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One special partnership is the one between Max and Rico--two male Papilloma afflicted macaws.  The other special partnership can be between you and the amazing woman who cares for them.  Won't you help us help her?


Sometimes there really ARE people who commit to love "in sickness and in health" and when that gift is given to large birds with an incurable medical condition, you know you have a keeper.  Mickaboo met such an adopter who contacted us to find a bird buddy for her own macaw affected by the contagious Papilloma virus.  She had seen a story on our website about a special needs macaw with the same affliction and just felt she was the right home for Rico.  After a very careful assessment on both sides, Rico went to live in this loving home.  Shortly after the adoption, Mickaboo was asked to take in another macaw afflicted by this same disease.  This same loving home raised their hands to adopt Max too. As luck would have it, the initial resident macaw didn't "buddy up" with Rico or Max, but a true love connection happened between the two new males. They have bonded and become inseparable. As happens with the Papilloma virus there are the good times and the bad times and veterinarian expenses during the bad times can be steep.  The adopter, a single mom with other rescued animals in her home, is struggling to stay afloat financially as a result of some surgical procedures and ongoing treatment for Rico.  She has reached out for help because she knows if she can not commit to providing the care these birds need to manage their medical condition, she will be forced to return them to Mickaboo.  Because the two macaws are bonded she would have to surrender them both. That in itself is a problem since we have no foster homes for large macaws with a contagious virus and we are currently unable to take on additional vet charges without limiting those resources to other needy birds.


Everyone involved believes the very best solution is for these two macaws to stay in their loving home with their committed and knowledgeable caretaker.  Stress is not good for birds with this condition and to move them may create even more health problems.  We also know that she can not continue to bear the financial burden for these birds alone.  What we would propose is a sponsorship/partnership where donations can be received by Mickaboo on behalf of Rico and Max and support made available to the caretaker when necessary.  Take a look at the picture of these beautiful birds.  Rico was at death's door when he was surrendered and now despite his condition is a vibrant and playful big guy.  Mickaboo took Max from an owner, who had been told euthanasia was his only option, and now despite his virus and severe respiratory problems, he has found a great home and a big redheaded bird friend to share his days.

With your support to help these wonderful friends, their adoption success story can continue.

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