conditions at her home. She had been well cared for for many years until her mom broke her back and was also caring for a parent with Alzheimer's. Koa became too much for her. While her mom was in the hospital a caregiver propped the kitty door open so the cats could go in and out on their own. Koa's cage was right by the open door so she got sick. She now has a respiratory infection. Though not plucked, her feathers are very dirty and her nails are also quite long, not having been clipped in some time. Koa is very, very friendly and  loves people! She talks quite a bit and has a happy attitude despite her health problems.
We are looking for Angels to cover Koa's upcoming vet bill. Will you be one of them?
01/30/10 Update:
Koa had her exam and labwork done and will be needing nebulizer treatment every day for the next 3 months. Her lungs are very congested but we are carefully optimistic she is going to recover eventually with lots of love and good care. She is still in need of Angel(s) so please consider helping her out.
Koa has her first Angel:
Thank you Lisa Bobulinski in memory of Tom and Huck


African Grey


Last summer Mickaboo took in a very sweet CAG, Muriel.
Muriel had been taken to Marin Shelter...they were going to euthanize her...Someone there called Mickaboo who went and picked her up. Her wing had a very old wound that was evidently not taken care of, owner said he had just seen her in the aviary with a wound (by this time she was self-mutilating it), brought her into the house, couldn't take care of her himself so brought her to the shelter. We don't know what the old wound was from, just that the vet had determined it to be possibly 2 years old. It was probably due to the pain it was causing her that she started mutilating it.
Muriel had to have the badly damaged wing amputated and has been hospitalized for the past 3 months. She is going to require an unknown amount of care working with self-mutilating behavior and will need many Angles to help pay for her medical care. Will you please consider being one of them?
Muriel has her first Angels:
Thank you Kari Terhark and Lisa Bobulinski in memory of Sam and Marlene Kern




Greetings, I'm a fairly young Budgie boy who got surrendered with a bad case of face mites and a severe Avian Gastric Yeast infection. Both problems are being treated with medication but I will have a ways to go to complete recovery. It is unusual that my girlfriend who has been living with me for the past 3 years does not show any symptoms. Lucky her ! I am a very sweet, well socialized bird who steps right up on his foster mom's hand and takes his medicine patiently. Will you please help getting me all back up and flying again by making a donation ? Please note that it is for ChirpChirp - Thank you !
I have my first Angel:
Thank you Ginny Becchine




Hello everyone - I'm Bailey, a handsome Blue Front Amazon.
I came to Mickaboo 3 years ago. So far I have been living in a few different foster homes and one of them had a very cute teenage girl who I just simply adored. Unfortunately I have become ill with a mass that is affecting my digestive system. Needless to say I'm feeling lousy and have been moody and grumpy which is not the behavior people like to see in birds. I am being treated at the Vet who can hopefully help me out and fix my medical issues. Will you please help me out with a donation?

An Angel for Bailey:
Thank you Lani Christianson!


African Grey


Merlin came to Mickaboo from a shelter as a stray. The staff at the shelter thought that he was mean because he was growling in the box that they were keeping him in.  According to our Vet Merlin is a classic phobic grey  possibly exacerbated by years of being medicated. He would not stop mutilating himself so we think he's been wearing a collar for years which would explain the irritated skin on his neck. He goes nuts when he sees a towel.  Also, none of the meds have been working so far. Merlin had a biopsy done to determine his condition.
He would very much appreciate a contribution from you to cover his increasing vet bill.  

Merlin has his first Angel:
Thank you Campbell Soup Foundation in Memory of Timothy Novotny


African Grey


Chloe is an older, very friendly girl who moved to the Bay Area from Washington State. Unfortunately her owner lost her house and had to surrender Chloe to Mickaboo. We noticed undigested food in her feces which is usually a very bad sign. Chloe got diagnosed with a condition called PDD. It is most likely caused by a virus for which we don't have a cure. She is on high doses of anti inflammatory medication which seems to help some. We are cautiously optimistic Chloe might have a few more years with a good quality of life ahead of her and are hoping you can pitch in to pay for her medical care.
An Angel for Chloe:
Thank you Vicki and Colin Grice




My name is Yoshi.  I'm a particularly bright yellow budgie with cute little white "sideburns". I've led a good life, behaving just like a budgie should, providing a little sunshine in my humans' lives. One day they noticed that there were several lumps on my wing, so they took me to a nice avian vet -- which is what good people do with sick birds. The vet cut the lumps off (it was so quick, I
hardly noticed!). But then my human said she couldn't pay the bill, so she just left without me. Human people are sure strange. I wouldn't go off and abandon somone I loved just because she was sick, would you? After being at the vet's office Mickaboo took me in. I was hoping you might provide some financial support, please ?!
Angels for Yoshi !
Thank you Candace Kubczak and Maggie Rufo in honor of Bella
12/15/10 Update:
Yoshi's cyst recurred and she had more surgery.The cyst is apparently very close to major blood vessels posing a high risk. This sweet girl is in desperate need for more Angels !
01/27/11 Update:
I am doing so much better, all healed !  Let's just hope it will stay this way and I will find the perfect forever home.




