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2011 Summer Picnic

Date and Location:




Sunday, 6/12/2011

10am to 3pm

Chase Park - Moffett Field, CA - Note: A valid US drivers' license is required to drive onto Moffett Field.

The summer picnic is NOT a fundraiser. It's a cooperative, pot-luck gathering to socialize amongst each other, enjoy our company and shared mission, and take a relaxing breather during the summer.

While some of the activities may output to fundraisers (for example, if you build a toy it may later be sold at a fundraiser), NO money is expected to be brought or collected at the event. There's no cover to enter, and the venue is not charging us to use the space.

(This may change if not enough food volunteers bring a dish, since the organizers will have to spend their own money to buy food for everyone and might want folks to chip in.)

Food Volunteers:

Note: This is a pot-luck - vegetarian and meat items are welcome, but please label the ingredients in the food you bring and be clear about any animal (milk, fish, meat, egg, etc) ingredients.



Brought by:


Main #1

Red hot vegetarian chili

Matt Linton

Vegan, contains soy

Main #2

Mixed cold cuts and bread

Michelle Yesney

Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat

Main #3

TBD - something vegan/vegetarian and something not

Margie Gear

Vegan, vegetarian, meat

Side #1

Fruit salad

Ailsa Barrett

Vegan (unless any bugs join the picnic!)

Side #2

Crackers or pitas, tapenade, hummus



Side #3

Deviled eggs

Bernice Morgan


Side #4

Potato salad

Katie Wunderlich


Side #5


Elizabeth Young


Side #6

Hummus, meat balls

Charley & Mia Tockey


Side #7

Fresh Bakery Bread

Jaime Bodiford


Dessert #1


Martha Kudlacik


Dessert #2


Karen Tomcala


Dessert #3


Margie Gear


Dessert #4

Homemade toffee

Vinny Hrovat


Dessert #5

Homemade Choc. Chip Cookies

Jaime Bodiford


Drinks #1

Soft drinks and diet drinks

Margie Gear


Drinks #2

Soft drinks and diet drinks

Friederike  Pfeiffer



Lots of ice!

Margie Gear

Bringing one large ice chest



Forks/Knives/Spoons, Plates, Napkins, Cups

Pamela Lee


If you're bringing food, be sure to remember to bring serving utensils - AND to label them to ensure that you get them back! Label any containers or plates you want back too!

Activities Planned:



Coordinated By:

Toy Making Party

At the craft table, build custom bird toys for later sale at Mickaboo fundraisers

Pamela Lee

Kids' bouncy house

A bounce house for the kids

Matt Linton


We have a ball field available; anyone want to gather together kickball teams?

No one yet

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