Here is a summary from my foster mom:
If you look closely you can see where my stitches were. I had a large lump there before. It was something like a cyst - a big blob of fatty tissue.  It isn't as serious as a tumor, but budgies get them sometimes and people don't take them to a vet to have them removed.  The bigger they get, the harder it is to get ride of them. Sometimes they even get tangled up with important body parts, and then it can be fatal.  But my owner did take me in, and then realized that she couldn't afford to pay for my surgery because she was out of work. So she called Mickaboo and we were able to help.  Now I am doing well and am ready for a new home. Thank you in advance for helping Mickaboo pay for my vet expenses.
I have my first Angels:
Thank you Eileen Cheung and Anonymous




Azul was surrendered to a shelter when her special person passed away. She is a 34 year old blue front amazon who was with the same family for 26 years. The shelter veterinarian noticed that Azul couldn't see well and was too frightened to move about her cage. Mickaboo has given Azul a quiet home and Azul perked up right away. She responds to voices with a relaxing shake of her feathers.The next step is getting Azul a veterinary exam to see if she has cataracts and if so, whether it can be corrected by surgery. Will you consider donating toward Azul's veterinary care?
Azul has her first Angels:
Thank you
Elizabeth Young, Virginia Nevin Scribner, Mike Reed, Patricia Blau, Fred Cox, Josette Maury, Martha Kudlacik




Sparrow was found in a flock of Sparrows trying to find some food. Apparently she was not very successful since she is very thin and had blood in her feces. Sparrow is a lucky bird being found, rescued and rushed to the vet immediately. Every minute counts with these little guys when they are so sick. Her fortune is looking up but she will have ways to go for a complete recovery. Please consider helping this little girl by donating towards her vet bill.
Sparrow has her first Angels:
thank you Barbara Heiser and Eileen Cheung




Hi there, I'm Deebee a sweet 20 something year young Blue Front Amazon girl who came to Mickaboo 3 years ago. Back then my health was a mess but thanks to a great Vet and loving care from several foster parents I gained my strength back and seemed healthy since just recently when I had to get hospitalized for heavy breathing. I was grasping for air and got diagnosed with a respiratory infection. Those things take time and I will be in and out of the Vet's for quite a bit. Will you please help me cover the cost for my treatment ?
Deebee has her Angels:
Thank you Martha Kudlacik, Donna Cresswell, Kari Terhark and Samantha Gibson




Greetings - I'm Weezee a double yellow head Amazon who ended up in a shelter. Not much is known about me except for the fact that I must have been on a very poor diet for a long time. I am lucky Mickaboo came to the rescue and introduced me to a Vet immediately. I have a severe vitamin deficiency and will have to learn to eat the healthy stuff now. Please support me in getting better one day at a time. I would greatly appreciate a donation ! Thank you in advance.
Weezee has his first Angels:
Thank you Martha Kudlacik, Katie Slider and Samantha Gibson




JJ got surrendered because his owner could no longer take care of him. He just lost his best friend Bummer, an Amazon, to a still unknown disease and is grieving even though he is in a wonderful foster home with the best possible care. JJ will have to see a vet immediately to make sure he is healthy. Would you please help JJ out covering the necessary medical expenses ?
05/19/11 Update:
New health issues for JJ - he has trouble stretching his wing and is moving very slow. The Vet took x-rays and suspects an old injury or missing muscle mass causing this problem. JJ will have to go to physical therapy every week and do some exercise at home.

JJ has Angels:
Thank you Kathleen Kimpel and L. Patra in memory of Alegre!




Gypsy is a young female who was the spotlight of the family for 3 years of her life. Recently the family had a baby and feared that Gypsy would be a threat to their new addition. They decided surrendering her would be in her best interest. Gypsy is a young bird with a special charm about her. She is now the spotlight of her
current foster home.
Gypsy has Angels:
Thank you Tina Gujer and Samantha Gibson and Kathleen Kimpel

Birds and Their Angels
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I'm Sweet Pea, a pretty little white-faced cockatiel. I used to live with my friend Rocky who was picking on me, to the point where he plucked out many of my feathers and left me scared and bleeding. That is how I came to Mickaboo. After several weeks in foster care, my physical and emotional wounds are mostly healed. I am proving to be a calm and friendly bird. I like visiting with my foster mom and I eat most of what she serves me, which means that I am starting to eat pellets and veggies.
Sweetpea has her first Angels: Thank you Anonymous and Rhonda Bennon




Buzz had been dropped off at the Vet with a broken leg and bite wounds on his toes. He had been attacked by a rat in his own cage. His owner never had any intention of picking him up again. Buzz has been through a lot including surgery with partial amputation today. He has a wonderful foster home lined up but will need follow up medical care. Please consider being an Angel for this sweet little guy !
04/17/10: Buzz has his first Angel
Thank you Marfa Weathers and Donna Cresswell




Rowan has been with Mickaboo for just over a year (he came to us from the Watsonville Shelter in January 2009) but he is still experiencing medical problems. He has had pneumonia and multiple respiratory infections and his nares are prone to clogging, meaning that he will probably always be a special-needs bird. While Rowan has been doing better lately, he was experiencing shortness of breath today so his foster dad took him to the vet. He probably has another infection and will need antibiotics and nebulizer treatment. Rowan has cockatiel friends that he gets strength from and a great foster home.
Rowan has his first Angels:
Anonymous, Barbara Broderick and Pepper. Justin and Tiffany




Hello, I'm Annie the beautiful cinnamon white face lady in the center. I am surrounded by my friends Pica on the left, his partner Apollo far right and our mutual friend Merlin in the background.
We are Mickaboo's latest Mini Flock. Our mom had to surrender us because she fell very ill and since she wanted what is best for us we now live in a great foster home with lots of attention where we can settle down and relax from the stress of moving and getting used to new surroundings.
We all had to have a Vet visit to make sure we are healthy and ready to eventually move to our forever home.
We have our first Angels:
Thank you Kathleen MacKerrow and Elizabeth Chien-Hale

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